3 Dog Collars for English Bulldogs – Safe Picks Here!

Collars are one of the quintessential dog supplies pet owners need to get. It serves both as a restraint and an ID for your doggo. And if you’re looking for dog collars for English Bulldogs, you’ve come to the right place. Below, I reviewed three excellent collar options that are both stylish and safe for your flat-nosed canine.

The challenge with buying collars for English Bulldogs is their stocky body. You have to ensure that you get an adjustable type to prevent choking and hurting the dog’s breathing.

In this post, I reviewed the following dog collars that we picked over 20+ options in the market. See which one you’d like for your Bulldog:

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Pet Safe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle Check Price
Red Dingo Reflective Ziggy Dog Collar Check Price

Why Do You Need Dog Collars for English Bulldogs?

Every dog requires a collar. The following are some of the uses of dog collars among Bulldogs:

Your dog needs a collar for:

  • For dog leashes. This is a matter of safety, especially when walking your Bulldog and taking them to a public place.
  • A place to hang the ID tag. At home, dog collars as a lanyard for your dog’s tag or ID.

It is recommended that you let your dog sleep at night without the collar on. Allow the skin around the area of the neck to breathe. It is all right for your dog to be without a collar as long as they stay indoors.

Top 3 Dog Collars for English Bulldogs


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Runners Up

Pet Safe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

Dog Collars for English Bulldogs

If your bulldog won’t cease pulling on its leash while you walk them on the street, the PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar might be the best choice. Although the collar will pull when your dog does, the smart design loosens once he stops pulling. Because of this, your Bulldog can better understand that pulling is unacceptable behavior.

These dog collars for English bulldogs also utilize a quick snap buckle to make sure you can easily put it on and off. It also has adjustable areas for optimum fit.

Moreover, the PetSafe collar has a simple nylo design that’s easy to clean. It also dries fast even if your dog soaked on the water or rain.

  • Quick-snap buckle
  • Prevents dog from escaping out of the collar
  • Tightens when a dog pulls
  • No negative reviews so far

Red Dingo Reflective Ziggy Dog Collar


Some dog owners believe that walks and jogs can only be done under daylight hours. This is not true. With a product like Red Dingo Dog Collar, you can take your bulldog any time of the day for a stroll. The well-designed zigzag pattern reflects light as an added safety feature.

This dog collar utilizes a durable nylon webbing that is carefully crafted for maximum durability. If you want to release your dog, the process is simple. All you need to do is unclip the patented buckle feature located on the side.

These dog collars for English bulldogs are not only tough, durable, and good-looking; they are designed to be extremely comfortable for your Bulldog. Also, the patented buckle bone clip is one of the strongest side-release buckles on the market. Aside from that, this comes with a rust-resistant D-ring and a material that won’t damage your dog’s coat.

  • Reflective for Safety
  • Adjustable for Perfect Fit
  • Simple Adjustment to Ensure an Easy Fit
  • I wish they make the material wider

Buyer’s Guide for Dog Collars for English Bulldogs


✔️Electronic training collar

An electronic training collar is also known as a shock collar. It is not typically used in bulldogs, but some owners depend on the shock collar to correct bad habits. For instance, Bulldogs tend to escape outside the yard or bark excessively. A dog owner could benefit from utilizing a shock collar on their dog, especially if other training methods weren’t able to yield positive results.

✔️Choke chain

Another collar design is the choke chain. This collar is similar to metal or plastic chains, but it works by putting pressure on your Bulldog once they pull. Since choke chains are commonly utilized with larger breeds, they may not be the best choice for your Bulldog. Remember that this breed already has a history of breathing problems and a choke chain can exacerbate it.

✔️Martingale collar

If you cannot control your bulldog’s pulling habits, you may want to utilize a martingale collar. This design puts pressure similar to a choke chain but without the dangerous prongs. It can be a good solution if your Bulldog won’t cease escaping out of their collar.



Leather tends to be much softer and comfortable. If you find that other collars leave noticeable skin irritations on your Bulldog, you may want to opt for a leather collar.


Biothane material for dog collars offers water resistance. The main material is polyester with a polyvinyl coating. This material is 100% toxic-free and good for dogs that enjoy playing in the water. It comes in various colors and comfortable for daily wear. It is effortless to clean and durable for any activity.

✔️Cotton Fabric

Fabric collars often have various patterns and colors. They utilize fabric sleeves with nylon ribbons on the inner part to enhance durability. These may be hand-washed or machine-washed.


Hemp is gentler and more soothing for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin. Other crucial benefits include durability and biodegradability. It is odor and mildew-resistant as well. However, it’s not easy to come by.


Neoprene is made from a rubber material, which is distinct for its softness and comfort. It doesn’t trap moisture, which prevents the formation of odor or molds. A collar that utilizes neoprene along with nylon and polyester material has enhanced durability and strength. Dogs with skin allergies benefit greatly from a soft and comfortable dog collar like this.

Dog Collars for English Bulldogs


Since the neck of an English bulldog is thick and short, the fit is extremely crucial. The collar should have a wide circumference to fit around the neck without being too tight nor too loose. It should be roomy enough so that it doesn’t dig into the skin of your Bulldog.

Every brand of dog collar will have a size chart. It is best to examine these charts as a guide to select the collars for English bulldogs.


You don’t want the collar to be abrasive on your dog’s neck, and you want to make sure that the design doesn’t dig into your Bulldog’s skin.

If you opt for a leather collar, make sure to apply conditioner regularly to keep its appearance and shape. Collars with padding are also a great feature since it keeps your dog comfortable, especially when are out for walks. A majority of collars are made with a tough outer layer, and the softer padded inner layer provides durability and comfort.


Collars will be subjected to daily wear and tear, so it’s crucial to look for a durable option. It should be well constructed, has durable stitching, and utilizes premium materials. You want something that can last for years, so you don’t have to replace it regularly.

The collar should also be able to handle the Bulldog’s strength. Due to their stocky bodies, Bulldogs can be powerful whenever they pull. You don’t want the collar breaking the first time you take your dog for a walk.

Final Thoughts

Dog collars for English Bulldogs are helpful in keeping your dog leashed. However, you should use this sparingly, especially if you have a puller. For Bulldogs that just won’t stop pulling, you’ll have better results with a dog harness. It’s safer and helps a lot in dispersing the force away from your dog’s neck.


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