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Best Collars for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are known for their playful and adaptable temperament. They are otherwise known as mini Bulldogs. They are similar in look to the full-sized English bulldog. French bulldogs were brought to France by lacemakers in England. They earned their moniker, French bulldog, and quickly became popular. Once Parisians discovered this amazing breed, the rest of the world seemed to follow as well. There are numerous painters and artists who chose to depict the French bulldog in their masterpieces. Dog owners in big cities often choose to take care of this breed because of their easy-going and joyful personality. Taking your Frenchie outdoors is a simple as clipping the best collars for French bulldogs on them.

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Is It Okay for French Bulldogs to Wear Collars?

Best Collars for French Bulldogs

Overall, collars are not bad for any dog breed. There are various types, many of which will have advantages and disadvantages.

A well-designed collar not only looks elegant but also provides a functional place to attach important dog ID tags.

The challenge is when the collar is too tight. It also becomes a problem if you rely solely on the collar and leash to walk your dog.

Keep in mind that French bulldogs are brachycephalic, which is a Latin term for short-headed. They have restricted airways caused by their short-nosed skull. It is typical for this breed to develop respiratory ailments.

They also have narrowed nostrils and an elongated soft palate. 

Aside from suffering brachycephalic airway syndrome, your Frenchie can also develop other respiratory issues. They will frequently snore and wheeze as well.

Collars are fine if your Frenchie is well behaved. Your Frenchy will not be harmed using a collar daily. But if your Frenchie is a puller, you might want to consider a harness.

Collar versus harness

Overall, many owners choose to utilize both a collar and harness for their French bulldog.

Collars are ideal for daily use. It helps store identification tags and is ideal for Frenchies who are non-pullers.

However, many dog breeds tend to pull when on the leash. It can be a difficult habit to train out of them. You need to be patient and utilize a well-designed harness.

Excessive pulling on the leash while wearing a collar can damage your dog’s throat and result in trachea collapse.

It is particularly challenging for French bulldogs, where similar to a pug, they have restricted airways. Since Frenchie are brachycephalic, they will have short noses and heads. French bulldogs tend to suffer from brachycephalic airway obstruction. Frenchies are also vulnerable to respiratory issues, which can lead to tracheal collapse.

Never put undue pressure on your Frenchie’s throat. It is especially true if they tend to pull. Though it is fine to utilize a collar and take them on short trips, wearing a harness mitigates risk and is much safer for your furball.

How Do I Get the Proper Collar Size for My French Bulldog?

Best Collars for French Bulldogs

Frenchies are small breed dogs with stout and robust necks. These dogs can be pretty hard to train and lead. You will be annoyed if your Frenchie isn’t walking straight. You will be developing sore arms from their constant pulling.

It is crucial to measure their neck. Measure them when they are relaxed. It would be best if you utilized a flexible measuring tape. Adult Frenchies have a neck around 14 inches or 35 cm in circumference. This size falls under small in most collar brands. Puppies will require extra small collars.

It is crucial to measure your Frenchy for collar before purchasing.

When fitting a collar, make sure to utilize the two-finger rule. You should be able to slip two fingers beneath the collar effortlessly. It is similar to fitting jeans and other clothing. You’ll know if the collar is too tight for your dog. Use your intuition. Of course, avoid leaving too much slack, or the collar might fall off.

Features to Look for When Buying Collars for Frenchies

Durable fabric

Collars designed for French bulldogs are suitable to use on canines that exhibit good walking behavior. A quality collar should utilize a solid buckle and must be made from durable fabric. Some fabrics cause irritations and may cut on your Frenchie’s neck. It is recommended that you use padded collars that have webbed nylon material. These materials will not strain on your dog’s neck and have a comfortable effect.

Leather collars are not as durable as nylon. Another disadvantage is leather picks up the moisture of dog skin. Since leather is a natural material, it is vulnerable to thinning.

Right size

Another crucial feature to check when buying collars for French bulldogs is to select the right size. Measure your dog’s neck carefully and leave a space to place two fingers beneath the collar. Always purchase adjustable collars so you can adjust the size as your Frenchie grows and develops. Collars and flat design are better options for younger Frenchies. 


Keep in mind to always take off the collar of your Frenchie when they are not using it.

No matter your dog’s age, it is recommended to take their collars off when they come back home. You never know what is going on in your dog’s mind, so leaving the collar on might become a choking risk.

Every dog must have freedom when at home. 

Steer clear from Martingale collars for Frenchies

Martingale collar designs are not a good option for Frenchies who are brachycephalic breeds. These designs are meant for leash and behavioral training. But it can only be utilized for dogs with thin necks. This type of collar decreases in size when the dog is trying to pull and may restrict airflow. Because of this, martingale collars should never be used on Frenchies as well as similar brachycephalic dogs.

Is It Necessary to Have Your Dog Wear a Collar Outdoors?

Best Collars for French Bulldogs

In many countries, dog collars are a legal requirement. These countries will include the US and UK. In the UK, the rules are straightforward. Dogs must use collars at all times, especially in public places. The collar must bear the owner’s name and address.

Many owners will include their dog’s name and contact numbers as well. You might have to pay fines up to 5000 pounds in the UK for failing to comply.

Although no law enforces leashing your dogs in public areas in the UK, local orders require dogs to be kept on leads in specific areas. These will include children’s play areas, parks, and beaches. Dogs in the UK are never allowed to run dangerously and out of their human owners’ control.

In the US, laws are more complicated. Laws are typically statewide and not federal. Federal rules require that all dogs be licensed, meaning all dogs will need to have a collar with their owners’ details written on it.

Several states do not allow dogs to run free in public spaces other than their human owners’ private property. However, some states are more liberal and allow dogs to be off-leash as long as they are safe and under their human owners’ supervision.

How to Train Your Puppy to Accept a Collar

Frenchies can be both generous and stubborn. But once they accept the collar, they will be wearing it for the long term. To encourage your puppy to accept a lead, you will need to utilize distraction techniques.

Encourage your puppy to examine and sniff the lead. Provide your dog treats to elicit their interest. You need to provide them a treat while slipping on the lead loosely.

Observe if they react. If they do not show any resistance, try to remove them. Take the lead off and try again, but while doing so, provide them with treats. Once a lead is on, leave it on for a longer period. Gradually tighten the lead to the desired firmness.

Top 3 Best Collars for French Bulldogs



Product Name: PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar

Product Description: Although bark collars aren’t typically used with Frenchies, they can be functional in certain cases. If you find that your puppy is excessively barking, it may be time to invest in Pet safe Elite bark control collar. Once your Frenchie barks, the collar will emit a harmless static correction. Typically, it will not hurt your Frenchie. The force should only be enough to make them pay attention. They will realize that they need to stop their barking. Aside from having the ability to be turned on and off, it also utilizes an automatic safety shutoff control. It makes sure that your pup’s safety is always a factor. Since these best collars for French bulldogs is water-resistant, you never need to worry about using them under inclement weather conditions.

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Safety
  • Durability


The unit utilizes sounds to make sure your dog’s barking is detected. Once your Frenchie barks, they will receive a safe static stimulus. The collar starts off with small corrections, but the correction is intensified if too much barking prevails. When used right, the collar minimizes the number of annoying barks. Your dog will learn to associate barking with the stimuli and stop the unwanted behavior. The patented state-of-the-art technology in these best collars for French bulldogs is a harmless way to correct your dog’s barking.


  • Vibration and sound ensure only the barking of your dog is identified
  • The collar begins with low corrections.
  • Eliminates nuisance barks.


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

Best Collars for French Bulldogs

French dogs are small breeds and may not always be visible under low light conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that you should limit your walks and jogs to daylight hours. You only need to utilize a reflective collar such as Go tags best collars for French bulldogs.

It utilizes a reflective strip that will reflect the headlights but this best collars for French bulldogs is also functional if your Frenchie wanders off. You can personalize this collar with up to 25 characters. Owners can even add their dog’s name as well as their contact number.

It should be noted that the product is fully adjustable and comes in three different sizes. There are five colors to choose from that utilize 14 thread options.

Keep your dog visible at all times, daytime or nighttime. These best collars for French bulldogs are made with durable material and designed with security in mind. It is a highly reflective personalized collar that provides optimal comfort and enhanced visibility of your dog.

These collars can be embroidered with your dog’s name and contact number. It is stitched into the collar for durability and strength. The collar utilizes a secure side release buckle as well as a non-corroding stainless steel D-ring. Plus, the highly reflective surface of the collar is made of nylon material. It has smooth and tapered edges for optimum fit. This collar has all you will ever require, such as safety and customization. 

  • Durable materials
  • Extremely reflective and personalized collar
  • Offers comfort and enhanced visibility for your dog
  • No negative reviews so far

Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar


Whether you live in the center of an urban city or the middle of nowhere, there is no reason you shouldn’t take out your Frenchie for a walk. If a reflective collar doesn’t give you confidence that your dog will be visible in low light conditions, your next best option is to utilize a lead USB rechargeable dog collar.

One charge can power up this collar for up to five hours for enhanced illumination. You can choose between steady lighting and slow and rapid flash settings. When you finish walking your dog outdoors, you can easily recharge the color utilizing the USB slot.

These best collars for French bulldogs maybe the collar that will save your dog’s life. Motorists will see your dog in advance due to the bright color. Plus, this collar is easy to use, comfortable, and adjustable. You can switch the light between steady mode, rapid flashing, or slow flash with one button. It is effortless to put on and utilizes clips.

It utilizes USB rechargeable batteries and sturdy and durable materials. The USB rechargeable battery with the included cable gives up to five hours of illumination per charge. The charge will last multiple walks outdoors. There is no hassle when replacing the batteries, and you won’t incur extra costs. This collar is durably constructed and sturdily built. It is an optimal design that will last for years.

  • Vehicles will see your dog in advance with this bright collar.
  • Switch up the light settings
  • Easy-to-use clips
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts – Best Collars for French Bulldogs

You must purchase the best collars for French bulldogs. Collars keep your Frenchie safe when you walk them outdoors. Additionally, collars can provide an area where you can put crucial contact information if your Frenchie gets lost. Collars are a requirement in some locations, and you cannot walk your dog in public areas without a collar and leash. Choose designs that have safety features and state-of-the-art technology and provide comfort and optimal fit for your dog.