Bulldog with Diarrhea – What to do?

Diarrhea of bulldog is common, and it happens all the time. However, awareness is crucial in minimizing this or preventing your wrinkled fur buddy from getting into a life-threatening situation. If your pet is still a pup, this condition would be more dangerous. Diarrhea could cause dehydration, and it is terrible for your pets if … Read more

Best Treat for French Bulldog Puppies – Our Top 5!

A domestic dog that has a pug face with rounded ears, the French bulldog is generally lovable and active. However, they are highly susceptible to a number of health-related conditions. It basically includes the sensitivity of their stomach. Knowing that feeding the best treat for French bulldog puppies is highly important. We reviewed here 5 … Read more

Best Chew Toys for French Bulldogs

french bulldogs like to do

French Bulldogs have super cute faces. It is not the only thing adorable about this breed. These dogs are curious and loyal to their families. They have plenty of energy and love having fun. They exercise to keep their weight in the normal range. But as they do these playful activities, you need to be … Read more

Best Puppy Food for English Bulldogs? Our top 3 picks!

The English bulldogs originally came from England which is a distinct dog breed. Way back then, the English bulldogs work as fighting and sporting dogs. Their uniqueness includes their distinct look which usually leads to numbers of health issues. Knowing that this dog needs a special kind of care such as feeding them with the … Read more

Gassy French Bulldog – Top 5 Recommended Foods!

Do you have a gassy French bulldog? Well, your cute little Frenchie can have this tummy problem because it is common for them. They could be gassy that somehow confused their owners on the best way to handle it. French Bulldogs always bring smiles to their owners though they are sometimes picky about their foods … Read more