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can dogs sense when something is wr...
can dogs sense when something is wrong with their owner


My Name is Brad and I started this website a little while after I got my french bulldog puppy Senzu. (named after the Senzu bean from the popular anime dragon ball z). I got Senzu when I was going through a very rough patch in my life. I had lost a loved one and started to struggle with serious bouts of depression. I had no idea how to really get out of it but the second I got Senzu things completely turned around for me.

I had no idea how wonderful a dog could actually be and how much I could possibly love such a small little animal. I Would do anything for Senzu. He helped me so much in my time of need so I felt it was only right to make sure Senzu had the best possible life he could have.

Because of this, I spent crazy amounts of time learning everything I could about bulldogs, french bulldogs, and pretty much dogs in general. It became an obsession for me. I found myself talking to family and friends about various things dogs could eat, what to do if a dog gets in a dangerous situation, what the best product for said type of dog is, etc. I think one day I must have driven my friend insane because he told me “you love talking about dogs so much and giving advice, why not start a website or something and try and help others there?” So I did!

This site started with just me but it has grown into such a massive passion project of mine over the years that I have slowly incorporated others into the mix to help spread their knowledge to other dog owners who might have several specific questions they need answers to.

The team has included a couple of vets, veterinary clinic students, and others who have a natural passion for anything dog.

We hope you find the website helpful and we hope to help others as much as possible with everyone’s doggy-related questions!


BullDogPapa Team