What Age Will My French Bulldog Calm Down? – What To Know

If you’re a French Bulldog owner, you might be wondering when your energetic and sometimes hyperactive companion will begin to settle down. Understanding the temperament and developmental stages of your French Bulldog can help you anticipate when they may start to become calmer and less excitable.

Quick Answer

Many French Bulldog owners notice a significant change in their dog’s behavior around 2 to 3 years of age, with some taking until 4 to 5 years to fully calm down. Factors such as exercise, anxiety, and training can affect when your French Bulldog reaches this milestone.

It’s essential to remain patient and consistent in your approach to help your furry friend reach their calmer, more mature phase.

The Age When French Bulldogs Calm Down

Puppy Phase

During the puppy phase, which lasts until approximately 6 months of age, French Bulldogs are full of energy and curiosity. It’s important to remember that during this phase, your French Bulldog is still learning about the world around them. To help your puppy manage their energy levels, ensure they receive plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization. Proper training during this developmental stage lays the foundation for a well-behaved adult French Bulldog.


As your French Bulldog enters adolescence, typically between 6 months to 2-3 years, they will continue to have bouts of energy and excitement. However, most owners notice a gradual decrease in activity levels over time. While this might be the age when many French Bulldogs start to exhibit calmer behavior, individual dogs can still vary in terms of activity levels. Factors such as exercise, anxiety, and improper training might take a French Bulldog longer to calm down.

As your dog matures, their behavior can be influenced by various methods:

  • Exercise: Regular and appropriate physical activities help in reducing excess energy and keeping your pet calmer.
  • Consistent Routine: Providing your dog with a consistent daily routine can make them feel secure and reduce anxiety.

Most French Bulldogs display noticeable signs of calming down between the ages of 3-5 years. However, each dog is unique and some may take more time. Maintaining a solid training foundation, including proper exercise and routine, will contribute to the calm demeanor of your adult French Bulldog.

How do I get my French bulldog to calm down?

Training and Socialization

Proper training and socialization play a significant role in helping your French Bulldog calm down. Begin with basic obedience training at an early age, and practice consistently. Some useful commands to teach your Frenchie are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Quiet

Regular socialization with other dogs and people can also help your pup learn to behave calmly in various situations. Exposure to different environments, sounds, and experiences is crucial for a well-rounded canine temperament. Consider enrolling your Frenchie in puppy socialization classes or regularly visiting dog-friendly parks.

Health and Nutrition

Ensuring your French bulldog maintains a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a calmer demeanor. Key components of a healthy lifestyle include:

  1. Exercise: French Bulldogs, unlike larger and more active breeds, require moderate exercise. Aim for 20-30 minutes of daily walking or active playtime suited for their stature and stamina.
  2. Mental Stimulation: Provide puzzles, interactive toys, or engage in activities like hide and seek to challenge your pup mentally. Mental stimulation helps prevent boredom and the potential destructive behaviors that may follow.
  3. Nutrition: Feed your Frenchie a balanced and age-appropriate diet. Consult your veterinarian about any necessary supplements or specific nutritional requirements.
  4. Sleep and Rest: Ensure your dog has a quiet and comfortable space to rest and sleep. Regular sleep patterns are crucial for proper development and overall wellness.

By following these guidelines and being consistent in training and socialization, your French Bulldog will gradually learn to control their energy levels and exhibit a calmer demeanor over time.

French bulldog playing frisbee

Are French Bulldogs Chill?

French Bulldogs, also known as “Frenchies,” are known for their quirky and affectionate nature, but when it comes to being “chill,” it may depend on your definition of the term.

By 2 to 3 years of age, many French Bulldog owners notice their furry friends start to calm down, but it could take until around 4 to 5 years for episodes of hyperactivity to fully subside. That being said, there are various factors that contribute to a Frenchie’s energy levels. It’s essential to understand their developmental stages and some tips for helping these adorable canines become a bit more “chill.”

French Bulldogs’ Developmental Phases:

  • 0-4 weeks: Newborn
  • 1-4 months: Young Puppy
  • 4-12 months: Puppy
  • 1-3 years: Teen
  • 3-7 years: Adult
  • 8+ years: Senior

In addition to understanding their developmental stages, consider these practical tips for helping your Frenchie become calmer:

  1. Speak softly: Use a soothing, low tone of voice when interacting with your pup. This will help them feel more relaxed and secure.
  2. Create a routine: Providing a consistent daily schedule can go a long way to calming down your Frenchie.
  3. Exercise: Regular physical activity can release pent-up energy, making your Frenchie more likely to rest.
  4. Calming chews: Sometimes, offering calming chews or even chew toys can help mellow out an energetic Frenchie.

It’s important to remember that every French Bulldog is unique, with their own personality, energy levels, and “chill” factor. As their loving owner, it’s your responsibility to pay attention to their needs and provide them with the right environment and care to help them become the best version of themselves, whether that’s a calm and relaxed pooch or a vibrant, playful companion.

French bulldog playing with chew toy

Why are French Bulldogs Dramatic?

French Bulldogs can sometimes appear dramatic in both their energy levels and overall personality quirks. There are a couple of primary factors that contribute to this behavior: mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Mental Stimulation

One reason why French Bulldogs may exhibit dramatic behavior is their need for mental stimulation. Like any other dog breed, Frenchies thrive on engaging activities that will challenge their minds.

To keep your Frenchie happier and less prone to extreme behavior, consider providing them with interactive toys and puzzles designed for dogs. Some examples include:

  • Puzzle toys with hidden treats
  • Interactive toy sets, such as those with squeakers or noise-making features
  • Treat dispensers that they need to figure out to get their reward

Offering these mental challenges will not only keep your French Bulldog engaged but also help them develop problem-solving skills, which can, in turn, result in a calmer demeanor.

Physical Exercise

Another contributing factor to the seemingly dramatic behavior of French Bulldogs is their need for physical exercise. Although this breed is not as high-energy as some others, it’s crucial to address their exercise requirements to prevent restless or hyper behavior.

Establish a daily routine that includes moderate activity such as:

  • Short Walks: Frenchies enjoy regular walks, but keep in mind that their relatively flat faces can cause breathing difficulties, especially in hot or humid weather. So, choose cooler times of the day for walking, and always keep an eye on their energy levels.
  • Indoor Play: To keep your French Bulldog entertained and active indoors, consider engaging them in play sessions with toys like balls or tug-of-war ropes.
  • Regular Playdates: Regular social interactions with other dogs will not only help burn some energy but also keep your Frenchie socially stimulated.

Remember to keep the exercise sessions short and moderate, as too much exertion can lead to health complications for this breed.

By providing mental stimulation and proper physical exercise, you can address your French Bulldog’s penchant for drama and help them achieve a healthier, calmer demeanor.

Recognizing Signs of Maturity

As a French Bulldog owner, it’s essential to recognize the signs of maturity in your beloved pet. Like humans, French Bulldogs go through different stages of development, and understanding these stages will help you better support your furry friend’s growth.

French Bulldogs typically start to calm down around the age of 1 to 3 years. During this time, you may notice a shift in their behavior as they transition from a rambunctious puppy to a more mature adult dog. Here are some signs to look for that indicate your French Bulldog is entering a calmer stage of life:

  • Less Hyperactivity: As your French Bulldog matures, they will likely display less energy and a decreased desire for constant activity. This is especially true if they receive adequate exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Reduced Nipping and Biting: Young puppies often have the habit of playfully nipping or biting at human hands, clothing, or objects. As your Frenchie matures, this behavior should decrease significantly, indicating a better understanding of appropriate behavior.
  • Improved Focus: Mature French Bulldogs have a better ability to focus and may seem more attentive during training or playtime. This improved focus will make it easier to teach new tricks and reinforce existing commands.
  • Socialization Skills: Older French Bulldogs tend to be more social, better able to interact with other dogs and humans. With proper socialization from a young age, you’ll notice your Frenchie becoming more comfortable in diverse settings and situations.

Keep in mind that every French Bulldog is unique, and their development may not follow a strict timeline. Regular exercise, mental stimulation, and training can significantly impact your Frenchie’s development, so be sure to maintain these routines regardless of their age.

Final Thoughts

In short, you can expect your frenchie to continue to calm down and mature with age. As they reach their adults ages they typically calm down thanks to the routines that have been developed by their owners. Proper training and regular exercise helps them release that energy in a non-spastic way that has the better behaved around your home.


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