Did My Dog Know He Was Being Put to Sleep?

It is hard to imagine a day when your dog will not be by your side anymore, but it is all-natural; everyone goes through it. Saying goodbye to your dog can be difficult, especially if he has been with you for a long time. For some, they have had the dog while they were still a child, basically growing old with the dog. Dogs become part of many families, so saying goodbye to them is just as difficult as saying goodbye to someone who is blood-related. That is why most people choose for their dog to not suffer anymore, especially if they have a chronic disease or if they can not live happily anymore due to old age, and decide to put down their dog.

Now, you ask, “Did my dog know he was being put to sleep?” Dogs would have no idea they are being put to sleep. If they have any kind of reaction is it due more to the fact, they are scared to be at the vet. The process of putting your dog down is painless. The euthanasia solution travels rapidly throughout a dog’s body, and within seconds, he will be unconscious without feeling any pain or suffering. His breathing will slow down until it suddenly stops, then the dog will undergo a cardiac arrest, which will result in a peaceful death.

The process of putting down a dog or putting a dog to sleep is Euthanasia. It is defined as humanely ending the life of a being who is experiencing extreme suffering, often due to a serious or irreversible medical condition. Deciding to put your pet to this process is very difficult to make. Although your family, friends, and your pet’s attending veterinarian will help you to make a decision, in the end, the choice is still yours, and your decision is the right one if it was made for your pet’s wellbeing.

What to Do Before Saying Goodbye to Your Pet?

If a person decides to put down his pet to sleep, they sometimes want to spend some time with their pet doing the things that it loves to do. It is important that you spend your time living together, rather than spending your time with a dying dog. Here are the other ways you can say goodbye to your pet:

  • Do what she loves to do. Before going through a peaceful goodbye, you might want to bond with your pup first by doing what she loves to do. Remember the things that she enjoys doing the most. Maybe going to the park and socializing with other dogs, or going to the beach to watch the sunset. The last days that she is going to spend with you may be the saddest, but both of you are going to remember it the most. Do not hesitate to spoil your pet, even for the last time.
  • Spend the day with the people she loves. You might want to surround your pooch with the people she loves, this will make her happy, and so will you. Dogs feel what their person feels, though it is sad to let go of your pet dog, do not let her feel the same way and spend the day happy with the people that you both love.
  • Help your dog to say goodbye. As stated earlier, dogs feel what their person feels; do not let your dog feel that she is the reason why you are feeling sad. Explain to your dog what will happen, and tell them it is okay to let go. Tell your pet that you will never forget her.
  • Find out how you can cope up with the loss. What you feel is as important, if not more, as what your pet dog feels. Saying goodbye is never easy. The process of grief does not just start after your dog dies, but it has already begun after you heard the bad news of its health condition. 

Should You Stay During Euthanasia?

It can be difficult to be in the same room while your dog undergoes euthanasia. The choice is yours if you want to be in the same room as your dog or if you don’t. Many people do not want to be in the same room because they feel extremely sad, while others want to be with their dog when they breathe their last breath. Think it over before going to the veterinarian and doing the procedure with your dog. 

You have a choice to do the procedure in your home or at the Vet’s clinic. Some people choose home euthanasia because they want their dog to be as comfortable as possible, and they are most comfortable in their home, surrounded by the family. Even though the dog loves her vet, going to the vet’s clinic can also be stressful for them, but if you think the dog will be comfortable in the clinic, that is also fine. Do what’s best for your dog.

How Can You Remember Your Dog After Saying Goodbye?

It is not like you are going to forget about your dog after putting her to sleep, after all, she has a special place in your heart, but it is still great that you have some things to remember her by. Here are some ways to immortalize their memories:

  • Take as many pictures as possible. Take a lot of pictures while you still can, so that even after you’ve said your goodbye, you can look back at the moments you enjoyed your time together.
  • Ask for their paw prints. Ask for paw prints or nose prints from your vet. There are some services these days that let you use your dog’s ashes and make it into a pendant of their paw prints or nose impressions. This can be a great way to preserve your memories with your pet.

Undergoing grief is different for everyone. Remember the good times with your dog, she may be gone but she will forever live in your heart. Take your time to grieve; no one is rushing you to accept everything as soon as possible. Know that your dog is grateful for everything that you did for her, after all, you are each other’s best friend. Hopefully by now “Did my dog know he was being put to sleep” is fully answered for you and you can get some peace.

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