Dog Ate My Earbuds – What Should I Do? 

Fresh flowers, your favorite slipper, a hat, or furniture are things your fur baby may enjoy nibbling on. They have a certain quality that allows him to navigate exciting surfaces and exercise his teeth. But now and then, he may swallow small objects, like a bottle cap or even makeup products like a beauty blender.

However, these are foreign objects that may not upset your dog’s stomach or digestive system. He will poop them out in three to five days, and all will be well again. But what happens if dogs eats something like ear buds?

In this article we’ll discuss what to do to help them pass it!

What Happens if A Dog Eats an Earbud? 

Earbuds are unusual things to eat, even for dogs. If a dog eats an earbud, many scenarios will unfold, but most of them see your pet healthy and back to normal in no time. For one, as with ingesting small objects like erasers, there are chances of a choking hazard; if Fido looks adorable, innocent, and calm after swallowing an earbud, then you are in the clear for an esophageal blockage or obstruction. 

Your next concern is an intestinal blockage – these conditions are relatively prevalent consequences of eating unseemly and nonedible items. Even without a vet degree, you will know your pet is in trouble after eating earbuds; if he is lethargic, does not want to eat, or exhibits signs of stomach pain, he may be experiencing an intestinal blockage. You should call the vet at this point if you haven’t already, even though it is best to avoid any delay when you suspect your pet has eaten something inappropriate.

Finally, the greatest danger with a dog eating an earbud may occur if your gadget contains a battery. As you know, batteries are not exactly the best items for anyone to have in their digestive system because it contains acidic substances which are dangerous and toxic. Earbuds, especially, are made of silicone gel, wires, polymers, and some metallic components, and these things have their reactive effects on the living body. If your pet ingests this device whole, the reaction may begin if the battery is punctured to release acid, burn the tongue and mouth, and continue into the stomach to cause acid burns. 

Can a Dog Pass an Earbud?

Yes, with the help of a suitable diet and the digestive system, your dog should pass an earbud he has eaten. However, it may not be as straightforward as pooping it out. In the best-case scenario, he poops it out in three to five days, but in the worst situation, some consequences occur before the device leaves his system. 

If your dog ate an earbud, the expected effects depend on many things. For instance, if he merely swallowed it without chewing, it may pass through his system without being digested, as other foreign objects do. However, if he has crushed it, the plastic, metal, and other inedible parts may not move as easily; furthermore, these individual items no longer in their protective plastic or rubber casing may cause internal damage.

But if the stomach acid and other attempts by the large intestine to digest the earbud components are futile, your pet will pass the earbud. However, if the battery somehow gives into the pressure and heat from the stomach’s digestive functions, the acid from the battery may cause an adverse reaction in your pet. You will learn the verdict within the next seventy-two hours, during which your pet will either excrete the earbud or need the assistance of a veterinarian. 

What Do I Do if My Dog Ate My Earbuds?

If your dog ate your earbuds, check his mouth if you caught on early enough; you would be surprised to find that it may still be there. You should also observe your puppy for signs of choking; dogs with narrower airways are at higher risk of choking on a foreign object like an earbud. But if it makes it through the esophagus, good for you! However, if you see that it is caught there, use the Heimlich maneuver to displace the foreign item from his throat.

If your pet chewed the earbud before swallowing it, he may have bitten into and punctured the battery. Wireless earbuds need batteries to function, but these batteries contain acids or chemical substances that can burn your dog’s internal system, starting from his mouth and tongue. So, you need to check if you can see any sores; if there are none, it may mean that your dog didn’t puncture any battery before swallowing, so his internal organs may be fine. But at the same time, the battery and other components may nearly digest, which means some of their toxicity may affect your pet. 

You can assist him through the process by feeding him foods that aid easy bowel movement, like fiber-rich foods. Feed him bread and canned pumpkin and inspect his poop to see if he dispels the strange item. While observing your pet’s poop, pay attention to any sign that your pet is experiencing an intestinal blockage. 


Dog ate your earbuds? Don’t worry; he will be fine, and the earbuds will come out naturally or with the vet’s assistance. What matters is that you act fast and do what your gut tells you, whether ring up the vet or handle it on your own by waiting for your dog to poop it out. An earbud is a super attractive item to dogs not just because it has your scent from being used often but for many other reasons humans cannot yet fully comprehend.


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