My Dog Ate Human Poop! What Should I Do?

Eating products like lipstick, glasses, bottle caps, and even poop is characteristic of dogs. It may shock you or not even sit well with you, but eating fecal matter is part of a dog’s nature. If your dog ate human poop, you need to keep reading to understand why and what to do in that situation. 

But before then, let’s talk about the pre-domesticated nature of our furry housemates. Dogs used to eat poop to extract spare nutrients. Get this; a canine will also eat a cat’s poop or another creature’s fresh poop, including yours. 

Eating poop is also caused by a condition called coprophagia, affecting not just dogs but also baby elephants, rabbits, gorillas, rats, and guinea pigs, to name a few. This condition is safe or harmless most of the time, but a line can be crossed. This blog post will discuss what to do when your dog goes too far and eats not only human poop but also diarrhea! You will also discover what you can do if your pet ate human poop. 

Why Would My Dog Eat Human Poop? 

The primary reason dogs eat poop is because they feel hungry or their body needs more nutrients. If Fido’s body sends a message that he’s not getting enough nutrients, he will hunt for a place where he can catch up, which may be your toilet. In addition, a vitamin B1 deficiency seems to increase the chances of coprophagia, not to talk of nerve damage, so try to ensure your pet gets enough pineapples, tomatoes, beef, and pork. 

However, even when giving your dog a vet-controlled diet, it may not be enough because he cannot absorb them properly. This is caused by a relatively common condition called malabsorption syndrome. It happens when the small intestines cannot absorb the needed nutrients and fluids, which will drive a dog’s instincts to scavenge to kick in. Your poop is a known source of nutrients, and dogs that live with humans won’t be disinclined to meet nutritional deficiencies by eating your fecal waste. 

Poop eating is instinctual for dogs; it appears that they are more drawn to solid poop than diarrhea, but if it smells fresh, your pet may find it hard to resist if he suffers from any of the conditions mentioned above. Poop eaters are more common than you think, with female dogs more likely to eat human feces. Primarily, malnutrition is caused by diseases like diabetes, hypochlorhydria, intestinal dysbiosis, and Cushing’s Disease.

Can Human Poop Kill Dogs if Ingested? 

Yes, human poop can kill dogs if ingested. Feces of all kinds are hospitable to bacteria and pathogens that spread diseases and kill at an alarming rate. Twenty percent of the drugs consumed by humans pass to their poop; imagine how a dog would react if he ate that. Cannabis poisoning in dogs is on the rise in countries that have legalized THC, and high consumption of this substance by canines can lead to death. They begin to feel the effects within thirty minutes of ingestion and will not enjoy the experience as much.

Human poop may also kill dogs if ingested if it contains harmful bacteria. Cholera, norovirus, dysentery, tapeworm, E. coli, salmonella, and giardia are some nasty microorganisms found in human feces, and they will get into the system of any dog that consumes it. The risk of a parasitic infection is a major reason dogs should not eat any living organism’s waste. These parasites are present in the poop of cats, other dogs, chickens, and other droppings a dog may stumble on. 

Whether the infection will kill a puppy depends on his immune system and your quick reaction or how you handle the matter. If your pet has eaten human poop with a parasite like clostridioides difficile or c.diff, it can cause an inflammation of the colon, resulting in diarrhea. Humans can die from contact with this parasite, and so can dogs. 

My Dog Ate Human Poop and Is Very Lethargic – Why?

Your dog is lethargic after eating human poop because his system is battling some harmful bacteria. Although human poop can be free of harmful parasites, what your pet has ingested likely contains one or two strains that may be causing a disruption internally. Is the lethargy accompanied by pain in the abdomen, vomiting, nausea, and lack of appetite? 

Chances are your pet has an infection and may need the vet’s assistance. And if the amount of human poop your dog ate is considerable, it may contain a handful of pathogens that will make him ill. His system will attempt to fight the infections, which may lead to lethargy. 

Your pet’s digestive and immune system may be able to fight these infections, especially if you provide a fortified diet and additional aid like canned pumpkin. However, it will be evident that something is wrong with your pet; he will lack his usual eagerness to play, won’t eat, and may be in the praying pose because of abdominal issues. He should pull through with a good diet, but you shouldn’t hesitate to call the vet if you suspect something might go wrong. 

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate Human Poop?

Human poop will likely upset your pet’s digestive system and body as a whole. A small amount won’t cause any severe health issues; the bacteria in your pet’s digestive system should have that covered. But on the other hand, if Fido has eaten more than his body can handle, he may need the vet’s assistance because there is a horde of parasites that he can be exposed to. 

You can make your pet as comfortable as possible during this period. He will feel lethargic and sick, but a comfortable environment and a vet-recommended diet will improve his health. It is normal for him to have abdominal pain because of the strangeness of the bacteria from the human poop that his digestive system now has to process. However, if you suspect he has eaten a lot of human poop, you should ask your vet for assistance, especially if your dog is throwing up, has diarrhea, and isn’t eating like before. 

Make a mental note to devise the best-laid plans to prevent Fido from eating poop from your toilet. You never know when he will dine on the wrong batch that may contain too much bacteria for his system. Keep the toilet door locked all the time, and you will avoid some situations that endanger your pet’s life. 

What Should I Do if They Ate Human Diarrhea? 

If your dog ate human diarrhea, please have your vet on speed dial. It may be nothing serious, especially if he consumed only a tiny amount. However, if your pooch has eaten a lot, there may be an overload of parasites in his internal organs, which will certainly cause discomfort and even pain. 

Monitor your pet if you suspect they have eaten human diarrhea. Nothing much may happen, which is not surprising. Have you seen all the things a dog puts his tongue on, even his butthole? 

It is safe to say that a dog’s immune system is pretty resilient, so your pet will be fine even if he ate human diarrhea. But you must observe him for abnormal behaviors like lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea. Diarrhea is a major sign that the digestive system is fighting something unusual, so you can wait and see how things progress. Please call the vet if it looks like your pet isn’t getting better. 

How Do I Clean My Dog’s Mouth After They Ate Human Poop or Diarrhea? 

There are many ways to clean your dog’s mouth after he eats human poop or diarrhea, and all of them will ensure that the bad breath goes away. The first and best is brushing your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for canines. This ensures that not just the breath is freshened, but plaque and other germs are also removed from your pet’s teeth. 

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Alternatively, you can use a finger brush to remove the smell and remnants of the poop from your puppy’s mouth. Since dogs love to chew, you can leave your pet to clean up after himself by giving him dental chew sticks or a safe chew toy. If you are giving your pet chew sticks, stick to a maximum of one piece daily. 

You may also use a dental wipe to remove human poop from your dog’s mouth. Some dental wipes contain antiseptic that won’t harm your pet’s teeth and gums and will also give your pet a breath that smells poop-free. You can also add substances to the water your pet drinks so that he cleans his mouth when he goes in for some water. 


If your dog ate human poop, he might feel sick for a bit because of the parasites that reside in fecal waste. However, if you improve your pet’s diet to strengthen his immune system and make him comfortable, he will be okay soon.


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