My Dog Ate an Eraser – Is It Toxic? What Should You Do?

Dogs engage in many “worrisome” acts. Unfortunately, the eating of erasers is among the worrying things they might do! If your dog ate an eraser, it could be traumatizing for you and your canine. An average dog has the brain function of a 2-year-old toddler; we can’t blame them when they eat erasers or other various crazy objects.

Dogs love to eat anything that comes their way. We can not blame our furry friends for making this mistake. Dogs are not as intelligent as we are, so they can’t determine what is harmful or healthy. Apart from erasers, materials like highlighters and pencils can be swallowed by them. Hunger can also cause a dog to chew on the eraser instead of munching on snacks and treats!

Erasers are made of synthetic materials, which can not be absorbed by dogs’ digestive systems. If your pooch is fond of chewing erasers or harmful stuff lying around, this article has you covered. Are erasers toxic to dogs? Can dogs pass out erasers? We will find answers to these two questions above. We’ll also answer other frequently asked questions.

Are Erasers Toxic to Dogs?

No. Erasers are not toxic to dogs. A dog’s body is not designed to digest erasers. Erasers are made of synthetic materials which the dog’s body can not absorb and digest. But a large eraser can cause intestinal blockage. This blockage would typically result in repeated vomiting and a whole lot of other symptoms.

If a dog accidentally eats an eraser, nothing serious will happen to the dog. But if the eraser is large, your pup is at risk of intestinal blockage. Some signs of intestinal blockage in dogs include general body weakness and abdominal discomfort. If your canine chews an eraser to bits, there is no reason to panic. In most cases, intestinal blockage rarely happens when dogs eat erasers. Most erasers are not big enough to cause abdominal blockage.

Furthermore, keep an eye on your dog if it eats an eraser, whether it’s a small or large eraser. If your dog begins to show symptoms after eating an eraser, do not delay in taking it to the veterinary emergency room. Remember, prevention is better than cure, always keep synthetic materials like erasers from the reach of your canine. In addition, if erasers and pencils are used, remember to always return them to the appropriate places.

Can a Dog Pass an Eraser?

Yes. Under normal circumstances, dogs will pass out an eraser within 24 hours of ingestion. If your dog doesn’t pass out an eraser within this time frame, take your dog to the vet for an urgent assessment. There may be a case of intestinal blockage, which requires an emergency vet visit. If there is none, monitor the dog’s stool to catch the eraser. Mind you, while this normally takes 24 hours, it can take sometimes take up to 72 hours.

The digestive tract of dogs can not absorb erasers, neither can erasers be digested by them. The eraser simply passes through the mouth to the excretory organs unhindered. If the eraser is large, the chance of it blocking the digestive system is high. If your dog ate an eraser, look for the eraser in your dog’s poop within the first 24 hours. If you don’t see the eraser in the poop, schedule an appointment with your vet.

Moreover, you can help your dog as well before visiting the vet. Give health supplements to your dog to chew to help with your dog’s digestion. In some cases, dogs vomit spontaneously after 15 minutes of eating an eraser. If your dog doesn’t vomit, it will end up passing it out. If there is a case of intestinal blockage, the vet will carry out emergency surgery to get rid of it.

My Dog Ate an Eraser Pencil

When dogs swallow an eraser pencil, the sharp edges of the pencil can cause serious harm to your dog. In the worst-case scenario, the eraser pencil will cause infection for your pup. The larger the pencil, the higher the risk of damage. Determine how many erasers your dog ate by looking at the leftover pieces, if any.

Furthermore, a large eraser pencil can perforate the digestive system of your dog. In addition, a foreign object in your dog’s body can cause septic peritonitis which is a life-threatening condition. The stomach juices can not dissolve an eraser pencil. It will safely pass through the gut without problems. Do not ever attempt to force your dog to vomit after ingesting an eraser.

To prevent your dog from chewing an eraser pencil, do not carelessly leave stuff such as erasers around the home. Observe your dog. If your canine looks dull and weak, it’s a sign something is wrong with your pup. Place a call to your vet if your dog is showing abnormal symptoms. To diagnose your canine properly, a veterinarian will likely conduct blood tests order an x-ray or ultrasound scan to know if your dog would need surgery.

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate an Eraser?

Your actions depend on the symptoms being displayed by your dog. If your canine is up and running, there is no point in going to the vet. On the other hand, take your dog immediately to the vet if it is vomiting or showing any other serious symptoms. If your dog ate an eraser, give it enough water to prevent dehydration.

The most important symptom you should look out for is vomiting. Vomiting in dogs after eating an eraser is an indicator of abdominal obstruction. If your dog shows this symptom, go to the emergency room immediately. Furthermore, another thing to do is to get rid of any eraser remnants that are still on the floor. This blocks your dog’s further access to consume more erasers. If you have other pets, they get protected too!

The next step is to determine the amount of eraser your dog ate. This would assist you in giving the right details to the vet. It’s normal for vets to ask many questions surrounding how the incident happened. The more detailed you are, the better the vet would know about your dog. If there are no symptoms, monitor your dog’s stool for 24 to 48 hours after the incident. 

What Is the Best Way to Prevent Dogs from Eating Erasers?

An effective way to prevent dogs from eating erasers is not to leave writing materials carelessly on the floor. Dogs are like infants; they eat whatever comes their way. They don’t know what is harmful or beneficial. It’s your responsibility to protect them.

Kids are better known for using erasers than adults. If you have kids around your home, always clean up the house when they are done with their homework assignments. In addition, ensure they are not leaving stuff like erasers and pencils on the floor. Better still, do not allow your dog to access where kids are attending to their homework. In addition, vacuum your home regularly to get rid of small materials that can harm your dog.

Furthermore, apply dog chew deterrent spray within the house to discourage your pooch from chewing things on the floor indiscriminately. Apart from eating an eraser, a deterrent spray protects your furniture against the scratches of dogs. In addition, some dog owners create a form of barrier for their dogs within the home. This protects the dog against some potential hazards. Moreover, train your dog from a young age to know what is good or bad.


Although erasers are not harmful to dogs. Still, do not leave them around the house. If you have kids, train them not to drop erasers on the ground. Erasers can make your dog seriously sick. This sickness can sometimes be life-threatening. Furthermore, prevention is better than cure; always be on guard. If your dog swallows an eraser, do not panic. If there is repetitive vomiting and weakness, take your dog to the vet immediately. Dogs are amazing pets, do everything you can to prevent them from unwarranted incidents.


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