My Dog Ate a Beauty Blender! Will They Be Ok?

A beauty blender is a handy little tool for every makeup enthusiast. It comes in an array of bright colors and is sometimes sold in bunches. The spongy and soft feeling does the job of blending your foundation and concealer so well that it can be a bother not to have one or two extras.

Chances are Fido also finds them as attractive as you, although for different reasons. For one, the soft and squishy texture will be wonderful to chew on, and the bright colors will be an irresistible beacon. Did your dog eat a beauty blender? Well, it may be because he thought it was a plaything that he could chew and swallow.

So, what effects would the chunks have on his digestive system? As we all know, some substances are bad for dogs, while some are toxic; it depends on what the ingested item is made of. Are beauty blenders toxic to dogs? You will find out in this piece, just as you discover what you should do if your dog ate a beauty blender.

Are Beauty Blenders Toxic to Dogs? 

Beauty blenders are toxic to dogs because of the materials they are made from. Polyurethane foam is a common substance for making mattresses and foams, and when they were first created, they were much safer. However, as time progressed, it was discovered that polyurethane foam was a fire hazard, so manufacturers had to treat their products with chemicals that repel flames. 

Over time, other chemicals were introduced to the manufacturing process of polyurethane foam, which is also what a beauty blender is made from. These chemicals are cancer-causing, explaining why polyurethane foam has been described as a health hazard according to the Toxic Substances Control Act, Hazardous Air Pollutants, and Volatile Organic Compounds. It is dangerous enough to cause kidney and liver damage, breathing problems, cell damage, and cancers.

Furthermore, some of your makeup products contain hormone-warping substances that are also toxic when ingested. Therefore, if your pet has eaten a beauty blender, the first thing you want to remember is if you removed the makeup products like your foundation or concealer from the foam before putting it away. Between the chemicals used to treat the blender and those from your products, your dog’s digestive system and health may be at risk. 

Can A Dog Digest a Beauty Blender? 

No, a dog cannot digest a beauty blender, and the reasons start with the canine dentition. First, dogs can only chew in an up and down manner, so your pet is scarfing up chunks of materials and foods he eats instead and breaking them down as humans do. This is why dogs throw up sometimes; their esophagus is just trying to say, slow down; you haven’t chewed your food enough. 

The food a dog eats travels to the stomach and is converted into a liquid that flows to the small intestine to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, and fortunately, a beauty blender cannot be transformed into a liquid; it is pretty resistant to the acids in a dog’s stomach because of the manufacturing process. Therefore, it would need much more heat to dissolve into the liquid your pet’s small intestine needs.

If a beauty blender does not cause a choking hazard for your pet, it may cause an intestinal blockage. When his stomach acid cannot digest the foam, it may travel the wrong path and cause an obstruction. Otherwise, it passes through the digestive system and straight to the poop within ten to twenty-four hours. You will need to keep an eye on his crap for the next few hours, if your pet is still a puppy, to days to be sure the object has genuinely come out of his system. 

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate a Beauty Blender? 

You should remember if there was any makeup product on it. Let’s eliminate the chances of toxic poisoning first, as the substances in some makeup products contain hazardous materials. If there was, you need to get the vet without further delay. 

The vet will let you know whether to bring him in or induce vomiting, and they will guide you on how to do it. But if there was no makeup on the beauty blender, you only need to worry about an esophageal or intestinal blockage. If your pet swallowed a chunk of the beauty blender and appears to be choking on it, you can help the situation by doing the Heimlich maneuver.

However, knowing most dogs and how they like to explore, especially puppies, your pet probably chewed up the beauty blender before swallowing the pieces. He is in the clear if they pass through his esophagus and stomach without causing any harm. Food takes twelve hours in a dog’s stomach before digestion, so you should watch out for signs of toxic poisoning in your pet. For the next few days, you will also need to regularly check his poop to see whether the foam pieces are safely out. 


Dogs eat an array of things, even moths, so if your dog ate a beauty blender, he would be fine once you have confirmed that there is no reaction to the toxicity of the foam or makeup products on it. Hopefully, the beauty blender will pass through your pet’s digestive system without causing any blockage, but if it spends too long in his innards, it may not end well. If you suspect a foreign object has been in your dog’s system for more than three days, seek a vet’s assistance as soon as possible.


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