Bulldog Breeders in Maryland – Comprehensive List

Owning a bulldog usually provides a great sense of happiness and, of course, better responsibility as a pet owner. Moreover, it generally starts from buying a healthy bulldog breed from a reliable breeder. With this comes the responsibility of knowing the list of reputable bulldog breeders in Maryland and in other communities as well.

As we go along, we will focus on giving you six of the recognized bulldog breeders located in Maryland. Aside from that, we also have here helpful tips on how you can find a well-trusted bulldog breeder. These will generally be a good guide for you to land on a responsible breeder. It will also help you to choose which one will offer you not only the cute bulldog pups but also the healthy ones.  

List of Bulldog Breeders in Maryland

Generally, wanting to own a bulldog necessitates you to find the right and reliable breeder. Once you already knew where you can purchase your new pup, it is time that you can continue to the next steps. Actually, there are lots of bulldog breeders and you can find them within your locality or even search them online.

But, to help you to make your selection process easier, here are some of the bulldog breeders in Maryland that you may consider:

1. Blue Ribbon Bulldogs

One of the Bulldog breeders in Maryland, USA is the Blue Ribbon Bulldogs. They are experienced breeders of English Bulldogs and serving the public with their reputable Bulldog breed of puppies for more than 10 years. Generally, Blue Ribbon Bulldogs is one of the most trusted Bulldog breeders in Maryland. The service they are offering entails comprehensive knowledge about the breed.

They have mentors that usually backed their ideas and understanding of the English Bulldogs. This one of the bulldog breeders in Maryland started everything in Tennessee believing that bulldogs belong to God’s amazing masterpieces. For them, the factors that make them standout are being responsible and doing upright breeding practices. Aside from that, they also make sure the decent placement of every bulldog puppies to their new families.

In case you want to purchase an English Bulldog with complete AKC registration, updated shots, and worming records, simply reach the Blue Ribbon Bulldogs via their contact details below:

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 931-516-9555

2. No Foolin’ Bulldogs

No Foolin’ Bulldogs is another one of the Bulldog breeders in Maryland where you can find good bulldog breeds. The birth of this bulldog breeder rooted in the love and passion for bulldogs. They generally have programs exclusively for this amazing dog breed. And, in every breeding process, they also aim to have a standard bulldog.

The breeding process under this one of the Bulldog breeders in Maryland undergoes thorough research to smoothly continue the heritage of the bloodlines. But, their topmost priority is the health of every puppy. Generally, purchasing bulldog puppies from No Foolin’ Bulldogs is highly guaranteed as they are also recognized as AKC Purebred Bulldog breeders in Maryland.

So, why not purchase a bulldog on this breeder and member of Bulldog Club of America? Reach them through the following contact information below and own a new bulldog puppy now.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 301-552-1102 (look for Terry Fortado)

3. Capital Rare Bulldogs

If you are looking for French Bulldog and English Bulldog breeders in Maryland, you can check the Capital Rare Bulldogs. They are already 10 years in the business of providing stud services for French and English bulldog breeds. The colored English Bulldogs coming from them are purely bred.

Aside from that, purchasing bulldog breeds from this one of the bulldog breeders in Maryland is generally safe because all of their pups are AKC registered. Moreover, before you went home with your new bulldog puppies, Capital Rare Bulldogs ensures that they are healthy. They always provide an up to date vaccinations. The puppies were thoroughly checked by the vets before taken out from their facility.

Moreover, bulldog pups here already have embedded microchips. What’s great with purchasing a bulldog on this one of the bulldog breeders in Maryland? Well, Capital Rare Bulldogs provide a puppy starter pack that would be a great help in raising a new bulldog puppy.

bulldog breeders in Maryland
Contact Information:

Phone: 240-682-0097

4. Baltimore Bullys

Do you find an Olde English Bulldog a good bulldog breed to have? But, you don’t know where to find one? Well, Baltimore Bullys is here as one of the certified bulldog breeders in Maryland.

Generally, Baltimore Bullys is registered as an English bulldog breeder under the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA). IOEBA is actually the pioneer in registering the Olde English bulldogs and other rare bulldog breeds worldwide. So, expect that all the bulldog puppies here at Baltimore Bullys have an IOEBA limited registration.

Contact Information:

Phone: 301-523-3551

Email: [email protected]

5. Idylls French Bulldogs

Idylls French Bulldogs is another one of the AKC registered French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland. However, this French bulldog breeder in Maryland does not perform breeding service most of the time. Instead, they focus their effort on thoroughly selecting the dogs that highly conforms to the standards of the Frenchies.

Additionally, they not only produce beautiful Frenchie pups but also healthy French bulldogs as well. Well, if you are interested to have adorable and healthy French bulldog puppies, just get in touch with them! Reach them via their contact details below:

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.idyllsfrenchbulldogs.com/

6. Wicked French Bullies

Another French bulldog breeder on our list is the Wicked French Bullies. This breeder generally specializes in offering French bulldog of AKC standard. Mostly, the French bulldog puppies from them come from the healthy bloodlines of American and European heritage.

The Wicked French Bullies basically provides healthy but rare colored Frenchies. Aside from that, purchasing French bulldog puppies from this one of the bulldog breeders in Maryland will give you not only healthy pups. The puppies here were already embedded with microchips. So, contact them and have cute little Frenchies now!

Contact Information:

Phone: +1 410-320-1451

Things to Consider in Finding Reputable Bulldog Breeders in Maryland

It’s not only in purchasing a product that you’ll have to set some factors for considerations. Yet, in selecting well-trusted and responsible bulldog breeders in Maryland, you also need to take some important things into account. After all, you may found out that looking for a bulldog adoption center near you or a reputable breeder may be really time-consuming.

bulldog breeders in Maryland

Well, you just need to look for bulldog breeders first if you really want to own this breed. Actually, there is a broad list of bulldog breeders in Maryland and in every community. But, your main objective is to look for a trustworthy bulldog breeder.

Check the following things below and you will find yourself getting a reliable bulldog breeder in Maryland.

Do your research

Initially, in looking for trusted bulldog breeders in Maryland, you need to think if you have a family member or a close friend that already own a bulldog. If you know one, it is actually better to ask them if they can recommend a reliable bulldog breeder.

Another option for you to do is to communicate with the veterinarian offices in your locality. Check there if they can refer you to well-trusted bulldog breeders in Maryland.

You can also go through the internet and browse the American Kennel Club website. Browse and look for their list of registered bulldog breeders. Moreover, you can also consider joining some forums or bulldog websites. Here, you can see other pet owners’ opinions and may get the chance to gather information about trusted bulldog breeders.

Keep in mind that those are the people that you could add to your “who to ask list”. They all have better ideas about who are the reliable bulldog breeders in Maryland or maybe in other community.

Be very cautious with scams or puppy mills

It’s nice to know that there are bulldog breeders in Maryland that aim to produce a better breed of bulldogs. Unfortunately, there are some people who want to take the opportunity of making big bucks by breeding unhealthy bulldog puppies.

In case you already find a reputable breeder, ask someone who is also a bulldog owner to accompany you on purchasing a bulldog. For sure, they will give you tips and recommend authorized persons that will generally help you to locate a reliable bulldog breeder in Maryland.

Get in touch with the bulldog breeders in Maryland

Once you already have the list of reliable bulldog breeders in Maryland, try to communicate with them through phone or email. It is generally better to know their breeding practices and dog selling process. Also, check if they have available bulldog puppies. Get all this information directly from them.

Have an appointment with the breeders

Another good thing to know if the bulldog breeders in Maryland are reputable ones is to make a visit to their facility. But, make sure that you have a notebook with you as you go along. The moment you’re there, basically check how they keep and grow the dogs and puppies in their area.

The overall cleanliness and the presence of necessities are the primary things that you should look for. Look if there are dog food, water, bedding, and toys. Moreover, request if you can see both the father and mother of the bulldog puppy. Remember that the parents must be present on the site.

Don’t forget to ask about the health history of the parent dogs as well. Important reminder here, if you see that the breeder is doing the breeding process with two dogs at the same time, the breeder might probably a puppy mill.

Other Things to Look for When You Visit a Breeder

Among the other dog breeds, why do you choose to purchase bulldogs from reputable breeders? Well, it is not surprising as this dog breed is really amazing. And, bulldogs also come in a variety of types. The two most popular types of bullies are the English bulldog and the French bulldog.

But, there are also other types to choose from. However, those tend to be rare. Owning or buying a bulldog also involves critical decision making. So, aside from buying a bulldog from a reputable dog breeder, temperament is another factor that you need to consider when you opt for this breed.

*Bulldog’s Temperament

Once you already know which breeder you will get your bully, visit them and check the behavior of the dog. Look for any signs of aggression and analyze the dog’s behavior when there are people around. Remember don’t forget to check these things as it will lead to further problems as you go along their life years.

Choose which bulldog breeders in Maryland will you purchase your bulldog

In case you already gather all the information, it is now time to choose which among the bulldog breeders in Maryland you will get your bulldog pup. Yet, in choosing, always remember that the breeder must be friendly. They also know how to give proper care, and have enough knowledge about the breed.

Also, always keep in mind that reliable breeders may ask you questions regarding how you will able to raise your puppy. So, make sure that you will able to answer that. Assure them that you can able to provide the bullies the proper care that they need, not only as a puppy but also when they grow old.

Ask for health records and documentations

Always keep in mind that reliable bulldog breeders in Maryland have all the capability of providing health documentation that comes from the vet. This will basically show the health status of the bulldog puppy that you will have to bring home. In taking the usual process, breeders initially offer the health details of the bulldog puppy to you.

But, since everyone is in a state of excitement, they may tend to forget it along the way. That’s why it is always better to ask for any documents pertaining to the health of your new bully pups. Also, check or ask for any genetic health issues as this will be observed sooner during the life years of your puppy.

Knowing if there are also physical issues with the bulldog is highly essential. Monitor the way they walk and look for any signs of the previous injury. Other bulldog’s medical health-related issues that you must have to check are the following:

  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Dystocia
  • Facial fold dermatitis

Also, don’t forget to ask if they are given proper care for their wrinkle as the bulldogs are prone to have infection over this area. Unlike humans, bulldog’s wrinkles are really deep. That area serves as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria or yeast growth.

Moreover, check for vaccination records as well. Doing all these will generally guarantee that you are bringing home a healthy puppy.

Patience is the key

Generally, you may find that some reliable bulldog breeders in Maryland are prolonging your agony of having a cute and healthy bulldog puppy. Well, the reason is that they are just ensuring if you are really fit to be a pet owner. Remember, owning a puppy doesn’t end there. It also needs proper caring and parenting.

On the brighter side, this is actually a good indication that the breeder is a well-trusted one. This shows that they generally care for the puppies. Additionally, it means that they are responsible enough in identifying for which hand will they place every puppy. Along with this, it is also a good sign that they are just ensuring that the pups will go to better homes and families.

Another good trait of reliable and well-trusted bulldog breeders is giving additional assistance once your puppy is already at your home. Basically, they will hand you their contact information so that you will easily get in touch with them in case problems with your pup arise.

Moreover, they will also entertain you in case you have some questions about the right way of caring for a bulldog. With this, you will become not just only a pet owner but a better pet parent as well.

Final Thoughts

Bulldog breeders in Maryland are lining up on the list to provide you with your much-awaited bulldog puppies. However, owning a bully involves knowing which bulldog breeders are really trustworthy. Our above list gives the highly recognized and registered bulldog breeders that will definitely hand you an adorable and completely healthy bully. Aside from that, those breeders will also provide complete documents and health records of the bulldog that you will bring home.

What do you think of the bulldog breeders we have here? Do you have a good unforgettable experience with any bulldog breeder that is not included in the list? Please share your thoughts with us!


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