Life Jacket for English Bulldog

Your English bulldog is typically laid-back and will enjoy nothing more than hanging around in your living room snoozing on the couch. But if you are the type who enjoys outdoor trips, you might want to bring your English Bulldog along. If you want to have adventures near bodies of water and want to take your English Bulldog for a swim, you might want to utilize a life jacket for English Bulldog. Keep in mind that English Bulldogs are brachycephalic. They may drown in the waters. Make sure that they have optimum protection in the water.

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14 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Life Jacket for English Bulldog

Life Jacket for English Bulldog

Choosing the vest that fits your pet is critical. It is even better if you can take your dog with you to the pet shop and fit each life vest you are considering on them.

However, this could be a challenging task with the numerous products available in stores. Your best option is to browse online stores such as Amazon, which is just a click away, helping narrow down your choices.

You must check the specifications and the pros and cons of each product. It is crucial to check the following factors in the best life jacket for an English bulldog. 

Good Fit

Choosing a life jacket that fits your dog right can be a challenging task. But it is a critical process. Make sure you get a product with adjustments that can fit the area around your dog’s neck. It will help if you can adjust the product for your dog’s size as he develops throughout the course of his life.


Bulldog life jackets are available in numerous sizes, and each of them can be fit to size based on the weight of your dog and his height. Because of this, choosing an appropriate size for your little creature is made more effortless. Sizes vary with each brand. Some are designed specifically for narrow hips, while others are for big chests. Get the real size of your bulldog by measuring the girth and height along with the current weight.

Safety features

Safety should be a top priority, especially around bodies of water. Ensure vest you purchase comes with a well-designed neck accessory to fit your dog better. It must have secured buckles as well as inner straps. Release buckles and straps are awesome, especially when you go on canoeing and kayaking adventures. These accessories are also beneficial when you are exploring mangroves and wooded watery areas.

Effortless to use

Make sure the jacket can be put on and off easily, similar to a regular harness. Regardless of the vest you purchase practice putting it on and off your English bulldog before taking him to bodies of water. Make sure your dog is comfortable when they use the vest.


The life vest and the back’s handles should be strong enough to withstand weather elements without issues. The handles must be durable and able to lift the weight of the dog without getting damaged.


The life jacket’s buoyancy you choose matters a lot. It is a critical factor to help your Bulldog keep afloat. Bulldogs have robust and short bodies. They will require life jackets with optimum buoyancy.

It will make it easier for them to keep afloat and swim by paddling with their legs. To mitigate brachycephaly, the lifejacket must have a padded front. The floating mechanism will keep your Bulldog’s head above the water every time.


Your English bulldog must be comfortable wearing the lifejacket. The inner side of the life jacket should have a smooth texture with no stitches, Velcro, and buckles, resulting in discomfort. The lifejacket must offer your English bulldog optimal flexibility and movement. 


The lifejacket you purchase for your English bulldog should properly fit. Know the size and weight of your English bulldog. You must measure your dog to ensure an appropriate life jacket for him.

The lifejacket must have a snug fit and easily adjustable. It can be tightened or loosened with straps or belts. You must be able to take it on and off effortlessly. Make sure to check the product’s size chart for optimum accuracy.


A bright-colored lifejacket for your English bulldog is non-negotiable. Choose colors such as red, orange, yellow, or fluorescent, which can be easily spotted even in long-distances.

It helps increase the visibility of the lifejacket. It is crucial in emergencies or rescue operations. Reflective tape stitched on the outside area is also an awesome feature.

Despite the mentioned factors, there are also several features you should look into for optimum safety and efficiency.

Rescue Handles

This is one of the optimum requirements for a lifejacket for your English bulldog. The rescue handles must be on the top area of the lifejacket. It is utilized to pick and grab your Bulldog from the water whenever needed.

If your Bulldog cannot handle the waters, you can utilize the rescue handles to pull them out in emergencies.

Head support

Breeds with short snouts such as the English bulldog will require optimum head support for safety. Padding under the neck of the lifejacket offers optimum head support. It will keep their head afloat and above the waters.


A majority of life jackets are made from water-resistant materials such as polyester, nylon, and plastic. The inner area is made with buoyant foam material to help your Bulldog keep afloat in the waters.

Straps, belts, and buckles

Accessories such as metal buckles are utilized to tighten the lifejacket around the body of your English bulldog. Steer clear from cotton straps since they get destroyed over time. Choose plastic buckles over metal ones since metal tends to rust.

Anchor points

Anchor points that are ring-shaped such as D or U rings, are fastened to the lifejacket. These rings are meant to attach a leash or harness to your English bulldog. These can also be utilized during wintertime since lifejackets can serve as insulation for English Bulldogs.

Measuring Your English Bulldog for a Life-Jacket

Life Jacket for English Bulldog


Measure your Bulldog’s back starting at the nape of their neck and the base of the tail. It will determine the length of the lifejacket you need to purchase.


Measure the circumference of the neck of your Bulldog. You must measure the thickest point where the neck meets the body.


To measure your English Bulldog’s girth, you must check the lowest part of its rib cage. On the same level as that spot on the back area, measure from the back up to the rib cage’s bottom.


You must also factor in the weight of your English Bulldog. In many cases, English Bulldogs are as heavy as rocks. You need to check the buoyancy of the lifejacket and make sure it supports the weight of your dog.

Instructions When Fitting a Life-Jacket on Your English Bulldog

Life Jacket for English Bulldog

All the straps and buckles, as well as the center of the lifejacket of your bulldog, must be loosened.

The neck panel must be wrapped around the nape of your Bulldog’s neck.

Make sure to keep the chin float free. The chin straps are often not positioned at the center, so never use it as a reference point.

Wrap the belly straps and make sure they are secured with Velcro or buckles.

Instruct your English bulldog to stand and make sure the lifejacket is positioned at the center of the back and belly. After tightening each strap, examine whether the lifejacket is snugly fit and does not suffocate your English bulldog.

A good fit will allow you to place two fingers between your English Bulldog and lifejacket.

So as not to distract your English bulldog, roll over every loose strap into the buckles or underneath.

Top 3 Life Jacket for English Bulldog


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Runners Up

Buoyant Float Coat

Life Jacket for English Bulldog

This buoyant float coat is excellent and near-perfect in engineering, design, and value.

This life jacket for English bulldog is created from abrasion-resistant materials. It comes in blue and yellow and utilizes a red-colored reflective trim. The easy to clip buckle help support dogs get out of the water. The attached beacon led light helps with your dog’s visibility in low light conditions. 

This jacket has a wide telescoping closure to ensure your dog’s head will be above the water. It can be adjusted in several neck positions.

The foam panels help improve buoyancy and give your dog an optimum swimming posture. It offers durability and quality, making it a premium product for your pet.

This K-9 life vest is designed optimally for dogs. It is ideal for water adventures such as rafting, kayaking, boating, as well as swimming.

The well-placed closed cell foam panels allow your dog to swim naturally and support them in an upright position. The strong low-profile handle fastened on the back is built sturdily so you can lift your dog out of the water.

  • Ideal for water adventures
  • Strategically positioned closed-cell foam panels
  • Let your dog swim naturally and support an upright position.
  • No negative reviews so far

Life Jacket from EzyDog


The chief feature of Doggy floatation lifejacket is buoyancy. This vest is awesome for those who require a shorter length lifejacket for short size to medium-sized breeds. It offers a 50% buoyancy than other products, thanks to its hard-working polyester engineering.

The handles are designed for lifting, while the neoprene straps and zippered pockets offer a secure and ergonomic fit.

Choose the color you prefer between yellow and red. The sizes range from extra small to extra-large. It utilizes reflective detailing for optimum visibility of your dog in low light conditions.

The design is adjustable with 50% floatation material. The adjustable neoprene straps are ergonomic and offer a secure fit that keeps your dog secure. 

The integrated grab handles in this life vest offer an effortless and secure way to manage your dog and make it quick and easy for you to guide your dog in the water.

  • Ergonomic, secure fit
  • Dog life vest flotation device utilizes superior durable construction.
  • Provide your dog with greater visibility and enhanced night time safety
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Although your English bulldog loves nothing more than being a fixture in your living room, you might want to take them to outdoor adventures occasionally. If you want your English Bulldog to enjoy adventures on the water, make sure to put a life jacket for English bulldog on them. Never allow your English bulldog to get in the waters without protection. Fortunately, numerous lifejackets on the market offer optimum durability, engineering, and state-of-the-art materials and construction.


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