What Do Bulldogs Like to Do? Things You Should Know About Them

Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They’re also quite recognizable with their bulky build, droopy upper lips, distinct underbite, and wrinkled face. This breed has been the national symbol of England and in schools and universities, including Yale University and the University of Georgia, to name a few. Bulldogs are a much-loved breed because of their tough yet gentle character.

The bulldog breed is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest native breeds. They were first known by their breed name in the 1630s. The first bulldogs were used in bullbaiting, a kind of sport wherein dogs were made to attack a tethered bull while spectators bet on the outcome. This is why the first bulldogs had a more brute, athletic build with larger jaws. They were heavy set and had a much shorter face. Thankfully, the sport was banned in 1835 under the Animal Cruelty Act.

After the said act was declared, bullbaiting went underground and then obsolete. Because admirers of the breed feared that the species would go into extinction, they started the long and tedious process of transforming bulldogs from savage beasts to adorable and affectionate companions.

Today’s bulldogs are far from how their ancestors were. The bulldogs you’ll see nowadays are those with a sweet, loving disposition. While these dogs still have a ferocious aura because of their appearance, they can be the most loyal dogs you’ll ever find. The physical attributes of the breed have been mellowed down to make them more attractive. The people behind such a breed’s transformation had done an amazingly excellent job that the American Kennel Club has since recognized the bulldogs.

Prominent features of bulldogs

You can’t mistake bulldogs for other breeds of dogs. They have these distinct features that you can easily recognize even from afar.


Typically, bulldogs are medium-sized. Most of them stand about 16 inches tall and weigh about 50 pounds (female) and 54 pounds (male). They have a large and spherical head with an extremely short muzzle, giving them a flattened appearance. They have loose skin and are heavily wrinkled with thick folds. Their coat is short and has a fine-textured. Their eyes are set low and dark, while their forehead is broad in the frontal plane. Most bulldogs have a black and slightly upturned nose and broad and undershot jaw. You may also notice that their lower jaw juts out in front of the upper jaw, exposing the lower incisors, giving them a comical look. As for their face, their cheeks are round and tend to protrude sideways. Their lips are fleshy, and ears are small, thin, and look like flaps that frame the forehead.

The bulldog’s head is supported by a thick and short neck and shoulders that are broad and muscular. They have a full chest and barreled back that is slightly arched. Their rounded hips protrude above the level of the back. Their tail is stubby and is either screwed or straight. Their legs are short, slightly bowed, and stocky, and are splayed out and with intense muscle definition.

They have several color patterns, including the following:

· Solid white
· Solid red, fawn, or fallow
· Red brindle
· Piebald
· Red brindle and white
· Red and white with black markings
· Red piebald
· Red brindle piebald
· Red with black mask
· Fawn and white
· Fawn with black markings
· Fawn brindle piebald
· Dark brindle
· Brindle with black mask


Bulldogs are sweet and have a gentle disposition. They’re also dependable, playful, and love kids. This is why they make for great family pets. They can be quite needy or clingy as they actively seek attention from their humans. Despite having a generally friendly personality, bulldogs have inherited the courage that their ancestors had, making them excellent watchdogs, too. This can also mean that they can be aggressive to unfamiliar dogs.

What do bulldogs like to do?

what bulldogs like to do

Generally, bulldogs are friendly and sweet. Aside from snuggling and cuddling, these chubby cuties have a few other things they love to do.


Like a harmless lunch box, door, stand fan, or anything that doesn’t sit well with them at the moment. They may be able to forget about it after some time and not bother the next time they see it, so don’t worry.


Bulldogs usually want to have their daily dose of temper tantrums. They want to freak out and lose their minds over anything or nothing at all. This is just normal – they need to let it all out at least once a day the same way you need your morning coffee to function.


This might be weird for new owners, but fur parents who have had pet bulldogs in the past know this. This breed likes to sleep sitting up mostly because laying down makes it a bit hard for them to breathe.


Humans will probably be baffled wondering what they could have done to upset a bulldog. When a bulldog feels that he’s had enough for the day, they’ll do nothing except stare at a wall or floor or lie on his stomach for hours. And yes, there’s no interrupting a bully that’s sulking.

Sometimes, a dog can sulk if he feels that he didn’t get as much attention during the day.


Since bulldogs can’t literally talk, they communicate with their humans by growling. Whether they’re demanding a treat, scratch, or play, they will “talk” to you by growling. They will also do this when they don’t like what you’re doing to them. So don’t judge when your pup is trying to “communicate” with you. They’re not aggressive – they’re just vocal.


Some people might find it cute when they hear their dogs fart. In bulldogs, though, you’re going to be hearing it quite often. Flatulence is indeed a habit – it’s a bulldog thing. But you’ll eventually get used to it.


One way to prevent a bulldog from being aggressive towards other dogs or people is to allow them to socialize as often as possible. Bringing them to the park or anywhere where there’ll be many people and animals is one way of helping your bulldog be more confident.


Hide and seek, fetch, tug-of-war, or play with toys are just some of the popular things that bulldogs love to do at playtime. Aside from making dogs happy, these activities can also be a form of mental and physical exercise necessary for this breed since they can be quite lazy most of the time.

How to entertain a bulldog?

entertain a bulldog

Bulldogs are naturally passive and usually don’t mind being bored and lazy. But you need to keep your dog physically fit and mentally sharp to extend its lifespan.


Nose work games, like a find-the-treat game, are among the easiest ways to entertain your little squishy bully. Plus, you’ll be helping them hone their natural skills.

To start the game, have your dog watch you as you place a few treats around the room. Then, give him the cue as to when he should start looking for the goodies. Your dog will need to sniff out the treats in the various hiding spots.


You can get your bulldog a chew toy that can be stuffed with treats or food. It’s a great way to relieve boredom because he will surely be busy trying to get the stuffing out of the toy. Some of the food you can place inside this chew toy include peanut butter, dog food, frozen broth, or healthy treats. This should give your pooch something to do for at least 30 minutes.


Playing tug-of-war with your dog is not only an excellent way to keep him entertained but also a way to keep him physically and mentally active. Contrary to popular belief, playing this game with your beloved furbaby will not make him aggressive. What’s great about this game is that you don’t need a lot of props – all you need is a toy that both you and your dog can tug on.


No, this doesn’t involve making your bulldog carry heavy things. One way to do this game is to make your dog perform some tricks before having his meal. Or you can have them eat from a food-dispensing toy, which should be mentally stimulating for them.

How do I make my bulldog happy?

make my bulldog happy

Any dog who’s been left alone for long periods can get bored, including a bulldog. This is why you should make an effort to spend quality time with your bulldog to make them happy.


This is especially helpful for fur parents who are working full-time and don’t have much time for their pets. You can take them to a doggy daycare two to three times a week for them to have fun while you’re away at the office. That way, he can bond with other dogs and humans, too.


If you have neighbors who have dogs close to your bulldog, you can ask them if they would like to have a play date with your beloved pooch. This will give your pet a chance to socialize and have fun outside your house. You should return the favor by hosting a play date during your days off.


You can hire a professional and responsible dog walker or sitter to look after your bulldog for a few hours. This is another way of allowing your fur baby to enjoy an outdoor activity with other dogs. Your most precious four-legged baby is sure to have loads of fun walking around the neighborhood and playing with their friends.


This suggestion is only suitable if you can spend enough time with your bully on most days. Also, if your pet always loves the company of another dog. Just make sure to get a new dog that doesn’t have any history of being aggressive or too territorial.

What do English bulldogs like to do?

There are three things that most English bulldogs like to do. If you know what they are, you’ll learn how to make your bully’s life the happiest.


English bulldogs are famous for soliciting attention from everyone. You may even call them needy because of their desire to get lots and lots of attention from you or anyone. So be sure to give some extra attention once in a while to make them feel like the luckiest dog in the world.


The first bulldogs in the world were bred for sport. This is why these pudgy pooches are quite active and love to play lots of games. You can let them play fetch, tug-of-war, or with toys to keep them satisfied.


Bulldogs love being around children. In fact, there are lots of videos of bulldogs enjoying playtime with kids on social media. They don’t even mind the rough play because they love the little ones that much.

What do French bulldogs like to do?

french bulldogs like to do

The most noticeable difference between English and French bulldogs is their appearance. English bulldogs are short and stout and stand around 14 to 15 inches tall. French bulldogs, or more popularly called “Frenchies,” are shorter at 11 to 13 inches tall and weigh half as much as the former.


Frenchies are a sucker for scratches. They’ll immediately present anyone near them with their hind-end, which should indicate that they want some scritch-scrotch.


French bulldogs are known for their appetite. Despite their size, they seem always to want to eat. So if you’re going to make your Frenchie happy, be sure to give them their favorite kibble or snack from time to time.


Frenchies are active dogs, so they’ll be happy playing any game. Playing fetch, tug-of-war, or puzzle toys is definitely a favorite pastime for this bunch. Plus,

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