Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

We kiss, cuddle, and care for our dogs. Most fur parents even go to the extent of bringing their fur babies outside. However, it is not always that you see people bringing their pets inside a merchandise store or a grocery outlet. Hence, it is common to wonder if they are allowed inside, and what rules are set if ever it is the case. There are many retail outlets scattered in the U.S. that allow dog companions, but in this article, we will focus more on Bass Pro Shops.

Are dogs allowed in Bass Pro Shops? Yes, the majority of Bass Pro Shops allow dogs to accompany their owners while shopping. They, however, only allow well-mannered and trained dogs inside their premises to avoid any unwanted scenarios. This has been entirely possible because the management and the people behind Bass Pro Shops are dog lovers.

What Are Bass Pro Shops?

BPS Direct, LLC with the trade name of Bass Pro Shops is a known retailer in the United States, dealing with camping, fishing, and even hunting.

Bass Pro Shops aren’t also exclusive only to the United States as they also operate and offer their services to Canadian customers.

Aside from their merchandise and outdoor equipment, Bass Pro Shops are also known for selling services, for instance, offering workshops for cooking, fishing, and common outdoor activities.

It’s only common for people to ask, “Are dogs allowed in Bass Pro Shops?” because of how their facilities are built-around. Aside from that, a lot of people that are into hunting or fishing may also own dogs.

Bass Pro Shops Dog Rules

Bass Pro Shops Dog Rules

Bass Pro Shops doesn’t establish a certain set of rules for dogs and other pets, but they do allow dog owners explicitly to bring in their pets, as long as they don’t exhibit an aggressive attitude as they might be needed to be escorted outside immediately. Bass Pro Shops also aren’t picky when it comes to dog sizes and breeds.

Why Does Bass Pro Shops Allow Dogs In Their Stores?

Bass Pro Shop is a popular outdoor retail store that caters to outdoor enthusiasts, including hunters, fishermen, and campers. While policies can vary by location, many Bass Pro Shop stores allow dogs inside their premises for several reasons.

Pet-Friendly Atmosphere:

Bass Pro Shop aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for customers. Allowing dogs can enhance the shopping experience for pet owners, as they can bring their furry companions along while exploring the store.

Outdoor Lifestyle:

Dogs are often considered companions for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and fishing. By allowing dogs, Bass Pro Shop recognizes and embraces the outdoor lifestyle and the close bond between pets and their owners.

Customer Satisfaction:

Permitting dogs in the store can help attract and retain customers who appreciate the opportunity to shop with their dogs. It can also create a positive shopping experience and encourage customer loyalty.


Allowing dogs in the store can provide socialization opportunities for both pets and their owners. It allows dogs to interact with other dogs and people, which is beneficial for their social development and overall well-being.

While dogs may be permitted in Bass Pro Shop stores, it’s important for dog owners to adhere to certain guidelines and policies, such as keeping dogs on leashes, maintaining control of their pets, and cleaning up after them.

Bass Pro Shops Dog Days

As aforementioned, the people that run Bass Pro Shops are total dog lovers, that’s why they have formulated an annual event for dog lovers, with massive incentives, sales, and contests. Having this event further justifies our answer on the first part, which is important to point out for people that still have doubts.

Dog Days is an annual event run by Bass Pro Shops in partnership with Cabela’s. They do this around April of every year which has instantly turned into a fan favorite, especially those that are loyal Bass Pro Shops customers.

Here are some of the activities to be expected.

  • Free pictures – With Bass Pro Shops hired photographers any fur families can snap a beautiful memory, anytime within the event’s duration.
  • Demonstrations – From dog health to training, the event organizers got it covered as they will provide free demonstrations for important topics that will positively affect their pet guests.
  • Contests – Several contests are also set to be held, although it will entirely depend on the organizers on what these are and each year will have different ones.

Unspoken Rules for Shopping with Dogs

Even if it’s not Bass Pro Shops that you want to go to, there are some unspoken rules that you should be keeping in mind.

  • Recon and Research – Grocery and department stores are known for not allowing dogs because of the nature of their merchandise. However, some retailers are dog-friendly; hence, it is important to do some recon first before heading into your local retailer with your fur baby.

Assumptions in this instance will only lead to regrets, so make sure to take advantage of contact numbers and also the internet.

  • Observe Proper Courtesy at All Times – Even if you have given the heads up that a retailer is allowing dogs to enter their premises, it’s still not the end of your responsibilities. Extreme and proper courtesy is a must since retailers are still the ones who have control over the whole situation. Stick close to your dog and make sure that they don’t make any mess. You should also be aware that there are also people that shop besides yourself, so you should be mindful of your dog’s manners towards them.
  • Be Prepared at All Cost – Even well-trained dogs are prone to misbehaving, so it is important to be prepared in case something happens like for instance, they have to pee and they can’t hold it in anymore. These cases can be easily prevented, granted that they are acknowledged beforehand.
  • Follow In-store Policies – These unspoken rules might not be enough at some point, and other retailers have their policies that they want to implement for some reason. Understand and keep them in mind if you want to have a flawless shopping experience.

Dog Equipment Essentials

Dog Equipment Essentials

After you have the answer for, “Are dogs allowed in Bass Pro Shops?”, you should consider this topic right away. When going to any branch of Bass Pro Shops or generally, in any retail store, you should have enough equipment for your dog to have a hassle-free experience. Here are some essentials for you to consider.

  • ID Tags – By far the most essential equipment that any dog should have is an ID tag. It’s not every day that you see a dog being lost or getting away from its owner, but in case this happens to your dog, at least you have some chance of getting them back sooner. ID tags specify important details that are relevant for making everything faster and more convenient. Not only that, but ID tags can also act as an accessory that can be easily modified.
  • First Aid Kit – Gone are the days of first aid kits being exclusive to us humans only. Pets also experience accidents, so it is only appropriate to have equipment ready to take care of them. Pet first aid kits are usually bulkier, but carrying them around isn’t a hassle at all.
  • Leash – Going out with your dog without a leash is almost impossible, and even if you’re not letting your fur baby in the ground, it is still important to have a backup, one that can be easily pulled out if the need arises. Leashes should also be durable, and appropriate to the breed of your dog. Custom leashes are also much recommended for dogs that have special needs or are sensitive to materials to ensure their comfort and health.
  • Harness – For improved security aside from a leash, hardness is the item you have to go for. A harness is recommended for strong dog breeds, those types that are highly likely to pull the leash often.
  • Dog Wipes – Wipes are convenient cleaning equipment that is for dogs that don’t have enough time for baths. It is also a good item to pick up if you want to keep your dog tidy before going to Bass Pro Shops, as also a form of respect to the retail owners and your fellow customers. Dog wipes are very affordable, and many iterations are also out in the market to suit your dog’s needs.
  • Odor Remover – Dogs despite having their bath of the day can still produce unwanted odor, and when you’re outside, it’s not a very pleasant thing to have, especially if you are on your way to one of Bass Pro Shops.

Common odor removers are also harmless as they only consist of good enzymes that do their work behind the scenes.

  • Dog Diaper – Untrained dogs are very susceptible to doing their deed anywhere, and to prevent this from happening, a dog diaper would be more than enough. Packs of these aren’t that hard to carry around, and the best thing about them is that they can be used wherever you are.

In case things can’t be handled with a pack of diapers, check out this article to know how to stop a dog from diarrhea.

  • Treats and Toys – Going shopping at Bass Pro Shops can be enjoyable for you, but there’s a high chance that your dog won’t find it as amusing as humans do. That’s why to keep them from getting bored, we recommend getting a pack of treats or bringing some toys with you at all times.

Other Retailers and Stores That Allow Dogs

Aside from Bass Pro Shops, some retailers are straightforward with their stance of allowing dogs in their establishments. Here are some surprising businesses to partake in this movement.

  • Home Depot – Considering the size of Home Depot, they have realized the opportunity that they can bring to their business and have dog lovers bring their pets while they shop. Each aisle is very wide, so any size of dogs can fit to wander without thinking of meeting accidents. Owners can then shop easily without thinking too much of their dog making a mess.
  • Apple Store – Tech company giant Apple allows fur babies to wander around their local physical stores, provided that they are kept securely and aren’t displaying any unwanted aggressiveness towards other people. Since apple stores are home to expensive gadgets, it is important to enforce more towards safety and security as an owner.
  • Macy’s – It’s not always that dogs get to inside the wonderful colors of retail establishments, and Macy’s is one of those that provides a memorable experience, from their automatic sliding door to brilliant displays, dogs will certainly love their time while in here.
  • Bath and Body Works – Allow your dog to indulge in a pleasant wave of aroma while walking inside of any branch of Bath and Body Works. Let your dog help you with aroma picking and end up with the best choice.


Bass Pro Shops are 100% pet-friendly, and dogs of any size and breeds can enjoy together with their owners, strolling around and picking equipment for outdoor activities. Other retailers in the U.S. have also realized that allowing dogs in their establishments isn’t that bad, so you can expect more of them to open their arms to fur babies soon.


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