Best Harness for American Bulldog

You can choose either a collar or harness for your American Bulldog. Although it is true that a collar is essential for a puppy, especially for authentication and walking on the leash, in many cases, it is not ideal for an American bulldog adult dog. Most veterinarians recommend the use of a harness for full-grown American Bulldogs. Because of this, you should know the best harness for American Bulldog and how it is going to be used.

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Why Should You Opt for a Harness for Your American Bulldog?

Best Harness for American Bulldog

American Bulldogs, especially when they are young and excited, will pull the leash during walks outdoors. In this case, American Bulldogs who wear a collar can become irritated and uncomfortable. The collar can even prove dangerous. When your American Bulldog pulls, the collar might strangle him and cause breathing difficulties. It can be painful to the throat, especially during long walks outdoors. Because of this, vets recommend a harness, especially for American bulldog pullers.

Additionally, you will have optimal control of your dog with a harness, especially when you pair it with a leash. You will have more control in directing your American Bulldog. You will be able to manage your canine companion.

For dogs who pull too much, it is necessary to utilize a safe and comfortable harness to wear.

Once your dog is calm and mature and undergoes training, you may be able to switch a harness for a beautiful collar.

Choosing the Best Harness for American Bulldog

Best Harness for American Bulldog

Aside from the looks of the harness, a good product for your American Bulldog should have the following features:

  • Comfortable and easy to put on
  • durable materials will last for years
  • Choose nylon material for better resistance
  • Utilizes reliable and safe locks
  • Perfectly matched to the size of your American Bulldog

How to Choose the Best Harness for American Bulldog

You might make the wrong decision when purchasing a dog harness. Many dog owners have made the wrong decision because they didn’t have the proper information, or they wanted to purchase something quickly.

It will help if you buy smart. You need to know what to look for when purchasing the best Bulldog harness. The right knowledge will help you know what to look for. In the end, you wouldn’t be disappointed with your choice.

Types of Best Harness for American Bulldog

Best Harness for American Bulldog

The first consideration is what type of harness will best fit your dog. It depends on whether your American Bulldog is a puller or not. You should also factor in when he is going to wear the harness. The following are several types of harnesses:

Webbed harness

A harness with this design works well with dogs that are not pullers. It offers optimal comfort and is made from sturdy materials.

Vest with back clip harness

This is better than a webbed design because it is comfortable. Your dog will love this harness. It is a good choice for non-pullers.

Harness with anti-pull design

Back clip harnesses are the worst choice for pullers. When you put on this kind of harness, it will send the wrong message to your dog, and he will be extremely reactive.

Your best solution is to use an anti-pull harness that attaches the leash at the chest area’s front. You will have pleasant walks with your dog outdoors, which can be a nice change.

No pull harness with back in front clips

This design is another option for non-pullers. It is comfortable and secure since it utilizes two clips. However, it can be irritating in the armpit area and might even cause hair loss.

2 -in-1 harness

If you travel a lot, then you will require a harness that can convert into a seatbelt. This design is the economic choice and will pay off in the long run since you will have a two in one product.

Harness for swimming

If your dog enjoys swimming, he will require a special harness. It should be strong and sturdy with attachment points so he can be lifted from the water just in case. Also, you will require a harness that will quickly dry.

Harness for running

If you plan to go on jogs or short runs with your pooch, then you should have them wear a sporty harness. Of course, it should be extremely comfortable, so it will not irritate their skin.

Factors to Consider in the Best Harness for American Bulldog


Dog Harness Material and Comfort

The next thing to factor in is the material. Materials such as nylon, leather, and fabric are just several materials to choose from. Whichever you choose, make sure it provides optimum comfort. Some harnesses are padded.

If you find that your dog is calm most of the time, he will require a soft and gentle harness. But if your dog is a puller, he will require an extremely durable and strong harness that might not be as comfy as those for gentler dogs.

Does the harness fit well? 

Another thing to consider is if the harness is adjustable. Choose one that has plenty of adjustment points because it will have a secure and tight fit.

And of course, you need to measure your dog prior to purchasing a bulldog harness properly. If not, you might risk overspending on a harness that might not even be suitable to your dog.

Is it a trustworthy product?

Regardless if you’re going to walk your dog in your neighborhood or if they are going to have extensive physical activities such as swimming, it is crucial to buy them a reliable harness.

Never choose price over sturdiness since the safety of your Bulldog is your main priority. Shell out more money than planned and have peace of mind that your harness will provide security for your Bulldog.

Can you clean the harness easily?

Every dog owner will enjoy walking in the autumn and winter with their favorite pooch. Walking slowly and enjoying the scenery is extremely relaxing and invigorating, especially if you’re walking with a Bulldog.

However, things can spoil the experience, such as dirty clothes and, in the case of your dog, a harness that gets wet and mud-covered. It can be a dealbreaker. Because of this, you will need a harness that is effortless to clean.

Style of the harness

Your dog will not care if the harness is stylish, but it may matter to you. There are plenty of harnesses that come in bright colors and designs that can turn your dog into a stunning model pooch. It can provide a cool look for your dog.

What is your budget?

Your last consideration is to have a budget. What are you willing to spend on a dog harness? As mentioned, avoid buying a cheap harness since it may compromise quality and durability.

However, you do not need to spend a fortune to get the best harness for American Bulldog. You can purchase one that offers optimal quality and comes at a reasonable price as well. 

Top 3 Best Harness for American Bulldog



Product Name: Outdoor Bulldog Harness

Product Description: There are several reasons why this is the best harness for American Bulldog. First, this harness is extremely well built and is awesome for dogs for pullers. Additionally, it takes the pressure off your dog’s neck and distributes it evenly on the rest of the body. Even if your dog tries to pull, he will never get hurt. Because of the great design of this harness, you will have optimal control over your beloved puller. The next awesome thing is that this harness utilizes a handle where you can slide on the seatbelt and have your pooch secured while driving or traveling. Another thing is this puller is meant to be utilized every day when walking your dog outdoors. The harness is extremely comfy and safe for long walks, even at night, because of the reflective and padded material. In the event your dog gets injured, this harness will provide him optimum support when moving around.

Availability: InStock

  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Comfort


This harness is also aesthetically pleasing with its variety of colors. You can choose the most beautiful color to match your dog. It utilizes adjustable straps +2 attachment points to make it a good fit for puppy-sized and large bulldogs. But keep in mind that the harness might be a little tough to adjust.


  • Pull straps with a buckle for a custom fitting
  • Two leash attachment points
  • Nylon webbing


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Ruff wear Front Range

Best Harness for American Bulldog

The Ruff wear best harness for American Bulldog is comparable to top choices on the market but is rather expensive. However, it is an awesome choice if you want to invest more to get a quality harness.

This harness is effortless to put on, which is a feature you want if you want to use this harness frequently. This harness can be used every day, but it can also be utilized to train puppy Bulldogs.

It comes with aluminum parts, strengthened webbing as well as a padded chest. It has a padded belly making this harness extremely comfortable, reliable and provide optimum support.

It is a great harness for extra small to large breeds since it offers you numerous options when choosing the perfect fit for your canine friend. It utilizes four adjustment points, which provide an optimum and tailored fit for your dog.

Of course, the safety feature is top level. This harness utilizes a reflective trim making your dog visible in the park and even in low light conditions. It also has a pocket to keep your dog’s tag and information safe. 

This harness utilizes a strong connection utilizing aluminum attachment rings with reinforced webbing giving it a safe and durable connection.

  • Aluminum attachment rings are reinforced with webbing
  • Safe and durable connection
  • Stays secure with side-release buckles
  • No negative reviews so far

NOx gear Light Hound 


The NOx gear light hound best harness for American Bulldog will make your canine companion stand out from the crowd. If you want an awesome looking, fancy, safe harness, this product is sure to delight you. It comes in eight super bright colors making your dog look even cooler than you. But more than that, your dog will be visible at nighttime. You can take your dog out for a walk or run without worrying if motorists will spot your dog. It is a great relief. As for switching on the lights, the battery recharges speedily and can last up to 12 hours.

Besides its unique look, the harness provides ease, comfort, and quality. But this harness might only be suitable for dogs that don’t pull. Additionally, this one isn’t a good fit for larger dogs and dogs with long hair.

On a positive note, the harness is extremely breathable and lightweight. Your dog can wear it in any season. You can even use this harness with a jacket, which is a great bonus.

This best harness for American Bulldog is made from military-grade fabric with 3M reflective material. It is durable and will last up to a year. In the event the harness gets dirty, you don’t have to get worried. Toss it in the washing machine and allow it to dry. The material will not shred. Please choose the size that fits your American Bulldog and have him walk on the bright side.

  • Special illumination modes
  • Give visibility to your pets
  • Modes are easily selectable
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts 

You will need to provide your American Bulldog a good harness. It is also crucial that your dog is leashed with either a collar or harness for optimal control in some locations and areas. You don’t want your dog escaping and running wild in a public place. The best harness for American Bulldog on the market provides state-of-the-art craftsmanship and construction to make sure it can provide optimum fit, safety, and comfort for your beloved and beautiful pooch.

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