Why Does My Bulldog Have Hiccups All The Time?

Why does my dog have hiccups all the time? Just like any breed, Bulldogs can get hiccups from time to time. However, if it’s occurring frequently, you have to watch out for rapid eating, rapid drinking, excessive play, and stress. It’s pretty similar to how humans get hiccups, so it should be easy to address. But if your pup’s hiccup isn’t going away, that’s the time you need to consult a veterinarian.

Why does my dog have hiccups all the time?

why does my dog have hiccups all the time

A dog can also experience the same diaphragm spasm that we get before hiccups. This spasm causes the glottis to close rapidly, which then gives us the singultus (medical term of hiccups). The glottis is the opening between our vocal cords and the same thing that causes hiccups in canines.

So why are dogs getting hiccups? The truth is that scientists are still baffled as to why mammals experience this phenomenon. They suggest that such a response is a remnant of evolution within the mammalian species.

But as to why it happens to your dog frequently, the following are the most common explanations:

  • Drinking too fast. Rapid water intake is guaranteed to give your dog hiccups. The speedy drinking causes the glottis to spasm, and before you know it, your dog is producing the ‘hic’ sound.
  • Eating too fast. Similar to drinking, chomping too fast on a meal will cause muscle spasms. To prevent this, consider using a slow feeding bowl, so your dog won’t swallow large bites at a time.
  • Hyperactivity. Breathing too fast or too irregular due to hyperactivity can also lead to hiccups. This can happen a lot if your Bulldog loves running around.
  • Too cold. In some cases, puppies will get hiccups more during a cold day than when it’s hot. Experts aren’t sure why this happens, but it’s likely due to the stiffening of the muscles because of the low temperatures.

Are hiccups normal for puppies?

why does my bulldog have hiccups all the time

Yes, in fact, puppies are more prone to hiccups than older Bulldogs. Due to their high energy, puppies tend to eat and drink faster, not to mention that they love zooming around.

Such rapid bursts of energy are the reason why a pup can get hiccups one after the other. The key here is managing the little dog’s activities and slowing down its feeding.

Also, puppies have smaller stomachs. So when they eat fast, they also swallow a lot of air, which will cause hiccups.

However, if your puppy’s hiccup doesn’t go away for hours on end, it’s best to phone the vet. This way, you’ll get the right advice to resolve the prolonged hiccup.

Why is my dog licking everything and hiccupping?

Hiccups accompanied by incessant licking are a normal response. The hiccup might be too intense that it’s making your dog nauseous. In turn, your dog will try to appease its esophagus by licking things. However, in some cases, the dog may vomit after a strong hic.

Aside from that, there’s a possibility that your dog has acid reflux. It just happened that the hiccup coincided with the gastrointestinal irritation. If your dog keeps vomiting in the next 6 to 12 hours, you should immediately bring it to the vet’s clinic. Dehydration will soon set in and put your dog’s life in danger.

Is it normal for dogs to get hiccups every day?

If it goes away after a few minutes, I don’t think daily hiccups are a serious concern. Puppies will soon outgrow it once they calmed down.

However, if you have an adult Bulldog that gets hiccups each day, there’s no harm in visiting the vet. It’s rare for a health condition to be associated with hiccups, but you’ll still get peace of mind from the examination.

When do dog hiccups become a problem?

For the most part, hiccups are rarely a cause of health concern. However, if your dog’s hiccup lasts for more than an hour and is accompanied by other symptoms, that’s the time you should worry.

Prolonged hiccups can cause reverse sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and heavy breathing. For dogs that already have an underlying breathing problem, a hiccup will aggravate the situation.

If the hiccups occur while your Bulldog is exercising, the dog may soon avoid the activity. This will make your pet reluctant to move, which will increase its risk of being obese.

How to help your dog get rid of hiccups?

If your pup is dealing with a hiccup that doesn’t seem to go away, you can do these steps to help solve it:

  • Keep the dog calm. It’s essential to regulate your dog’s activities if it’s prone to hiccups. Choose mentally stimulating activities, aside from physically exhausting ones. This way, your pet will have a rest window to prevent massive hiccups.
  • Use a slow-feeding bowl. Bulldogs have a ravenous appetite, so you always have to stay on top of their diet. A slow-feeding bowl will help solve your pet’s habit of eating too fast.
  • Massage your dog’s chest. Another way to help your dog’s hiccup subside is by massaging its chest. This will help the throat muscles to relax so that the spasm will go away.
  • Keep walks mellow. While Bulldogs aren’t as energetic like other breeds, they can still get excited during walks. It’s important to keep a slow pace and stop whenever your dog tries to pull. Also, schedule the walk on a cooler portion of the day. This will prevent heat exhaustion that can also trigger hiccups.
  • Consider low-grain food. Some dog owners swear by low-grain food in reducing the occurrence of hiccups on their dogs. This is probably due to the reduced gassiness and acid reflux.

Final words

Why does my dog have hiccups all the time? It’s usually due to rapid drinking and eating as well as hyperactivity. Teaching your dog to slow down will help avoid the annoying hic. But if the hiccups are happening more frequently and lasting more than an hour, you should contact a veterinarian right away. It’s best to get the dog checked for possible health issues.


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