English Bulldog Nose Dry and Cracked? Here’s What To Do!

A dry nose is a very common problem among English Bulldogs. It’s similar to having chapped lips – it’s painful and uncomfortable for the canine. If not addressed right away, your dog’s dry nose may bleed and open a path for infections. If your English Bulldog nose dry and cracked, there are some home remedies you can try. Most of the time, a cracked and dry dog nose isn’t enough reason to go to the vet.

What causes a dry nose in English Bulldogs?

English Bulldog nose dry and cracked

Every dog owner knows the saying that a wet nose means a healthy dog. So if your Bulldog suddenly gets chapped snoot, there’s something wrong for sure. The following are some of the most common reasons behind it:

  • Dry weather. Before you panic, you should consider the weather your dog is in. Is it too hot? Is it the middle of a hot summer day? If you live in a tropical area, your Bulldog is more likely to get a cracked and dry nose than those living in cooler places.
  • Allergies. Excessive pollen amount in the air can dry your dog’s nose, too! Aside from that, the water/food bowl’s material and the detergent you use in washing their beds can trigger allergic reactions.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals. Are your cleaning products lying around? Exposure to these harsh chemicals will damage your dog’s nose. You should also keep your yard free of any potential irritants like pesticides.
  • Nasal hyperkeratosis. Another possible reason here is nasal hyperkeratosis. English Bulldogs with this condition will have excess keratin buildup on the nose. As the skin thickens, it will dry up, crack, and bleed. This may require veterinary attention if the crusting isn’t subsiding.
  • Breed trait. Brachycephalic canines like English Bulldogs can’t lick their noses easily. With that, they can’t moisturize their noses during a hot day. This can lead to dry and cracked noses over time.

Take note that these are just some of the possible culprits to your dog’s dry nose. If the dryness and cracking are also happening in other parts of the dog’s body, there might be an underlying condition yet to be diagnosed.

Soothing your Bulldog’s dry nose

You have various treatment options to fix your dog’s dry snoot. The following are the safest options for a Bulldog:

🐶Clean the nose first

English Bulldog nose dry and cracked

Before you apply any oil or wax products, clean the Bulldog’s nose first. You wouldn’t want to trap the dirt within the cracked skin since it will cause infections or further irritations.

Use a clean towel soaked in warm water. Slowly, dab it on your dog’s cracked nose. Avoid rubbing or pressing too much because it will only irritate the dry skin even more. If there’s peeling skin, just let it fall on its own, don’t pick it with your fingers. It may bleed and cause an infection.

Also, never use soap or cleansers that aren’t made for dogs. The goal here is to remove the dirt, not make your dog’s nose smell like roses.

🐶Moisturizing wax or balm

A moisturizing wax made specifically for dogs can be used for both its paws and nose. It’s made with natural ingredients that help lock in moisture. This is an easy fix, as long as your dog isn’t allergic to the ingredients.

You should only use organic or natural nose wax for your dog. There are also nose butters or dog lotions that you can use.

Most of the time, a moisturizing wax must be applied once a day. On hotter occasions, you may need to apply it more frequently.

Whether your dog has a dry nose or not, you should apply the nose wax regularly. This will serve as a preventive measure, so your pet won’t suffer from another crusty and cracked snoot.

No matter what happens, never use human lotion for your dog. This will cause a slew of health problems for your pet. You don’t want a problem to cause another problem because of your improvisation.

🐶Cold-pressed coconut oil

If a nose wax isn’t readily available, you can use cold-pressed coconut oil. Rub a small amount of coconut oil into your dog’s nose and let it soak in. Don’t make it too runny, or your dog will snort the oil and experience respiratory irritation.

For cracked dog noses, you may need to re-apply the coconut oil multiple times a day. It may take a few days for your dog’s snoot to show improvements with this treatment.

🐶Remove the allergens

While treating your dog’s dry and cracked nose, you should limit its exposure to allergens. If the hot weather is causing the snoot’s skin to dry up, you should keep your Bulldog in an air-conditioned room. For now, limit outdoor access and keep harsh chemicals at home stored properly.

Also, you should make it a habit to wash your dog’s bed, toys, and other belongings. These items can harbor the nastiest dirt that can cause a dry nose and other health problems.

Should I bring my dog to the vet?

A cracked nose isn’t usually enough reason to rush your dog to the vet’s clinic. However, if the dryness isn’t going away even after weeks of treatment at home, it’s best to consult a veterinarian. You should do this, especially if your dog’s nose seems to be having dead skin buildup.

You can also call your dog’s veterinarian to consult a specific product before using it. This is important if your Bulldog has a bad case of allergies.

If your dog’s nose is bleeding or releasing pus, you should immediately bring it to the vet. Any discharge coming from the dog nose’s skin is a sign of infection. It requires immediate veterinary attention to avoid further complications.

Can I use Vaseline on my Bulldog’s nose?

No, you should never use Vaseline on your dog’s nose. This product is made for humans and can be toxic to canines if ingested. Since dogs lick their snouts, there’s a high chance that your Bulldog will consume the Vaseline product.

While a small amount won’t cause your dog to drop dead, it will still trigger diarrhea, vomiting, and rashes for some canines.

Whatever the brand is, avoid using petroleum jelly products on your dog’s nose and body. Any product you wipe on your dog’s body will likely end up being licked and ingested.

Can I use baby oil for my dog’s nose?

If you apply it to your dog’s fur in small amounts, baby oil shouldn’t cause any adverse side effects. Also, inhalation of the baby oil can lead to problems that will land your dog in the vet’s clinic.

The answer here also depends on the specific baby oil product you’re going to use. When in doubt, it’s best to call your dog’s vet for consultation.

If you don’t have dog nose balm handy, the best alternative is coconut oil. Any products made for humans should be avoided unless your dog’s vet gives it a go.

Can I put Neosporin on my dog’s nose?

Neosporin is a medication for minor skin infections in humans. It’s a triple antibiotic treatment composed of polymyxin B sulfate, bacitracin zinc, and neomycin sulfate.

You should never use this on your dog’s nose due to the risk of licking. While your Bulldog may not seem to reach its nose, the dog can paw its nose and then lick the Neosporin off its paws.

When ingested, Neosporin will irritate the GI flora of the canine. It can lead to diarrhea and vomiting, which will create more problems aside from the dry and cracked nose.

You can use Neosporin on your dog’s skin, but you have to put it on an Elizabethan collar. But since the nose is located right next to the mouth, there’s no way you can stop the pooch from licking it. 

Can I use chapstick on my dog’s nose?

If your chapstick contains substances like xylitol or phenol, it’s not safe for canines. However, organic ones without the two mentioned ingredients are usually safe for a dog’s nose. Just apply a small amount at a time, so your dog won’t feel like it has to lick away.

So why are xylitol and phenol bad for canines? Xylitol is an alternative sweetener to a wide range of products, from canned juice to chewing gum. While natural, xylitol is highly toxic to dogs, and a small amount can cause adverse reactions.

On the other hand, phenols are often found on cleaning agents and will be toxic to canines if ingested. If your Bulldog snacked on your phenol-laced chapstick, a vet visit is necessary.

No more cracked and dry dog noses!

If your English Bulldog nose is dry and cracked, moisturizing is the solution. You can also check with your dog’s vet for possible treatments. Remember that you should avoid using human products on your Bulldog, especially without the vet’s consent.

Overall, dry and cracked noses are easy to treat. You just have to do something once you notice the changes in your dog’s snoot. This will save the poor dog from infections and other complications.


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