How to Prevent Cherry Eye in French Bulldogs [Expert Guide]

Have you ever seen a French Bulldog with a red, swollen lump in the corner of its eye? What could that be? Is it painful for the dog?

These are some common questions pet owners might ask when encountering the phenomenon known as Cherry Eye in their French Bulldogs.

Cherry Eye is when a dog’s eye gland gets big and looks like a small cherry. It’s not always painful for the dog, but it’s important to look after it.

Here’s a detailed guide on How to Prevent Cherry Eye in French Bulldogs.

In this post, You’ll Learn

  • Why do French Bulldogs get Cherry Eye?
  • How often you should look at your dog’s eyes?
  • How to keep your dog’s eyes clean.
  • Why good food matters for your dog’s eyes.
  • What your dog’s family health can tell you about their eyes.

How do French bulldogs get cherry eye?

French Bulldogs, like some other dog breeds, have a third eyelid. This third eyelid has a gland, and sometimes, this gland can move out of place. When it does, it swells up and shows as a red lump in the corner of the eye. This is what people call Cherry Eye.

So, why does this happen?

Weak Tissues

The gland inside a French Bulldog’s eye is like a small part that’s kept in its place by tissues. You can think of these tissues like strings holding a balloon on the ground.

If the strings aren’t strong, the balloon can fly away. In the same way, if the tissues in the eye aren’t strong enough, the gland can move from its place. This movement of the gland is what causes Cherry Eye.

Over time, with age or just because of how the dog is, these tissues can get weak. When they do, they can’t hold the gland properly, leading to problems.


French Bulldogs are playful and curious. Sometimes, they play a bit too hard with their toys or friends. Or, they might accidentally get a small thing, like dust or dirt, in their eye. These little accidents can hurt the tissues of the eyelid.

When the tissues are hurt, they might not hold the gland properly. This means the gland can move, and when it does, you see Cherry Eye. It’s always good to watch your dog when they play and make sure they don’t get hurt.


Just like you might have the same hair or eye color as your family, French Bulldogs can have things in common with their dog family too. Some French Bulldogs are more likely to get Cherry Eye because it’s in their genes.

This means that if a French Bulldog’s mom or dad had Cherry Eye, the puppy might get it too. It’s not something you or anyone can change.

It’s just how some dogs are born. Knowing your dog’s family history can help you be ready in case Cherry Eye happens.


Eyes are sensitive. They can easily catch infections if not taken care of. Infections can cause the eye to swell. Think of how your finger might get big and red if it has a cut and gets infected. The same thing can happen to a French Bulldog’s eye.

If the eye swells because of an infection, it can push the gland out of its place. This is another reason why you might see Cherry Eye.

If your dog’s eye looks red, watery, or different in any way, it’s best to talk to a vet. They can help make sure your dog’s eyes stay healthy.

How to Prevent Cherry Eye in French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs, with their expressive eyes and lovable personalities, deserve the best care from their owners. When it comes to their eyes, problems like Cherry Eye can be a concern.

Regular Eye Check-ups

Checking your French Bulldog’s eyes often is a good way to stop eye problems, including Cherry Eye. It’s the same as you going to see a doctor for yourself. Your dog needs its eyes checked too.

Going to the vet often means you can see if there’s a problem before it gets big. This means it’s easier to fix and isn’t a big deal.

You see your dog every day. So, if you see something different about its eyes, like if they’re red or puffy or have liquid coming out, you should do something. It’s better to do something now than wait until it’s a big problem.

Checking often stops small problems from getting bigger.

Keep Their Eyes Clean

Your French Bulldog’s eyes need to be clean. Dirt or stuff from the eyes can make them hurt and lead to problems like Cherry Eye.

Every day, you should wipe around your dog’s eyes with a soft wet cloth. This takes away things that can hurt the eyes.

Also, if your dog has long hair around its eyes, cut it.

Long hair near the eyes can poke and hurt them. When you keep this area clean, your dog’s eyes are safer.

Good Food and Drink

What your dog eats is important for its eyes too. When your French Bulldog eats good food, it’s healthy, and this is good for its eyes.

Foods with Omega-3 are good for the eyes. Giving your dog this food helps keep its eyes strong.

Your dog should always have clean water to drink. Drinking enough water is good for the eyes. Also, some dogs don’t feel good when they eat certain foods.

So, don’t give your dog food with things that aren’t natural. This helps avoid problems with the eyes.

Family Health

It’s good to know about the health of your French Bulldog’s family. Some dogs can get Cherry Eye because it’s common in their family.

Even if you can’t change this, knowing helps you take care of your dog’s eyes better.


Is Cherry Eye painful for my French Bulldog?

While Cherry Eye might not always hurt your French Bulldog, it can be uncomfortable. It’s important to see a vet if you notice it, to ensure your dog’s comfort and health.

Can Cherry Eye go away on its own without treatment?

Sometimes, Cherry Eye might seem to go back in on its own. But, it’s always good to consult with a vet. They can offer guidance and see if any treatment is needed.

Are certain French Bulldogs more prone to getting Cherry Eye?

Yes, sometimes it’s in the family. If your dog’s parents or siblings had Cherry Eye, your dog might have a higher chance to get it too. Regular checks and preventive steps can help.

I hope this helps you keep your dog’s eyes looking good and feeling good.


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