The 3 Best French Bulldog Food Bowls

Having a French bulldog in the family is a thrilling experience and a wonderful journey of companionship, and a significant part of that journey includes understanding your furry friend’s dietary needs and the optimal food bowl for them. A French bulldog’s dietary needs are unique and profoundly impact its overall health.

Additionally, you must learn the importance of a perfect food bowl – one complementing their distinctive features like their flat face. A good understanding of this can help keep them healthy, maintain a robust immune system, and extend their life span.

Choosing the Right Food Bowl for Your French Bulldog

Because of their unique facial structure, French Bulldogs can have trouble picking up food from regular food bowls. A shallow, wide dish or a special bulldog bowl can make mealtime much easier for them. Slow feed bowls are also recommended because they are designed to slow down eating and help prevent choking, obesity, and digestion problems.

Types of French Bulldog Food Bowls

There are different types of food bowls for French Bulldogs. Two widely used ones are flat-faced bowls and slow-feed bowls. Flat-faced bowls are designed with a shallow middle to allow French Bulldogs to reach their food without straining their necks. On the other hand, slow-feed bowls have maze-like designs to slow down fast eaters, lessening the risk of indigestion and gas.

Size and Depth of French Bulldog Food Bowls

The right size and depth of a French Bulldog food bowl depend on the size of the dog. For adult Bulldogs, bowls about six to seven inches in diameter are suitable. They should not be too deep; a depth of about three inches is ideal. Smaller bowls are necessary for puppies.

Material of French Bulldog Food Bowls

Food bowls for French Bulldogs are made from different materials like plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic. Plastic bowls are lightweight and inexpensive but can easily tip over. They may also contain harmful chemicals. Stainless steel bowls are durable and safe, but they can be too slippery for a French Bulldog with a flat face. Ceramic bowls are safe and sturdy, but they can break easily if dropped.

Choosing the Right French Bulldog Food Bowl

When selecting a food bowl for your plucky French Bulldog, it’s not just the food that matters but also the bowl itself. A good bowl should have a non-slip base to stop it from sliding away as your puppy devours its meal. Moreover, since French Bulldogs may not always be the neatest of eaters, the bowl should be user-friendly and easy to clean – preferably something you can pop in the washing machine is ideal.

The most important factor when choosing the best food bowl for your Frenchie it to make sure that the food bowl is raised! When using raised bowls it helps your frenchie support their pasterns (the lower foot and ankle region) but also helps put them in the right posture to ensure better digestion and reduce choking postures.

3 Best Food Bowls For Frenchies

Best Value: JWPC Bulldog Bowl Detachable Rubber Dog Bowl

The JWPC Bulldog detachable rubber bowl is our best value pick. The bowl meets all of our criteria when it comes to supporting your frenchie’s needs. It’s a raised bowl, a small surface for their smushed faces, and easily detachable for cleaning.

It also comes in at a price tag of just $14.99 which is half the price of most of these raised bowls. The downside is due to the rubber material, they may be less durable than other materials.

The Enhanced Food Bowl

The Enhanced Food Bowl is one of the more popular best food bowl for Frenchies on the market. Its unique design helps bulldogs breathe better while eating. This in turn promotes better gas, slower eating habits, and overall better digestion to help alleviate gas!

Top Choice: JWPC Bulldog Bowl Anti-Slip Slanted Tilted Elevated Raised Ceramics Dog Detachable Dog Bow

The JWPC Bulldog Bowl is our top choice when it comes to finding the best raised food bowl for your Frenchie. It not only comes in at a cheaper price than the Enhanced Food Bowl, but it also has a better built in raised stand.

While both bowls are great, this one is easier to clean, smaller bowl size, and has a better built in stand for smaller dogs.


Thorough knowledge about dietary needs and food bowls plays a critical role in maintaining the health and well-being of your French bulldog. It includes knowing what food and proportions suit them best, selecting an ideal bowl, developing a regular mealtime routine, and maintaining the cleanliness of their food bowl.

Getting these aspects right can help your bulldog maintain an ideal weight, decrease the risk of allergies, ensure a healthy digestion, and ultimately lead to a longer and happier life. Remember, your furry friend depends on you to make the best decisions for them.

As a proud French bulldog owner, it’s your duty to provide your little friend with a healthy and comfortable feeding environment. The information packed in this essay equips you with the essentials to do so successfully.


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