Bulldog Wrinkles Infection Conditions Are Very Manageable

A bulldog wrinkles infection is always challenging for lovers of this adorable breed. People typically see wrinkles as a sign of aging but contrary to that, this feature on the Bulldog is what makes it so cute. These ripples are what give it a distinct look. Unfortunately, these adorable skin folds also attract yeast and bacteria growth. Owners of the breed know that properly caring for these wrinkles is important to maintain good overall health.

Minus proper care, a bulldog’s wrinkles are prone to irritation, may turn red, be inflamed, and even become infected. A Bulldogs wrinkles infection may even have an odor. If you love Bulldogs, dealing with these kinds of conditions is part of what you must learn to care for this animal properly. Here are some tips so you know what to look out for when it comes to a Bulldog wrinkles infection.

The Various Bulldog Wrinkle Infection Stages

There are a few stages of wrinkle infections. Typically, it starts as skin fold dermatitis, which is the technical term for inflammation of the skin. If left untreated dermatitis can progress into a skin disease that is more serious like a pyoderma infection. The term ‘pyoderma’ means “pus in the skin.” If your dog is at this stage, you will see bumps filled with this gross discharge. Skin folds are also prone to staph infections.

For the new Bulldog owner, please be mindful that infected wrinkles will not resolve by themselves.  In fact, if you leave it untreated, most cases will only get worse over time. This could also become quite painful for your dog, as the skin has so many nerve endings.

The Typical Signs of a Bulldog Wrinkles Infection

The bulldog’s most lovable parts are its wrinkles and cuddly bodies. It is your responsibility to see to it that any infection is detected right at the onset. Here are some signs that you should watch out for.

Changes in Color Could Be a Bulldog Wrinkles Infection

As you examine the folds and ripples of skin, you might notice some unusual redness. That could already be a sign of an infection.  Investigate further and do not hesitate to pry into the folds of skin. The redness may be concealed underneath and not be easily visible. You might also observe some parts that are dry and flaky

Unusual Odors

Get up close and try to check for any unpleasant odor emanating from the dog. If you smell anything funky or foul, that is a good indicator of an infection.  The odor is one of the most spot-on signs of a potential problem. A foul, musty odor given off by the dog is a strong confirmation for an infection.

Rubbing on the Face

Face Rubbing Could Indicate Wrinkle Infection

Face rubbing more than usual is also an indicator that there could be a skin infection. A rub occasionally is perfectly normal. However, if it becomes incessant, face rubbing of this frequency means there is a problem. Also, be mindful of rubbing that does not only involve their paws. The dog may rub its face on various surfaces.  On the wall, the floor, on furniture, and other surfaces in its surroundings.

How to Treat a Bulldog Wrinkles Infection

The most responsible thing to do once you suspect there is a skin infection is to go to the veterinarian. They can examine the folds and determine exactly what the infection is. Specific treatments, creams, and ointments can be prescribed right away. However, there are things you could also do at home that go a long way.

Use Wipes

As an everyday routine a simple wipe is very helpful. Get a soft cloth and wet it slightly with warm water.  Gently use this to wipe in between the skin folds. Should you notice more deposits of dirt between the wrinkles, try not to force them off. This could cause skin irritations or even surface wounds.  Instead, use some of your dog’s soap or shampoo to loosen the dirt.

Make sure that the soap or shampoo you are using is formulated for pooches and has some germicidal properties. To be sure, consult your veterinarian for a good brand.  This is better than trying brands randomly that might not benefit your dog’s skin.

Furthermore, take special care when using products. Some dogs can get restless or playful during a bath. Make sure you do not get any detergent into their eyes and watch out that they do not lick the stuff. When rinsing, be gentle but thorough. Do not leave any soap or shampoo residue between the skin folds. This could likewise lead to irritation.

Many Bulldog owners use baby wipes with lanolin as an alternative.  Some wipes also have aloe and are widely used. This is a popular method to clean skin folds and wrinkles. These are convenient to have when you are not home and are gentle enough on the skin. They also do a good job of scraping off stubborn grime and dirt.

Be Mindful Of Residual Moisture

The use of a damp cloth or moist wipe for cleaning or washing your dog means you will introduce wetness to the skin and wrinkles. As you finish, make very sure that you do not carelessly leave any fold or wrinkle wet and moist. This would be counterproductive to the cleaning routine. Since these are folds and concealed, they will not dry on their own. Instead, they will be breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.

The opposite of drying the skin too much could also be irritating. As a precaution against excessive dryness, you can rub a mild product between the folds after the cleaning session. This will moisturize the skin. As for the other body parts, clean and dry the nose fold and side of the face. These areas are likely to to collect dirt.

Using Creams

Once you are done with cleaning, you could use a medicated cream prescribed by the vet. Do not go off and buy some product without knowing its efficacy. Creams are akin to the wipes, in the sense that they have soothing and curative properties. A word of caution, do not use creams formulated for humans. Dogs always like to lick themselves all over. They could, as a result, ingest these substances, so be sure you use animal-specific creams.

Medicine for Bulldog Wrinkle Infection

A visit to the veterinarian should be a priority if you notice any skin problems developing into a wound. The presence of puss is also a red flag. Take your bulldog to the vet for an exam right away.  In the clinic, a skin scraping can be taken to determine whether yeast is the culprit. You will likely get some specific oral anti-fungal medication. Medicated shampoos and creams to apply to the skin will also be given. This combination of treatments soothe the inflammation and fights the yeast.

If the infection is bacterial, the doctor could also order oral and/or topical antibiotics.  This is particularly necessary if a secondary bacterial infection exists. Other underlying medical conditions like an immune system issue or endocrine problem will prompt the vet to create a course of treatment to alleviate skin issues.

Bulldog Wrinkle Infection Prevention

Twice a Week Cleaning

Prevention is still the best defense against any health issue. Make it a habit to wipe the folds twice a week.  A great way to prevent further skin outbreaks is to be sure the skin’s inner folds are clean. Bear in mind that Bulldogs are sloppy eaters. They can easily get debris and food scraps into the folds of their skin.

If your dog is not lazy, it could also like playing outdoors. Again, these activities can easily lodge dirt in between those cute folds.  Being proactive by wiping the wrinkles every few days, helps prevent any infection from starting. Please do not make the mistake of bathing your dog every few days.  Giving it frequent baths will result in the skin losing its natural oil.

Cleaning the Facial Area

The folds around the face of a Bulldog need special care and technique. Health issues can arise if the face wrinkles are not properly cleaned.  If you started a cleaning routine when your pooch was still a puppy, then you should not have a problem with the dog’s cooperation.

Have the tools to fight bulldog wrinkle infection. The right tools and cleaning aids will make a world of difference for your pet’s hygiene. Bacteria can easily thrive between the moist folds of your dog’s skin. The trick is to keep those in-between fold areas reasonably dry and clean. Facial tissues (unscented) are great for absorbing any moisture. They are also good since they do not irritate the skin. These tissues are particularly good for the facial area.

As your pet ages, the wrinkles become deeper. Problems may occur but these are easily addressed with more frequent cleaning. A  Bulldog’s facial skin folds should be wiped at least once a day. Again, use your better judgment on this. For instance, if your dog is a sloppy eater, you might want to wipe its face after every meal.

Also, keep in mind that fat dogs are at greater risk of developing a skin infection. This is due to the excess fat making wrinkles more prominent and meaty.

Bathing Schedule and Frequency

Bathe your Bulldog once a month with a mild pet shampoo. Look into products that have a soothing ingredient so you do not dry out the skin. Bathing also helps to prevent yeast skin infections. Also, use your sound judgment. If your dog likes a rough and tumble session on the ground or mud, it might be time for a bath. Just keep in mind that these bathes should not be too frequent so the natural oils have a chance to work. For a healthy dog, once a month is a recommended bathing frequency.

Counteract Dry Skin

Dry skin is not always a red flag for infection. If you think that your dog’s folds look dry but not infected, this is when a moisturizing agent will work.  To be safe and not sorry, consult your veterinarian for an appropriate product for the dog. As mentioned earlier, overly frequent baths will, result in dry skin so be reminded that once a month is a general rule.

In Conclusion

A Health Dog Is A Happy Dog

Irritated, or worse, infected skin folds can affect any part of your Bulldog’s body. It could be their wrinkly face or tail pocket, but regardless of where, these skin folds are so prone to yeast and bacterial growth. They are dark areas and typically moist, making them perfect for musty stuff to develop.

This is why before you even decide to get a Bulldog, be sure you are ready for the maintenance work. It is important to clean out the folds as required by your dog’s activities and habits. Every time your dog eats, drinks, or plays outdoors, you must give it a wipe over.

Cleaning your dog’s wrinkles will prevent redness, irritation, and complications like bacteria or yeast buildup. You will likewise avoid skin infection and dermatitis. True, it will take more time and effort. However good basic hygiene routine will keep your pooch both healthy and happy.


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