Why Do Bulldogs Sleep So Much? Learn Important Fun Facts About Bulldogs’ Sleeping Behavior

Why do bulldogs sleep so much? That is a question most people would have in their mind when it is the first time they are owning a bulldog. However, there is nothing to worry about. Proper mental and physical health of bulldogs can be assured by them having correct amounts of sleep.

What is the ideal amount of sleep for a bulldog? They are considered rather lazy. 12-14 hours of sleep over a 24-hour period is enough for your bulldog. As they mature, they tend to laze a lot, which is their reputation. The bulldog’s physical structure and health are not meant for a dog that is in constant motion. They release energy very fast and require rest frequently.

Rest is important for a bulldog. It would be best to let it rest whenever possible. After regaining its energy, it can go throughout the day just okay. You will notice that it also needs a lot of energy to play compared to other dogs.

Difficulty in breathing, due to the shortened snout, does not make things better. We will discuss more on why do bulldogs sleep so much in this guide to understand better.

Bulldog Pet is Sleeping All Day; Should You be Worried?

Bulldogs sleep so much that you can be worried. Compared to other dog breeds, they sleep the most. They spend most of their time lounging or sleeping. This must be fun for the bulldogs though.

Anyway, you should not be worried if your bulldog pet keeps sleeping all day. You can have a routine of exercising and eating and it will be fine. However, when you notice a sudden drop in your bulldog’s level of energy, visit the vet to get it checked out.

Another reason for your bulldog is sleeping so much could be tiredness. If it has had a long day of playing around and using a lot of energy, it can sleep all day. You should consider that bulldogs really do not have any energy to spare. Also, beware of the fact that they are not built for endurance and can quickly get tired.

It is perfectly normal for a bulldog to lie around and sleep more than other dog breeds. So, do not get worried about its sleeping habits.

Factors that Affect Bulldog Sleeping Habits

Still on why do bulldogs sleep so much, you might even worry more when it is an older bulldog. As bulldogs grow older, they will sleep for longer times. Here are some factors that affect the amount of sleep a bulldog can have and their sleeping habits.


Bulldogs are just like human beings. They will sleep a little bit more when they are sick. This is natural as the bulldog’s body needs to regain energy and heal. If they are sleeping a lot, but they are sick, do not get worried. This shows the body is fighting what it is making them sick.


The larger your bulldog, the more it will sleep. This seems out of the normal as you would think smaller breeds would sleep a lot more as they lose a lot of energy. In the first place, bulldogs are smaller breeds compared to other normal pets. Also, smaller bulldogs do not move or run for long compared to larger breeds. So, the larger breeds need more rest to regain their energy.


This should be the largest contributor to the sleeping habits of bulldogs. New puppies sleep a lot. They fall asleep about every thirty minutes. The sleeping hours will reduce when they start growing up. This is based on the fact they are trying to explore the world and have a lot of energy. Older bulldogs sleep so much and tend to not leave their sleeping spots. It is said they have reached their prime sleeping point.

The above three factors are not the only factors, but some examples. They will help you get rid of myths and fallacies you may be having about bulldogs.

How do you get Your Bulldog to Sleep?

Many dogs can be very energetic and give you a hard time calming them down. This is especially when they do not expel their energy somewhere else. Here are some suggestions of how to get your bulldog to sleep.

  • Playing some nice soft music will help calming them down
  • If you can, give them a massage to help them relax and lie down
  • Get your bulldog used to your consistent routine so that it knows when it is time to sleep

Provided you do something calming and consistent, it will be easy to get your bulldog to sleep. Other times, your bulldog can get themselves to sleep if you have a routine. If you continue to have problems with your pet, visit a veterinarian. The veterinarians will advise you accordingly.

Common Bulldog Sleeping Positions

We also have to look at the sleeping positions when answering the question why do bulldogs sleep so much. The sleeping position of your bulldog tells a story about it. With this, you will understand better how your dog feels. Once you identify the sleeping habits of your bulldog, you will get its story. Below are the common sleeping positions and what they signal.

Curled Up

This is the most common position in all dog breeds to rest in. The reasons behind this position;

  • It is easier for a dog to get up or bounce and run in case of a threat.
  • This position is great when it comes to regulating and preserving body heat.
  • The bulldog’s vital organs are protected when curled up

The curled position therefore is common during cooler weather or when there is a need to stay alert. Bulldogs curling around your legs when sleeping brings a mutual feeling of being safe. Also, for both the bulldog and the owner, they enjoy the warmth.


This is the position where a dog is resting, but ready to move within a second. A bulldog in superman position lies on its belly with back legs tucked in or stretched out. This position is less common when a bulldog wants to sleep so much or in a comfy bed. Often, bulldogs sleep in this position at the middle of the floor.

Bulldogs caught in this position show they want to be the center of attraction. They are ready to jump into the fun and games when you signal them.

Standing up

This is an uncommon position. Why would your bulldog sleep while standing up? It may be due to breathing difficulties or bodily pain such as hip dysplasia. Sometimes your bulldog can get tired and forget to lie down.

If this habit persists, you need to take your bulldog to the doctor for a check-up. It could a major issue that requires treatment or in extreme scenarios surgery.

Snuggled Next to a Pet or a Person

A bulldog is very social and can take naps close to other pets in the house. This is a bonding time for all the animals. It is also important for the bulldog’s mental health. Bulldogs are also known for sleeping close to their owner or on the owner’s laps.

The close proximity between the owner and the bulldog shows loyalty. This sleeping position shows how the bulldogs are bred to be companion dogs. Bulldogs can also express their love outwardly with this position because it trusts you when it is sleeping.

On the Side

A bulldog living in a secure environment will be comfortable sleeping on its side. This position does not offer the protection that curled up position offers. However, it is still fun for the pet.

If you find your dog sleeping like this, they are certainly satisfied with their lifestyle and they are happy.

On the Backside

This is a comfortable position and important for bulldogs to cool off their bodies. The belly is completely exposed to allow regulation of temperature. In this position it is not easy for a dog to stand up or protect its organs.

When your bulldog sleeps on its backside, demonstrates how it feels safe and happy in its home. It also shows that there is a trust that has been built in the home. It should explain why do bulldogs sleep so much in your home.

The Bulldog Pet Sleeps with its Tongue Out. Is It Normal?

Bulldogs are always cute when they are sleeping peacefully and snoring. However, if you take a look you will see them hanging out their tongues and drooling everywhere. Is this a normal thing for bulldogs?

Mainly, if a bulldog sleeps like this is because it is just happy. The under bite also contributes to this. For most bulldogs, they have an overbite or under bite that makes it hard for them to keep their tongue in the mouth.

This is the reason why bulldogs drool when they are awake or when asleep. They may look funny and disgusting when asleep, but that is what makes part of the bulldog charm.

You should not worry about such a sleeping pattern as it is normal. In fact, when you go to YouTube there are thousands of videos that show bulldogs sleeping with their tongues out. This shows that your bulldog is just like other bulldogs in the rest of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do bulldogs not get enough amount of sleep?

It may look impossible but a bulldog can lack enough sleep if it has health issues or sleep apnea. It is rare, but it occurs.

How do I stop my bulldog from sleeping with me?

If you do not like when your bulldog sleeps with you, be firm and take it off the bed. Always be firm, but loving while setting boundaries and things will be fine. This practice barely takes time and consistency.

What times of the day do bulldogs sleep?

Bulldogs sleep for about 8 hours uninterrupted at night. Bulldogs take naps throughout the day up to about 5 to 7 hours.

Which days of the week do bulldogs sleep the most?

This is entirely dependent on the owner’s schedule. Bulldogs tend to sleep more during the days that their owners are not home due to work reasons. For most bulldogs, the owners are at home during weekends. This encourages them to stay awake in case an opportunity for playing arises.

Did I make a mistake to allow my bulldog to be sleeping with me?

It is fine and right to do so. According to research, it is healthy and therapeutic. You can have some boundaries, but it is advised to let your pet sleep with you.


At this point, you should have the answer to why do bulldogs sleep so much. Bulldogs are amazing animals with great personalities, to make sure they are happy let them have enough sleep. Don’t forget to bathe it more often for it to have restful sleeping sessions.

As explained above, apart from sleeping so much, bulldogs can lounge and lie down the whole day. It is important if you are one of the owners, you should understand this.

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