Why A Dog’s Burp Smells Like Poop Sometimes? 

When too much air is in your dog’s stomach, he will release a burp or two to let it out. Ordinarily, it should not smell so bad or even at all, but what does it mean when the dog burp smells like poop? It can be especially repulsive since dogs love to lick their owners and will likely breathe in your face during playtime. 

Furthermore, could a bad burp smell indicate underlying health issues? Usually, when you belch because you are constipated and perceive the telltale odor, this hints that drinking water and eating fiber-rich foods will help. Once you can identify the reason your dog’s burp smells like poop, you will fix the issue before long. 

There are many conditions to suspect if your dog’s burp smells like poop. Most of them are not life-threatening and can be remedied at home. Often, it is something your pet does habitually or eats, but we will expand more on that in this blog post. We will also show you what you can do to get your pet’s burp to stop smelling like poop, so stick around! 

Why Does My Dog’s Burp Smell Like Poop? 

If your dog’s burp smells like poop, then something is wrong. Here are some of the reasons your dog’s burp smells like poop: 

They have been licking their anal glands 

It is not uncommon for dogs to lick their anal glands. Sometimes, Fido may lick his butthole because of allergies or if he has an infection. Pet dogs also lick their anal glands to clean up after themselves. 

Most dogs are lucky enough never to get an anal gland impaction, a condition where excess fluid is retained in the pair of glands around their butt area. Constipation and difficulty pooping are two signs of an anal gland impaction. You should check if your dog’s breath smells funny and they keep licking it. 

They have been eating dog or cat poop 

Your dog’s instincts may drive him to eat cat or dog poop or even human vomit. This is because, in the wild, it is normal to scavenge through anything seemingly edible, especially when the food supply thins out. Perhaps your pet is hungry, or you are not feeding them enough. Try increasing their food intake or changing their diet; it may not be enough or to their taste. 

They have dental issues 

Dental issues will also make your pet’s breath stink. Bad breath is the primary telltale sign of periodontal problems, followed by a buildup of plaque, discolored teeth, a swollen face, less desire for food, and bleeding or inflammation of the gums. Never allow dental issues to fester; one of the more common symptoms to expect is a breath and burp that smells like poop. And the canine dentition is an important part of the digestive system, contributing to digestive health even, so you need to ensure it stays clean. 

You have just recently changed their food or treats

A dog has a short digestive system, in contrast to ours. Therefore, you cannot decide its diet alone; some things must be eaten and shouldn’t be, so your vet and the internet will provide all the information you need. Furthermore, when changing or switching your pet’s food and treats, you must do it gradually to allow their system to acclimatize seamlessly. 

This may be the cause of your pet’s persistent bad breath. The new treats or food may contain some ingredients that change your dog’s breath, as onions do to your breath when you chew them raw. Have you changed your dog’s treats or given him some of yours? It may take a while for the smell to leave his breath, and even longer if you don’t clean your dog’s teeth. 

There may be a blocked or congested intestinal tract 

One of the signs of a congested or blocked intestinal tract is bad breath. It means something is wrong on the inside, and you may want to think back to see if your pet consumed anything inedible. That may be obstructing the small or large intestine, and you need to arrange to have it removed without delay. 

Should I Be Concerned If My Dog’s Burp Smells Like Poop? 

You shouldn’t be concerned if your dog’s burp smells like poop. It may be because he has been licking their anal glands or something else that smells bad, or may have eaten some poop. If you also change treats, some ingredients can alter the smell of your pet’s burp. These situations are generally harmless, so check that your condition fits or doesn’t fit in, and let’s consider other options, such as dental issues which may cause his burp to smell like poop. 

For a healthy pet, you need to also care for his dentition, so consider products, the assistance of a pet groomer, or the vet. Dentition is an essential aspect that many pet owners either ignore or rely on breath fresheners and treats, even though they need proper dental care. Moreover, once you have eliminated dental issues as the cause of smelly burps in your dog, you can consider an intestinal blockage or obstruction. 

This last condition can be terminal and should be dealt with without delay. One of the signs of intestinal obstruction is a badly smelling burp, and if it is accompanied by other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, you need to get the vet involved. However, it is likely a dental problem, as it is a common condition that develops in eighty percent of dogs when they reach age three. 

What Can I Do to Get My Dog’s Burp to Stop Smelling Like Poop? 

The primary cause of burp that smells like poop is a dental problem you can cure by using the right products and seeing specialists if the need arises. The bad burp smell is caused by a buildup of bacteria which harden into tartar and cause the terrible poop stench. You can reduce the odor by removing the bacteria with products like mouthwash, toothbrush, dog toothpaste, and breath fresheners. 

Furthermore, you can get your dog’s burp to stop smelling like poop by getting him a chew bone to clean the spaces in his teeth. Consider upping your dental care game if it is subpar, not just for your pet’s digestive health but also for good hygiene. Ultimately, poor dental health can develop into a terminal condition like liver, kidney, or heart disease. 

You also want to be sure that a gastrointestinal blockage does not cause the smell, and you can confirm this by adopting a suitable dental routine for your pet. If the problem persists, look into what he may be eating, whether from his diet or without your knowledge. Finally, if your dog’s anal glands don’t naturally empty themselves, you can consider doing it now and then to eliminate any odor that may stick to his tongue while he licks. 


Now that you know why your dog’s burp smells like poop, we trust you will solve the problem before long. If you have been slacking on his dental hygiene, a badly smelling burp is only the beginning of what to expect. Fix up before terminal conditions enter the picture. And prevent unhygienic behaviors like eating human or animal waste or even drinking pee out of the toilet


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