My Dog Drank Pee out Of the Toilet – What Should I Do?

No matter the level of affection you have for your dog, you’d feel irritated knowing your dog drank pee out of the toilet. As irritating as this sounds, dogs do it frequently. There have been a series of theories behind this gross behavior of dogs, but not one concrete answer.

You must feel concerned if your dog has the habit of drinking water out of the toilet. This gross habit can significantly impact your dog’s health. More so, your health is also at risk. How would you feel kissing a dog that just drank pee out of the toilet bowl?

If your dog is fond of drinking pee out of the toilet, we got you covered. This article will give tips on what to do if your dog has this gross habit. Later on, we will supply answers to some frequently asked questions about this topic. But can dogs get sick from drinking out of the toilet? Let’s find out.

Can My Dog Get Sick from Drinking out Of the Toilet?

Yes, dogs can get sick from drinking out of the toilet. The toilet is an area filled with different pathogens and harmful chemicals. If your dog drinks pee toilet water, it would likely experience symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and hypersalivation.

Bleaching agents are one of the toxic things found in the toilet. These bleaching agents are toxic to dogs if swallowed. If your dog accidentally drank bleaching agent or urine from the toilet, this will undoubtedly cause an abdominal upset. To provide relief for your dog, give it a recommended digestive upsets natural medicine. This would provide relief for your dog in about 15 minutes after taking it. If your dog doesn’t feel relieved within this time frame, immediately take it to the emergency room.

Other minor symptoms that are seen in dogs who love drinking pee from the toilet include bad breath and gas retention. Nausea and bad breath are also some of the things to look out for. Always keep an eye on your dog to quickly detect any abnormal changes in its behavior. Moreover, take your dog to the nearest veterinary emergency room if its situation is not improving despite giving it medications.

Why Is My Dog Drinking Urine out Of the Toilet?

Your dog might be drinking urine out of the toilet for many reasons. Increased thirst is among the main reasons dogs indulge in this habit. Diabetes and kidney problems are also among the causes of this disgusting habit.

Dogs do not view urine the way humans do. To dogs, urine is just like any other water to quench their thirst, and they don’t view it with disgust. If your dog has the habit of always going to the toilet to lap on urine, this is a serious red flag. The habit might be an indication of a serious underlying health condition. Diabetic dogs are always thirsty, so check to make sure your dog isn’t diabetic.

On the other hand, if your dog drank urine from the water closet, experts suggest urine doesn’t pose as much harm to dogs as you think. Drinking urine might be a bad habit for your dog without any underlying health condition. Do not take chances with your furry friend. Try to determine if there’s a problem by scheduling an appointment with your vet. If there are no underlying health conditions, you have to train your canine not to drink urine from the toilet bowl.

Is Human Urine Toxic to Dogs?

There is no evidence to support the claim that human urine is toxic to dogs. The real danger for your canine lies in the toilet, not the urine. Several bacteria reside in the toilet that can make a dog sick.

The fact that human urine is not toxic for dogs does not mean you should allow your canine to drink urine. Human urine can at times contain a small fraction of human medications that are toxic to dogs. Dogs are attracted to the salty or sugary taste of urine. If your canine is always drawn to your urine, it is high time you visited a doctor to run some tests.

So the greatest danger for your dog doesn’t come from the urine but the bacteria in the toilet bowl. These bacteria cause severe illness for dogs. Apart from the bacteria, toilet cleaners are also quite dangerous. If your dog has this habit, do everything you can to stop this awkward behavior, you can do this by blocking access to the toilet.

What Do I Do if My Dog Drinks Human Urine?

If you notice signs of abdominal upset in your dog after drinking urine, call your veterinarian immediately and explain everything that happened to your dog. The vet will tell you the steps to take. Take your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic if there are no signs of improvement.

The vet will run some tests on your pooch at the veterinary clinic to make sure it is fine. If your dog shows symptoms, the vet will administer medications to soothe a dog’s upset tummy. Dehydration may be a reason your dog is drawn to toilet water, provide safe drinking water to your dog. In addition, please find a way of distracting your dog in the middle of the act by clapping or shouting at it.

Prevention is better than cure. To prevent your dog from drinking urine from the toilet bowl, the best way is to block its access to the toilet. If your dog drank urine, it might be due to boredom. Try spending quality time with your canine. This involves going on a long walk with your dog and playing ball together. Remember, nothing beats scheduling an appointment with your vet if your dog drank pee from the toilet.


Human urine may not be inherently toxic to dogs, but the chemicals and bacteria found in the toilet are harmful to them. Do everything within your power to always keep your dog out of the toilet. If your dog drank pee out of the toilet, take it to the vet immediately for proper examination and assessment. To be on the safe side, restrict your dog’s access to the toilet. If your dog is at the puppy stage, they need more monitoring than adults. Puppies drink anything they have access to, including their own urine.


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