My Dog Ate Silly Putty! What Should I Do?

Silly putty is a well-known kid’s game available in the market. You must have observed your dog staring at your kids when they are having fun with their Silly putty. Your dog is intrigued by what this fascinating thing is and would try to investigate it when no one is watching him. Unfortunately, silly putty is definitely not designed for your dogs to play with.

Silly putty is a kind of squishy clay composed mainly of silicone oil mixed with polymers. Then a magic ingredient named Boric acid is added to the silicone polymer, which provides this toy its elasticity. Altogether, this clay has rubber-like stretching and rebound properties that allow it to return to its original form. When your dog likes something, it is its natural instinct to sniff or lick or eat that object.

But, can your dog eat silly putty while playing with your kid? But what could happen to your pet if he ingests the whole thing? Will it make your dog ill or throw up? In this article, we will discuss in detail if Silly putty is toxic, whether it can make your dog sick, and what you can do if he eats silly putty.

Why Would My Dog Eat Silly Putty?

As you may know, dogs are curious animals. They would consume everything that they could get into their reach, even silly putty. Silly putty can be shaped into various forms and is commonly used by humans to reduce stress and anxiety. But, due to its vibrant colors and different shapes, it seems like a unique toy or a treat to your dog that he can not get his eyes off from it.

There are many toys that your dog should not interact with, and silly putty is one of them. You might not know what damage it may cause to your beloved pet. We have some suggestions that could help to keep your pup from consuming silly putty. Keep this type of stuff away from your dog’s reach, like on the highest shelf of your kitchen or in a hidden drawer in your living room.

You can also try to distance your pet when your kids are playing by keeping them in separate rooms. What’s more, you can provide your pet with dog-safe toys that won’t become a serious choking hazard when consumed and are non-toxic to your pet. That way, your dog will be distracted by his new toy and will not attempt to consume anything that he isn’t supposed to.

Is Silly Putty Toxic to Dogs?

All dog parents would be relieved to know that the components used in Silly Putty are safe and non-toxic if consumed or sniffed. Silicone polymers, boric acid, granular additives like clay and calcium carbonate, and a few chemicals are used in its composition. Although vinyl polymer, the substance used to prepare silly putty, is non-toxic, ingesting it may result in digestive issues.

As a result, your dog’s gastrointestinal tract may get blocked, seriously jeopardizing its health. Frequent vomiting, stomach pain, and heavy drooling are symptoms that your pet has consumed silly putty. Your vet would require an X-ray of your dog in order to determine if the silly putty is clogging his gastrointestinal tract. He can also remove the blocked putty surgically if he suspects that the obstruction is getting serious.

Therefore, for your dog’s health, keep monitoring him when he is interacting with any toys that could be dangerous. Additionally, it’s necessary to do thorough research before offering him a toy to ensure the safety of your dog. Although silly putty is harmless to canines, there are many safer alternatives for toys that are particularly made for dogs. You can always discuss it with your vet, as he will guide you if a toy is safe for your dog.

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate Silly Putty?

Although it is safe for dogs to swallow, it could be a big problem to clean up their mess when they vomit. If your pet has ingested silly putty, use this simple cure to quickly eliminate it from its body and save its life. If he took a small bite, then it would not cause an obstruction; however, if you suspect it was large enough to become a big concern, you can induce vomiting by giving either milk or frozen yogurt mixed with 2 to 3 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Make sure that the hydrogen peroxide is fresh and not expired.

If you believe your pet’s situation is severe, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. It is not advised to wait and observe if your dog shows any signs of discomfort. If you take your dog immediately to the hospital, the veterinarian can extract the putty if it is inside your pet’s gut before it becomes a digestive obstruction. A digestive obstruction is an extremely painful and sometimes fatal medical situation, so it needs to be treated immediately.

If the putty measures around 2 inches, it is most likely to pass through the system, but it is not guaranteed. You should not induce vomit if your dog ate a small piece of silly putty. In case he ingested the whole thing and the vomiting lasts longer than 12 hours or refuses to eat anything, then veterinarian attention is required. 


The bottom line is that silly putty is not something you should let your dog play with since it is neither a treat nor a suitable toy for him. Despite the fact that your dog loves it, there is always a chance that he might eat it, choke on it, or get sick. You should always try to supervise your dog when he is playing with toys that could be problematic for him and cause serious issues that require urgent veterinarian care. If he ate a huge chunk of silly putty, you could try to induce vomit – but it is advised to take this step only after consulting with your vet.


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