My Dog Ate a Latex Glove! What Should I Do?

What is the most curious thing you have ever caught your puppy gnawing on? Everything appeals to a bored pet dog, and they will want to put their paws on it or explore it with their mouth. If you have a puppy in the home, chances are you are prepared for their curious nature and will keep harmful things out of their reach. 

However, our pets will never cease to amaze us with the things they discover. Harmful or not, they will not hesitate to pounce on and chew anything they find attractive and fanciful. So, have you left a pair of your latex glove lying around? Have you returned to where you left one or both hands only to meet those telltale little pieces pet dogs leave in their wake? 

Don’t fret; you can stay on top of the situation with this article. But to ease your mind, nothing will likely happen if your dog ate a latex glove. The worst-case scenario is a choking hazard or an intestinal blockage, which we will show you how to manage so that your fur kid pulls through unscathed! 

Why Would a Dog Eat a Latex Glove? 

A dog would eat a latex glove because of their curious nature – it drives your pet pooch to explore and eat whatever they find appealing. And if you have left one of your latex gloves, or even both, in the wrong place, you will likely return home to discover it or them in pieces. It usually depends on how much time you leave your pet unsupervised and without toys to keep them company. 

A latex glove looks like the stuff of adventure to dogs, and a teething pet would especially have a great time exercising their developing teeth on it. Additionally, boredom can drive any dog of any age to gnaw on or tear a latex glove into smaller pieces that they may also ingest. Dogs eat various things for various reasons, but luckily, they always excrete them with food waste. 

But the one condition you should never ignore is a compulsive desire to eat inappropriate items. It happens when your pet compulsively eats inedible things or things that offer no nutritional value. This may seem harmless until your pet eats something that causes an intestinal blockage or until bad substances build up in their abdominal area. In that case, consider treating pica in your pet.

Are Latex Gloves Toxic to Dogs if Ingested? 

No, latex gloves are not toxic to dogs. This material is safe and does not cause allergic or biochemical reactions if it encounters the internal organs. It is also indigestible, which is a plus for people with extremely curious dogs; at most, your pet would need an endoscope procedure to get the glove out. Furthermore, if your pet is larger than fifty pounds, they will likely not experience any esophageal blockage because they have wider throats. 

Latex is a natural resource harvested from trees. It is manufactured with fifty-one percent water and natural rubber to produce products like your latex glove; even if you eat a latex glove, it won’t harm you. Furthermore, it cannot be digested, so swallowing this item won’t affect your pet unless they are allergic to latex. 

Essentially, latex gloves are not toxic to dogs, but the longer it spends in their system, the higher the chances of adverse effects. You should see the vet if your pet doesn’t vomit or excrete the pieces within a few days. But in the meantime, you can use some home remedies to protect the gut from the long-term effects of hosting a foreign object. Pumpkin may be awesome for pancreatitis in dogs, but it is also great for improving overall gastrointestinal health.

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate a Latex Glove? 

You must check if the entire thing was ingested or if your pet gnawed it to pieces first. If you are lucky to have arrived at the scene less than two hours after they swallowed the glove, you may be able to bring it out with the Heimlich maneuver because it will still be in the stomach. You can also induce vomiting by feeding your pet two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide mixed with broth and repeat the process if they don’t throw up five minutes after, but please consult your veterinarian for professional guidance. 

Typically, the glove or the pieces of it may also pass through their digestive system without a hassle. Monitor your pet for the next three to five days. If they show signs of lethargy, anorexia, or constipation, it may be because the latex glove hasn’t left their system and is causing a blockage; you need to involve the vet at this stage. But if you don’t want to wait that long, an immediate solution is an endoscopy which the veterinarian will administer. 

Your pet will be unconscious during the process, which entails the vet removing the object with the help of a long and slim tube. To prevent your pet from eating inappropriate items like the other latex glove, teach them the ‘leave it!” command; it will help you imprint what they should and shouldn’t eat. Additionally, ensure that your pet has enough time and toys to play with, and take them on walks to expend pent-up energy that may drive your pooch to destroy things. 

Can a Dog Pass Latex Glove if Ingested?

Yes, and that is what will likely happen to your pet. In most cases where a dog gnaws on a latex glove and swallows the pieces or eats it whole, you can check their poop because this material cannot be digested. In three to five days, the latex glove should exit the system if there is no internal blockage or obstruction. 

Fortunately, a latex glove may only cause an intestinal blockage at worst, and in the best-case scenario, your pet will excrete the pieces because they will not digest. Now, during the next few days, after your pet eats a latex glove, try feeding them a bland diet of rice and boiled boneless chicken. We’re sorry, but you must check Fido’s poop daily to see if the glove comes out. 

A latex glove is one of those things your pet may eat and simply poop. It glides through the digestive system without a hassle in most cases, and you can help the system by providing a bland diet. Don’t skimp on fibers for your pet if you suspect they may have eaten a latex glove.


If your pet compulsively eats seemingly absurd things, don’t discard the situation because it may be due to an underlying medical condition like pica. Dog ate latex glove? Don’t panic; this is something dogs do sometimes when they are bored. Fix the situation through our tested and trusted methods, but don’t forget to get Fido some toys to gnaw on next time! 


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