My Pregnant Dog Is Pooping in House! Why?

Pregnant dogs do a lot of weird stuff, but pooping in the house is simply repulsing. Regardless of how much you cherish your canine, you’d be disgusted by this behavior. Anyway, we cannot put the whole blame on them, especially when a dog is pregnant. There are many reasons dogs engage in this disgusting behavior, ranging from physical illness to psychological troubles.

Pregnancy in dogs comes with many changes in a female dog’s body. The same way pregnant women deal with many mental and emotional changes. Therefore, when your pregnant pooch poops in the house, there is always a reason behind it. As a dog owner, you must understand why your dog engages in this act. When you understand the reasons, you’d be better able to tackle the problem.

Your pregnant dog pooping in the house is not much more of a concern than when a healthy but not pregnant dog does it. In this article, we will reveal why your pregnant dog is fond of pooping in the house and how to stop it from engaging in this disgusting behavior. Later on, we will supply answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why Is My Pregnant Dog Pooping in The House?

Pregnant dogs poop to mark their territory. Also, pregnancy causes a lot of pressure and behavioral changes for them. Your pregnant dog may be suffering from some kind of disease or ailment. In addition, your dog might be pooping around the house because it’s not properly trained.

There are tons of reasons your dog might be messing up the house with feces. The interesting thing is that dogs don’t see poop as disgusting as humans do! They see feces as something pleasant. Moreover, pregnancy causes diarrhea in dogs. Hence, you must take your dog for regular veterinary checkups to rule out any underlying health conditions. Pregnancy might at times be the sole reason why your canine poops around the home.

Furthermore, the high number of puppies maturing inside your canine’s tummy will put stress on its excretory system. This can make your pregnant dog start messing your home up with poop. If this happens to your dog, never be harsh on it. In addition, if diarrhea is the reason your pregnant pooch poops in your home, make sure it never gets dehydrated.

Why Is My Pregnant Dog Peeing in The House?

Your Pregnant dog is peeing in the house due to the excessive pressure placed on her bladder by the puppies in her belly. At other times, pregnant dogs urinate in the house to mark their territory. In addition, frequent urination by your pregnant canine can signify a urinary tract infection.

A female dog can be pregnant with three or more puppies at a time. This can place enormous pressure on her belly, giving her the urge to void urine frequently. During pregnancy, some hormones are produced within the dog’s body that aid this process. In addition, some pregnant dogs have the habit of marking their territory by peeing in the house; they do this to protect their young ones.

Evidence has shown that pregnant dogs that mark their territory with urine are overprotective after giving birth to their puppies. On the other hand, frequent urination by your dog could be a sign of a urinary tract infection in your pregnant dog. To detect a urinary infection, watch out for any small crystal-like objects in the urine of your dog. If you detect this, take your pregnant dog to the vet immediately.

Why Is My Pregnant Dog Pooping More than Normal?

A pregnant dog may be pooping more than normal due to a change in environment. Dogs are known to exhibit strange behaviors when in new surroundings. Apart from this, your pregnant dog may be pooping more than normal because of a bacteria infection.

There are a lot of harmful bacteria that can trigger excessive pooping in your canine. It has been estimated that a dog’s poop contains about 22 million bacteria. The commonest way dogs get infected by these bacteria is by eating their poop. In addition, overfeeding your pregnant dog with food can also trigger excessive popping. Always feed your dog in moderation to prevent excessive pooping.

Furthermore, if you’ve just changed location, your canine may be finding it difficult to adapt to a new environment. This situation causes extreme stress for your pregnant dog, making it poop in the house frequently. Moreover, always pay attention to the texture of your dog’s poop; if your dog’s poop is watery, it’s a pointer to irritation of the bowels. If it’s hard and dry, your canine might be dehydrated. If the color looks abnormal to what you are used to seeing, speak with your vet immediately.

How Do I Stop My Pregnant Dog from Pooping in The House?

To stop your pregnant dog from pooping in the house, you must understand the reason for the behavior. One effective way to stop your pregnant dog from pooping outside is to create a safe corridor outside the home for your pooch to poop.

To discourage your pregnant dog from pooping in the house, you must be quick to clean the poop of your dog immediately after it defecates in the house. If you fail to clean up the mess, it will come to poop there at another time. Furthermore, use an air purifier to get rid of the poop odor. Frequently taking your pregnant dog out for a walk is a great way to encourage your canine to poop outside.

You must rule out the possibility of a medical condition causing this behavior in your canine. Moreover, if you notice any abnormal behavior in your dog, book an appointment with your vet. Moreover, you can always use training gadgets to train your pregnant dog from pooping in the house. Train your dog to always view the outdoors as the best place to poop by not putting potty inside the house.


Pregnancy in dogs can trigger a wide range of weird behaviors in dogs. Unfortunately, pregnant dogs pooping in the house is one of those behaviors. If your canine poops in the house, do not be harsh on your dog. Rather, find a way of getting to the root cause of the behavior. Furthermore, do not hesitate to take your pregnant dog to the vet if you suspect something is not right with your canine. Finally, training your dog early on is effective in preventing it from pooping in the house.


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