My Dog Ate Tape – What Should I Do?

Dogs, like babies, enjoy putting things into their mouths. It’s one of the many similarities that exist between these two entities. Pet owners constantly worry about the next thing their pet will attempt to devour, and tape appears to be one of the many things your pet can find interesting and presume to be tasty. 

What happens to your pup when it eats tape or any other unusual item? Most times, things that dogs choose to consume are not toxic or harmful. Occasionally, they can get sick and require medical attention with some items. The average dog has probably devoured a foreign object at least once. This can constitute a worrisome experience and create concern for its health and safety.

All kinds of objects can catch your canine’s attention, and your dog would like to find out if those objects taste good. Pooches will eat band-aids, batteries, sticks, plastic pieces, clothing and fabrics, yarn, bleach, detergents, and other home care products that could be potentially harmful. These objects, when consumed, do not require the development of any signs or symptoms before presentation to a veterinarian. In this article, we’ll go over what you can do if your dog ate the tape.

Why Would My Dog Eat Tape?

Your canine is probably not as clever as you think. Anything from erasers, clips, cloth pieces, and even feces may appear as a delightful treat! Solid and oversized items may cause a blockage in its digestive tract with subsequent intestinal obstruction hence the need to be wary of your pet when they are surrounded or close to tiny objects. 

There are various reasons your dog might chew and swallow tape. In some cases, they do so when they feel neglected or lonely and seek your attention. This can be easily prevented by spending more time with your pet and ensuring you’re always there when they need you and your attention. Dogs are quite intelligent and hence very curious animals. An introduction to a new object or toy can create an assumption that the best way to explore and learn more about the object is by tasting, chewing, and subsequently swallowing it.

Stress and anxiety can create abnormal behavioral patterns in your pet that can cause your dog to eat weird stuff. Pica is a health condition where your dog desires and consumes nonfood items. It is often related to dietary deficiencies and is one of the differentials to look out for in such cases. A supportive digestion supplement can aid easy passage and the ideal digestive processes in dogs that eat inedible items. 

What Happens when My Dog Eats Tape?

The effect of your pet eating tape is dependent on the quantity of tape consumed. Various types of tape exist, and all of them are non-digestible. Technically your pet may find it easy to pass a little amount of tape when they poop. However, a larger quantity can pose a bigger digestive problem.

Also, the tape could go down the wrong path causing an airway obstruction with resultant choking. Because the tape is so sticky, it could get stuck to the back of your dog’s throat, increasing the likelihood of choking hazards. A choking dog has difficulty with breathing, and this is an emergency that may require the knowledge and application of a life-saving maneuver and an urgent visit to the vet.

Furthermore, your canine may stay unnecessarily quiet. Lethargy is one of the most common symptoms dogs experience when something is not right with them. Apart from this, your dog may also experience abdominal pain if it accidentally ate a tape. Keeping close watch over your pet and spending time with them can assure their safety and prevent them from eating weird things and doing activities that can be harmful to their health.

How Long Does It Take for The Tape to Pass Through a Dog?

Small-sized foreign items ingested by your pet should pass through its body in about 10 to 24 hours or at most a few days. However, larger objects can get stuck in the gut, causing a potentially deadly and harmful condition. Intestinal perforations are also a possibility when thick and inflexible tape is involved.

In addition, encourage your pet to consume more food, treats, and water to enable bowel movement and swift passage of foreign objects stuck in the gut. Do exercises with your pet, take walks, play catch and fetch games to further aid digestion. 

Be alert and proactive in monitoring your pet’s bowel habits and the content of its poop over the next 24 to 48 hours. It might be difficult to see small pieces of tape, but larger pieces usually would not go unnoticed. Keep close watch over your pet to rule out the possibility of the development of severe complications.

Is Tape Toxic to Dogs?

Tape is made from chemicals that are usually not harmful to humans or dogs and is itself not toxic. However, it can cause a digestive tract obstruction or cause a tear in the digestive tract when consumed in large quantities.

The chemicals and materials tape is made from are non-toxic and are unlikely to poison your dog. Small pieces of tape (less than 6 inches) should be conveniently passed in your pet’s poop. Never attempt to draw it out yourself, as this may cause more damage. If it is not out completely the first time, wait till your pet is ready to pass stool again for its complete removal. 

Essentially, your young pup would benefit a lot from close supervision. They are likely to be more curious and prone to consuming weird items. Keeping a close watch on your pet will ensure that they never need to seek your attention and are easily prevented from swallowing dangerous objects they may be unable to digest.

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate Tape?

You have to wait and observe your dog in case any symptoms develop. If your dog eats a whole roll of tape, take it immediately to the vet for a thorough evaluation and treatment. Dogs that eat a little quantity of tape can pass it in their poop with time. If, however, They consumed part of the hard plastic the tape dispenser is made of, then a vet will need to be contacted immediately. 

You might or might not be able to see the piece of tape in their poop. In this case, you have little or nothing to worry about. Tape can also cut through the intestinal lining to cause a perforation. The first thing to check for is if your canine is breathing ok. Check its mouth for any foreign objects that may obstruct airflow and remove them immediately. Observe your canine over a few hours to detect any changes in its behavior and for the development of any symptoms.

However, certain symptoms and signs are indicators of a more serious health condition. Symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty with passing poop/constipation, abdominal pain, bloody stool, loss of appetite, and an unusual lack of strength and inactivity are strong indicators to present to a doctor. An x-ray is taken on presentation to the clinic to determine the object’s location and the best method of removal. In cases of intestinal perforation, surgery may be required. The absence of any symptoms over a few hours should alleviate any fears.

How Do I Prevent My Dog from Eating Tape?

It’s easy! Spend more time with your dog and make sure that they are closely supervised. They tend to be on the move a lot, and it is necessary to ensure that tiny objects that may appear edible are kept away from their reach.

Take toxic and poisonous items away from the floors and lock them away or keep them in closets that your pet will be unable to open. A recommended pet corrector spray can be useful in distracting and warning them from indulging in inappropriate feeding habits. Tapes should be kept in drawers or on shelves where they are not visible and far away from your pet’s desirous gaze.

When you find your dog playing or chewing on a small object, take such things are away from them and keep 

them away. Also, you can buy chewy treats or give them their favorite chewy toy to keep them busy and prevent them from roaming around the house in search of something that may harm them.

If your dog is a natural chewer and can be more on the “destructive” side, we highly recommend this indestructible dog chew toy.


Dogs are intelligent and generally curious animals, especially when they are young. Consumption of weird objects is one of the many things they can do. As a dog owner, it is not unusual to find your dog chewing or swallowing a nonfood item, and this can be quite troubling depending on what object it is. Dogs that eat tape are usually not in immediate danger and, most times, will be fine. However, if your canine develops any symptoms, a trip to the veterinarian might be necessary.


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