Dog Ate Carpet Padding – Is It Toxic?

Not only is eating carpet padding dangerous for the dog, but it can also create a host of health issues that can end up being fatal if not taken care of immediately. While it’s important to understand why the dog is doing this, you must be proactive about prevention.

Regardless, once you notice the dog ate carpet padding, you must contact the vet as soon as possible. If the dog chomped down on an exorbitant amount, you would need to go to the emergency vet clinic. After you get the dog looked after, then you have to remove the triggers and reasons why the dog does this.

dog ate carpet padding

Can Dogs Get Sick from Eating Carpet Padding?

Irrespective of the amount, a dog eating carpet padding can create severe stomach and digestive issues. This includes intestinal blockages, poisoning, vomiting, or even gastric torsion. It can also stop up the dog’s throat, thereby creating breathing and swallowing problems.

When you take the dog to the vet, expect to pay for things like x-rays and other emergency fees. Depending on how much carpet padding the dog ate, they may have to force the dog to vomit or perform surgery.

This is why you cannot wait a few hours once the dog eats the padding. It’s simply too dangerous to wait any longer than is necessary. The sooner you can handle the issue, the better off your dog will be. Even if it’s a small amount, you must take the dog to the vet ASAP.

Will Eating Carpet Padding Hurt My Dog?

Yes, eating carpet padding will definitely hurt your dog. To what degree will impinge on how much of it the dog consumed. Aside from the myriad of potential health issues, it can damage your dog’s gums. This will be especially true if there are nails or staples in the padding.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you take the dog to the vet immediately and be proactive in your measures to stop the dog from this undesirable behavior. It’s too toxic to leave to chance, and of course, you want to reduce the dog’s potential suffering as much as possible.

This means you will have to devise a clear plan of action to prevent this behavior. So, your observations and assessments must be quick and accurate. Clean the area that the dog chews on with a good, strong cleaner. However, be careful how much water you use so as not to have mold growth under your carpeting.

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Eating Carpet Padding?

If your dog suddenly eats carpet padding, it could be due to a medical or psychological reason. Oftentimes, it’s a nervous tick, a diet deficiency or something spilled onto the carpet that your pooch finds delectable. Alternatively, it could be that the dog’s weaning happened far too young, and it’s trying to compensate.

First, it’s important to observe the dog’s demeanor and behavior along with what triggers the dog eating carpet padding. But, you should apply something to deter the dog from eating it. You could try something like our favorite no chew spray, Grannick’s Bitter Apple, as you would for a dog chewing on electrical cords. But, you could also use vinegar or some other scent your dog dislikes.

In the meantime, inspect the ingredients list on the dog’s kibble to ensure they’re getting the right amount of nutrition. They should have a well-rounded and various amounts of protein sources with some leafy greens and fruits appropriate for dogs to eat. Things like broccoli, apples, berries, and bananas are all excellent.

Removing Stressors

Also, if you notice the dog chewing on the padding after yelling, discipline or some other stressor, then you’ll have to remove that precursor. In the case of yelling between family members, it’s imperative to come to an understanding about how it affects the dog. If you’re always yelling at the dog, try to change your tone and demeanor.

If the stressor comes from some loud outside noise like road construction or fireworks, then you will have to help keep the dog calm as much as possible. This means you will have to muffle the sound as best you can. Playing movies or music a little loud might do the trick. If you’re a musician, this will be an ideal time to practice (unless that also bothers your dog).

You could try ear muffs or earplugs, but most dogs won’t have a tolerance for them. See if you can attempt to make the dog’s kennel or resting area soundproof too. Failing that, you may have to take your dog out of the house to a more peaceful place like the doggie park or the woods.

Keep the Dog Engaged and Entertained

In the cases where weaning happens far too young, it’s imperative to keep the dog busy and engaged. Make sure the dog has plenty of chew toys, challenging activities, and enough exercise. Doing this will distract the dog’s desire to eat carpet padding.

However, obedience training will go a long way to prevent the dog from doing things you don’t want. Do not punish, hit or strike the dog when you see it chewing on carpet padding. This will not return the results you’re looking for.


The most important steps to take once you’ve seen that your dog ate carpet padding are to first stop the behavior however you can. Then, call your vet or take the dog to an emergency clinic. Which one you do will depend on how much padding the dog consumed. Regardless, acting quickly will be your best bet.


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