Why Do Dogs Like Lotion? – Complete Breakdown

Why Do Dogs Like Lotion

Have you ever noticed how interested your dog is in your lotions? Even if they may sniff it and frown, it is intentionally poking its nose directly into the source of the smell – the bottle or your skin. Sometimes, your dog might even start licking the lotion. As a responsible parent, it is customary … Read more

Can 5 Week Old Puppies Eat Dry Food? – Answered

Can 5 Week Old Puppies Eat Dry Food

Feeding a puppy is pretty much like feeding a baby – neither chooses what to eat, and it is your responsibility to fulfill its nutritional requirements—making the right feeding choices can be challenging. Things are simple when puppies need milk solely. However, after reaching the age of 5 weeks, things become a bit more complicated.  … Read more

Scabs On Dog After Grooming? (ANSWERED)

Scabs On Dog After Grooming

When wounds form on your dog’s skin, a scab forms shortly after. The scab’s function is to stop the bleeding and prevent wound infections on the skin of your pet. Consider it as a response and way for your pet’s body to take care of the openings that may be prone to infections. Sometimes, your … Read more

My Dog Ate Part Of A Blanket – What Now?

My dog ate part of a blanket

As a dog parent, you are well aware of the fact dogs do many weird things. For example, eating unusual and inedible junk around the house like blankets. Surprisingly “Help, my dog ate part of a blanket” is a frequently searched phrase on dog forums and sites. In simple words, if your dog ate part … Read more

Caged Dog Syndrome – Complete Breakdown


Modern dogs often develop behavioral issues. They can stem from various reasons and vary in severity, from mild to unmanageable. Lately, in the dog parent community, there has been a particular interest in the so-called cage dog syndrome, the “to crate or not to crate” dilemma. Caged Dog Syndrome-What Is It? What is caged dog … Read more

Do you tip groomers at Petsmart? (Answered)

Do you tip groomers at Petsmart

Pets are happy when they are well-groomed, and the owners are satisfied when it is done with great care. If your pets are not well cared for, they may find it hard to see because of the excessive hair, or they may have difficulty walking with very long nails. These can cause irritations and potential … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Rolls? (Breakdown Plus Dog Safe Recipe)

can dogs eat pizza rolls

Pizza rolls are breaded and bite-sized pizza pockets filled with melted cheese, diced pepperoni, and tomato sauce. They are an incredibly delicious, almost addictive frozen food product invented by Jeno Pulucci, a food industry entrepreneur specializing in Chinese delicacies. If you are a pizza rolls fan, chances are you have at least once been tempted … Read more