How To Put Ear Drops in Uncooperative Bulldogs: Tips For Owners

Not all Bulldogs are fans of ear grooming. Some will give a fight before you can apply an ear drop properly. This will make ear treatments complicated, though it’s very much necessary in case of infections. Knowing how to put ear drops in uncooperative dog may be difficult, but there’s a workaround you can try.

Take note that it’s all about getting your Bulldog used to the process. Starting as early as possible is important to get your pet accustomed to the sensation of eardrop application.

How to put ear drops in uncooperative dog

For Bulldogs that just won’t stay still, the following are the steps you can take:

✔️Keep your Bulldog calm

how to put ear drops in uncooperative dog

Before you attempt to apply the eardrops into your dog’s ears, it’s crucial to keep the doggo calm first. This way, there will be no escaping, clawing, or biting.

Start with a gentle manner of approaching your Bulldog. This way, you won’t scare the dog away. Instead of going straight to your dog’s ears, you can call its name, pet it, and speak gently to the pooch. Through this, you’re setting a positive mood.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t put the medication on Bulldog’s favorite spot. You wouldn’t want it to cause a negative association with the place.

✔️Use gentle restraint

Next, you have to practice gentle restraint. You don’t really have to hold your Bulldog on four paws just to apply the eardrops. As simple as holding your dog’s body through your legs as you sit is a good start.

If your Bulldog runs at the sight of an eardrop, you have to practice more restraint. I suggest sitting in a corner with your face parallel to your dog’s. In this setup, your dog can’t back out while buying you time to apply the medication.

In the worst cases, you can ask another person to hold your Bulldog. You can also fit a muzzle into your pet if it bites or wrap the pooch on a towel if it tries to escape.

✔️Give some treats

As you restrain your dog, it will help to distract him with treats. Try restraining your dog, then give it treats right away. This will teach your pet that the sensation of restraint is a rewarded experience. Over time, your doggo will be more cooperative during the eardrop application.

✔️Apply the eardrop

Once your dog is calm and steady, hold its earflap up, then squirt the eardrop quickly. This won’t take you more than three seconds. However, avoid making very sudden movements as this may scare your Bulldog.

✔️Massage the ears

After that, massage your dog’s ears for a few seconds to help disperse the solution inside. This will also help your dog calm down since he will mistake it for petting.

✔️Toss more treats

Once you’re done with one ear, give your Bulldog more treats. You can now work on the other ear by repeating the same steps. Again, treats will help you in the process.  However, make sure that it’s easy to consume, like pieces of kibble or tiny bits of biscuits.

✔️Let the doggo shake!

Lastly, you should let your dog shake its head. This will help distribute the eardrop solution inside the ear. Also, it will let your dog get rid of the excess solution on its own. However, you should know that the leftover eardrop will splatter all over the place. This is why I recommend applying the solution in the bathroom, or somewhere you don’t mind getting a bit messy.

After both ears are done, you can give it a good wipe to remove gunk and excess that are left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I sedate my dog to clean his ears?

A: In case your Bulldog doesn’t stay still, you can consult its veterinarian for the potential use of sedatives. Take note that sedatives should only be used upon the prescription of a licensed vet. But if you don’t have the time for such consultation, you can try natural calming aids like chamomile, hemp-infused treats, and lavender scents. However, these are only calming solutions and are not guaranteed to make your Bulldog cooperative.

Q: Can eardrops make my dog sick?

A: Eardrops are unlikely to make your Bulldog sick. However, there’s a possibility that your doggo might be allergic to some of the ingredients on the product. It could cause redness, inflammation, and itching. However, this is rare since eardrops made for dogs are guaranteed gentle and safe.

Q: Do dog infections go away on their own?

A: Most dog ear infections will not go away on their own. In fact, letting it sit for too long will make it worse. It’s important to treat the problem as it arises so that it won’t compromise your dog’s health. Take note that ear infections that aren’t treated can result in hearing loss and the need for expensive surgery.

Q: Do I need to take my dog to the vet for ear infections?

A: It’s best to bring your dog to the vet if it has ear infections, especially one that doesn’t go away. This way, your pooch will receive the necessary treatment immediately. It will prevent the ear infections from worsening and causing further discomfort to your dog.

Q: What happens if you put too many eardrops in your dog’s ear?

A: Applying too many eardrops is unlikely to cause problems on your dog’s ears. Your pet will just shake it off its ears and all over the room. Also, it’s just a waste of eardrops, so you should always stick to what the veterinarian recommends.

Final words

Knowing how to put ear drops in uncooperative dog isn’t really that hard. You just have to find ways to calm your dog, utilize treats, and get some practice. Over time, you will master the process, and your dog will get used to it.

Remember to start touching your Bulldog’s ears at an early age. This way, it won’t mind eardrop applications in the future.

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