How to Clean English Bulldog Tear Stains – Bully’s Guide 2022

Lighter color dog fur is actually nice and somehow eye-catching. But, having an English bully with a light shade of coat is also challenging. It is because of the struggle in removing the tear stains from the face of the English bulldog. If you want your English bully to have a completely clean coat, then it is best to know how to clean English bulldog tear stains.

As we go along, we will share to you the definitions and causes of the tear stains in English bulldog. Moreover, we also have here helpful ways of looking for the location of tear stains. So, if you want to flaunt the coat of your bully, then clean them up with the tips and strategies below.  

The English Bulldog Tear Stains and Its Causes

Epiphora or tear stains are basically known as the overproduction of tears of the English bulldog. It may generally occur because of infection, dog breed susceptibility to the stains of dog tears, and the presence of trace minerals within the bulldog’s food and water. Actually, the primary minerals that cause the tear stains in the English bulldog are the copper and iron. These two minerals are also the main cause of the dark auburn color of the tear stains.

Trace minerals generally leave the body. Typically, the mode of exit of the trace minerals in the humans is through the urine excretion. However, when it comes in dogs, the minerals come out via the eyes. Moreover, the English bullies create more tears than the usual most of the time. On the other hand, this also indicates that the English bulldog may be suffering from any health concerns.

how to clean English bulldog tear stains

Despite the looks of the English bulldog that has a grooling lip, seeing tear stains over your bully’s face is really a pain to the eye. So, as a pet owner, you may be wondering how to clean English bulldog tear stains. Actually, doing it within the English bulldog’s face is really simple and that’s what we are going to discover later on.

So, before discovering how to clean English bulldog tear stains, here are the possible causes of the tear stains:


Generally, observing the English bully’s appearance, you will definitely notice that they are far different from the other dog breed. The structure of the eyes of the bully is actually prone to staining.


There are a plethora of commercially available dog foods available in the market. The English bulldog usually develops an allergic reaction to particular dog food additives or specific food brands. Because of this allergic response, the dog may have facial discoloration as well as tear staining of their coat.

*Over-production of tears

The tears usually fall down when the eyes are generally moistened. And once they fall, tear stains may form eventually. Generally, the usual cause behind the formation of tears within the eyes of the English bulldog is allergies. Aside from that, excessive tearing may also be a result of infection of the tear ducts.

*Imbalance of pH

In case the overall system of the English bulldog experiences an imbalance of the pH level, yeast production and infection may generally increase. And through this, there is a formation of tear stains within the eyes of the English bully.

*Allergens and other irritants

Another reason behind the production of tears thus forming tear stains is certain air pollutants such as dust.

*Underlying health conditions

Generally, the bulldogs are highly susceptible to health problems and of these are typical causes of tear stains. Check here for those health conditions of the English bully that necessitate the understanding of how to clean English bulldog tear stains:

  • Eye and ear infections
  • Glaucoma
  • High level of stress
  • Inverted eyelids
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Insufficient diet
  • Response to medications
  • Second-hand smoke

Ways on Spotting Tear Stains on the English Bulldog

how to clean English bulldog tear stains

Basically, the moment you know the appearance of the tear stains, looking for them, even from a distance, is not really an issue. The common location of tear stains is within the face of the English bulldog that is around the eye fold that crosses from the inner part of the eye gearing outside the corner of the face. Usually, tear stains are wet and come in a dark color or deep red color.

Moreover, here are the following signs of tears stains within the English bulldog. Generally, knowing these may help you in doing the ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains.

  • There is a smell all over the face which is normally an indication of yeast infection within the tear stains.
  • Eyes inflammation

How to Clean English Bulldog Tear Stains

Now that you know the causative factors of tear stains in English bulldog, you may generally want to treat it right away. And, because of that, you may definitely be eager to learn the ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains. Basically, options in doing so line up in list which may work successfully for your English bully.

1. Fur clipping and trimming

Basically, one of the primary ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains is by using a guarded clipper. This tool generally aids in trimming the English bully’s fur that grows lengthy within its eyes. By doing this, you may able to see the eye area where the tear stains are usually located making it easier for you to clean it.

2. Wiping of the bulldog’s face

In case you are looking for long-term ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains, the most effective is washing or wiping of the overall face of the dog on a regular basis. Warm water and a towel or soft cloth are the basic materials in wiping the face and the corners of the eyes of the English bully. Moreover, for eye discharge within the dog’s eye, you can consider doing some home remedies.

A 3% hydrogen peroxide is the best mild solution to clean the tear stains of the bulldog successfully. The use of a contact lens solution can also basically do the job. However, in using such solutions, be very careful in applying it so that it won’t get inside the eyes of the dog. Aside from that, make sure that the solutions you will be using are not too strong to irritate their eyes.

3. Consider using a collar

Generally, collars are of great help in addressing the excessive tearing of the English bully that comes from infection or other health-related conditions. This may help the dog to avoid rubbing its eye until such time that it is completely recovered. The veterinarian usually discusses to you the best way on how to clean English bulldog tear stains with the help of the dog collar. Aside from that, the vet may also advise you in choosing the best collar that fits your English bully.

4. Treating the English bulldog’s eye discharge

Using products that can prevent the discoloration of the tear stains is actually one of the ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains. Actually, you do not have to worry on the application of these products as they can be basic solutions that wipe off the tear stains on an everyday basis. It can also be antibiotics that aid in the removal of tear stains and address the issues within the ducts.

Here are some of the applicable treatments that include in the ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains. Treatments include home remedies, topical applications, and supplements that may aid in cleaning the tear stains of the English bully.    

            Cornstarch Paste
  1. Initially, you need to have the following ingredients:
  2. Corn starch
  3. Milk of Magnesia
  4. Peroxide
  5. Basically, mix equal amounts of Milk of Magnesia and peroxide.
  6. Put the cornstarch and wait until having a thick paste.
  7. Rub the paste over the tear stains and allow it to dry for about 3 to 4 hours.
  8. Moreover, rinse the solution and air dry it.
            Medicated Ointment

Usually, the medicated ointment has an antimicrobial as well as antifungal property that is perfect to be applied over tear stains of the English bulldogs. One example of this is the Dermalone Ointment that is basically used for the treatment of skin conditions that come from allergies. It is also be used in the treatment of cysts within the dog’s paws.


Actually, there are some available supplements that can boost the immune system of the English bully. Those supplements are also able to aid in the clearing of the tear stains within the English bulldog’s coat.

5. Modification of the English bully’s lifestyle

Most often, you may notice that the ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains are not generally effective. And, to be able to address it, routines modification is of great help. Basically, consider looking for a new place for resting or playing of the bulldog or you may start cleaning its face right after playing or sleeping. Moreover, diet alteration is also a good idea for you to consider.

Indications for the Need to Visit the Veterinarian

Generally, if the ways on how to clean English bulldog tear stains do not work successfully, there is actually a need to go and consult the vet. Visit the veterinarian right away in case you notice that the tear stains suddenly become infected. Moreover, once the dog experience soreness within the area of the tear stains, keep in mind that this indicates a more complex infection that generally calls for a prescription.

Final Thoughts

The ways involve how to clean English bulldog tear stains are generally simple and basic. But, primarily, you’ll have to look for the causative factor behind the production of excessive tearing of your English bully. And the list for this matter is basically long enough that you must have to begin cleaning the tear stains right away. Luckily, there are numbers home remedies that are of great help in cleaning the stains and make the coat of the English bully looks better.

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