English Bulldog Shedding Tips 2022!

Bulldogs, including the English bulldog breed, have a short and fine coat. Knowing this fact, most pet owners are asking if English bulldogs do shed? Generally, they do but they don’t shed too much like other dogs. English bulldogs just shed moderately. Even though the post-shedding cleaning process is too simple, it still entails some English bulldog shedding tips.

As we go along, we will share to you some helpful tips regarding bulldog shedding. We also have here the factors behind the shedding of the short coat of the English bulldogs. Check here and find out how we can give proper English bulldog skincare!

When is the Time of Bulldogs Shedding?

Actually, English bulldogs shed a lot when the seasons change. It is generally during winter to spring when you will notice most shedding. Additionally, summer to fall months is the time when heavy shedding arise. Moreover, English bulldog sheds at a high level when they are a puppy. Keep in mind that healthy English bullies shed in moderation.

Excessive shedding among the English bulldog is basically due to health-related concerns. This dog breed has sensitive skin and has allergies. That’s why you need to make this a consideration on the English bulldog shedding tips. The dog food containing high levels of natural oils is a good option to make the coat healthy and in good condition.

Amount of English Bulldog’s Hair Shedding

Generally, the English bulldog shed their hair in moderation. As mentioned earlier, that body phenomenon of the dog is triggered the most in spring and fall. If the dog has a short length of hair, it means that the growth cycle is shorter as well. This only indicates that there is a great number of hair to shed and scattered around.

Usually, every dog may encounter shedding at some point in their life. The seasonal changes may have a great impact on this normal dog phenomenon. That’s why noticing lots of hair during those shedding season may not call for worry. It is actually natural and the coat of the English bully may eventually adapt to the weather changes.

Another thing to look for is when your English bully is somewhat stressed out. When that is so, they may generally shed a lot. Call out for the help of the vet in case you are having a hard time in determining the causes of its shedding.  

The Causes of English Bulldog Shedding

Shedding of the English bulldog can either be excessive or gradual. However, if the bulldog shedding tends to be gradual, it may be attributed to various reasons. Yet, aside from knowing the English bulldog shedding tips, it is also important to ask for your vet so that you will exactly identify if your bully is excessively shedding. Based on the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA, here are the causes of the too much shedding of the English bulldog:

1. Parasites

english bulldog shedding tips
Image courtesy of Any Bulldog

The lice, fleas or mites, are parasites that may generally be a contributing factor to the English bulldog shedding. Basically, these parasites consider the English bulldog’s skin as their host. There are also other parasites that typically damage the host’s body as they grow into it. Aside from that, the parasites may also impose other English bulldog’s disease.

2. Improper nutrition

One of the primary causes of bully’s shedding that is essential on the English bulldog shedding tips is the not getting the well-balanced nutrition that they need. Improper nutrition of the pooch may be due to overfeeding and underfeeding. Additionally, the poor quality of the dog food is also a cause of this nutritional imbalance for dogs.

Moreover, the English bulldog may also suffer from other illnesses if they have lacking nutrition. That’s why it is very important to ensure that the dog food you will go to feed on your English bully is generally formulated for bulldogs.

3. Inhalants or food allergies

English bulldog’s too much shedding may be attributed to dog allergies and knowing it as a contributing factor of that dog’s phenomenon will help determine the English bulldog shedding tips. Usually, these allergies may occur from inhaling or consuming foods. This cause of excessive shedding of bully may not be a good circumstance for pet owners.

4. Fungal or bacterial infections

Generally, infections caused by fungi or bacteria affect the bulldog’s shedding and it can eventually escalate into the skin of the pooch. Some of the most common fungi and bacteria that may affect the English bully are the Candida, Ringworm, and Pyoderma.

5. Medication

Like in humans, some medicines work perfectly on the body. But, this does not mean that there would be no potential adverse reaction that may arise. This also applies true for the English bulldog. There may be some medicines for canines that may lead to their hair’s shedding. That’s the reason why these medications should only be given when it is recommended by the professionals or the vets.

6. Self-induced trauma because of licking

Most of the time, dogs, including the English bully, lick their skin. Usually, this natural behavior of the dogs is good for them. However, if the licking becomes frequent especially if it’s due to allergies or infection, shedding of the dog’s hair occurs.

7. Sunburn

Basically, sunburn on dogs is too painful which may eventually result in skin hair shedding. A great indication of it is the red color patches all over their skin.

8. Cancer

Another important factor to determine some of the English bulldog shedding tips is the cancer of dogs. Treat the dog’s cancer with the appropriate medicines.

9. Contact with caustic substances

Generally, there are some reactive substances that get in contact with the skin of the English bulldog. Experiencing this can also lead to too much shedding of this bulldog breed.

10. Pregnancy or lactation

Basically, during the stage of dog pregnancy and lactation, the hair of the English bulldog will also undergo shedding.

English Bulldog Shedding Tips: Factors that Affect It

Basically, there are factors that may have an impact on the shedding of the English bulldog’s hair. Moreover, they can even worsen it at some point if not properly managed. A responsible dog owner must have to learn everything regarding the English bulldog shedding tips to prepare them for the worst.


The moment the English bulldog gets older, you will eventually notice the constant shedding that they are experiencing. Moreover, not able to control it may let it becomes heavier thus worsening it. Actually, this factor makes the older English bulldog shed excessively than their younger counterparts.

*Quality of the coat

english bulldog shedding tips
Image courtesy of Dogs-LoveToKnow

To add up to the list of the English bulldog shedding tips, it is essential to know that a bad quality coat shed the most. Aside from that, coat with bad quality indicates that the English bully will shed within the next days. Keep in mind that a proper diet and good grooming may generally maintain the health of the bulldog’s coat.

*Fluctuations in the temperature

Temperature is among the common factors that have a great impact on the English bulldog shedding and on the tips associated with it. There are months that the bully may shed too much but there are months that shedding is not noticeable. These are generally due to the fluctuations in temperature.

Actually, if this is the case, there would be no way to stop the shedding. However, one of the best English bulldog shedding tips regarding this is that the temperature is highly controllable. Residing somewhere the temperature alters most of the time, it is better to expect for the shedding of this breed. This is because they must give way on the regulation of their body temperature.


Basically, the sun is a strong indication that the bully may shed. During strong sun rays, the English bulldog needs to cool down their body. In order to do so, the bully will have to shed to protect their body from overheating.

*Female bully’s heat cycle

Generally, if you have a female English bulldog, they are susceptible to undergo shedding. The shedding usually occurs due to the fluctuation of female hormones. Perhaps, this is a normal phenomenon on female dogs.

English Bulldog Shedding Tips: How to Control It

There are actually varying factors that may cause the shedding of the English bulldog. As we have mentioned age is one of those factors and among other dog breeds, the bulldog sheds in moderation. Their coat that is usually fine makes them an average shedder. Because of this, English bulldog shedding is rarely observable.

Actually, there are numbers of English bulldog shedding tips that help a lot in managing this bulldog’s condition. Here are the most important ones:

1. Proper grooming

One of the important English bulldog shedding tips is the regular brushing of their coat. Usually, the English bully really loves being groomed. Make it a habit to brush the English bulldog as it is the easiest method of grooming them. However, it generally requires consistency in order to see its effect.

When it comes to brushing your English bulldog, basically, brush their skin carefully using a hairbrush with soft bristles intended for them. Moreover, bear in mind that a brush that tends to be uncomfortable on your skin might also do the same for your English bully. In addition to that, always remember that brushing the hair of the English bulldog is good to go in the outside of your home. This will generally guarantee that their hair won’t spread within the house.  

Aside from that, as part of the English bulldog shedding tips, you should brush the coat of the English bulldog in the same direction as of the growth of the hair. This step will generally relieve the pain while brushing the bulldog.

Appropriate grooming tools

In addition to modifications of their eating routine and bathing habits, grooming of the bully is also important. Here is the list of the essential tools for grooming the English bully:


Shedding dog brush is primarily needed for grooming this dog breed as one of the English bulldog shedding tips. However, be very cautious when you opt to buy this dog product. It is actually better to go for the one that tends to be soft on the bully’s body.


The nails of the English bulldog are a target area for the germs to inhabit and potentially cause disease there. Because of this, it is basically important to regularly clip the nails of the bully. Doing this will eventually prevent the growth of germs over that spot and manage the bulldog’s hair shedding as well.


If your bully wears a dirty collar, there is a high potential that irritation occurs around their neck. Moreover, keep away from the dog collar of poor quality as it may lead to irritation or sensitivity to the English bulldog’s neck. Due to this, the bully may do repeated scratching on the neck more than usual. The best way to do about this when it comes on the English bulldog shedding tips is the regular cleaning of their collar.


When you have a dog that shed, it is actually a good idea to have an available and accessible. In conjunction with the house cleaning, vacuuming the house also helps a lot in keeping the allergens from the hair of the bully into the ground and other parts of the house. Moreover, this will also improve the entire cleanliness of your home.

Furthermore, there are numbers of vacuums that perform great. There are vacuum types which feature a mattress attachment. Meanwhile, there is some vacuum that has specific design specifically for the pet hair.  

2. Bathing

Image courtesy of Annie Many

Actually, it is really important to bathe your dog; however, frequent bathing of this dog breed can also lead to skin dryness. Please do remember that dryness of the skin of the English bully will lead to hair shedding. An essential thing to remember about the English bulldog shedding tips is that this dog requires bathing if necessary.

Generally, the recommended bath schedule for the English bulldog is on a once a month basis or within every 6 weeks. Aside from that, giving the bully an appropriate bath is also of high recommendation. Perhaps, if your English bulldog is basically active and he plays more on the outside, it is okay to bath them, but do not make it a habit. Moreover, bathing the English bulldog correctly indicates that are using the appropriate pet shampoo and pet bathing essentials.

Yet, the use of shampoo is not generally advisable for the English bulldog because this product is very strong. Knowing this, take extra cautions in bathing your bulldog friend as one of the English bulldog shedding tips. Knowing this, it is very important to consider Oatmeal shampoo as it is delicate on their skin. This shampoo is very gentle and does not keep away the pH balance on the skin of the dog.

Additionally, this kind of dog shampoo is better when combined with coconut oil. Coconut oil acts as a killer of microorganisms present in the body of the canine that usually causes shedding.

3. Diet

Introducing food to the English bulldog is highly essential and you must have to monitor and observe for signs. Switching on a new diet routine is the best option the moment you notice any negative reactions on them. Moreover, a wrong diet generally affects the level of shedding of the English bulldog. Luckily, they may have a minimum shedding if they have healthy skin, while the unhealthy one may lead to maximum shedding.

Another important thing to remember here is to provide your bully with high-quality food for canine with excellent quality ingredients. It is generally better to keep away from cheap dog foods. This kind of dog food may have nutrients that do not contain the appropriate balance of nutrients required by the English bulldog. Kitchen leftovers and human foods with grains are not good for the English bully to consume.

Generally, grain-containing foods may cause dog shedding. Aside from that, this may also lead to some medical problems such as canine’s dental concerns of the English bulldog. The right choice of food is basically the primary choice of controlling shedding and one of the best English bulldog shedding tips. That’s why it is very crucial to have strict monitoring of the food that they eat.

It is also a better choice to avoid giving them any uncommon food. Basically, dog food that contains high levels of protein will make the coat of the English bulldog thick and shiny. Also, do not give them dog food containing sweeteners as it may result in dog itching and infection of their skin.

Fatty acid supplements

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 prove its way on giving a completely healthy skin and hair. This effect does not only pertain to humans but also to dogs as well. Due to this, it also helps in reducing the shedding of the coat of English bulldog.

Moreover, the incorporation of Omega-3 within the English bulldog’s diet entails numbers of health advantages. Besides, choosing a dog food that has a high level of fatty acids such as Omega-3 is generally essential. Omega-3 fatty acids-rich foods are fish, flaxseed, kale, and spinach.

Additionally, you can also buy these fatty acid supplements in the form of Salmon oil or other dietary supplements. Consider adding some flaxseed oil to the dog’s diet if you notice that the English bulldog sheds hair. Definitely, this supplement will help a lot in the growth of the skin coat.

4. Vet’s visit

Generally, if worse comes to worst if you already take your part and follow the English bulldog shedding tips and it does not stop the shedding of your bully, it is better to go and have a trip to your vet. The veterinarians know the best way and treatment to mitigate as part of the English bulldog shedding tips and even those other health-related concerns.

Final Thoughts

The English bulldog shedding tips include important details concerning bulldog’s shedding. There is actually a number of reasons behind this phenomenon being experienced by the bullies. Alongside it is the different ways of controlling and managing the shedding problem. Grooming tools are also of great help in reducing the chance of English bulldog shedding.

Moreover, it is also a big help to visit the veterinarian especially when you are in doubt about the shedding condition of your bulldog. They are the right person that can professionally diagnose the deeper concerns and more complex health problems that you are not aware of. Furthermore, they may also give you helpful tips regarding your bully’s concern.

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