Do you tip groomers at Petsmart? (Answered)

Pets are happy when they are well-groomed, and the owners are satisfied when it is done with great care. If your pets are not well cared for, they may find it hard to see because of the excessive hair, or they may have difficulty walking with very long nails. These can cause irritations and potential wounds to your pet if not managed.

Do you tip groomers at Petsmart? Groomers put a lot of effort into grooming your pets, and giving a generous tip would compensate for their labor. Professional groomers tend to your pets’ needs while maintaining the proper length of their hair and nails, keeping them happy and safe from injuries and other serious complications.

Why is grooming the best option to go for?

Grooming your dogs by yourself is possible, but seeking professional help is advised as they can ensure everything is cleaned and trimmed correctly. Groomers at Petsmart will improve your pet’s overall physical appearance by bathing, trimming nails, cutting hair, de-shedding, and more.

Grooming also improves your pet’s smell and overall hygiene. Treated hair produces a healthy coat which can also lessen shedding. Perfectly trimmed nails can prevent them from developing deformities in the bone and changes in their posture.  Groomers also inspect for fleas and will provide them with the proper treatment and care for prevention.

Long hairs might poke into the eyes of your pet, resulting in redness, pain and can cause severe complications such as permanent or temporary blindness. When pets are not well-taken care of, wax build-up inside their ears may lead to infections. Groomers at Petsmart will remove the wax and disinfect the ears.

Pet grooming is beneficial in so many ways. These well-trained groomers will do everything they can to give your pets the necessary tools for cleanliness and prevention. Any amount of a tip given to them is beneficial for extra care and pet safety.

How to know if you need to take your pets for grooming?

Observing your pet’s mood and changes in physical appearance is the best way to determine when to take them for grooming. Their coat could become matted without routine grooming, and their nails could be painful to walk on. If you noticed that your pet’s coat is matted and starts to trap debris, dirt, and even pests, it’s time to book an appointment.  According to professional groomers, taking your pet to be groomed every six weeks is long enough not to be burdensome but still

short enough that the fur, nails, and skin won’t suffer too much.

It is crucial to check their ears for a visible build-up of wax. If accumulation is present, then it is the right time to get them cleaned and treated by groomers. Doing it on your own may push the wax deep into the ear.

Bites from ticks and fleas visible on your pet’s skin should also be observed. You’ll know it’s become a problem when they start scratching or biting their skin. If the elimination of pests is not done as soon as possible, it can cause severe irritation to your pet and may even spread throughout your home.

Nails that are long and untrimmed can be painful for your pets. When the nails are too long, they create an unnatural angle for the foot, causing uneven tension on the toes and making the nail beds sensitive and sore. If you hear clicking sounds from their paws when walking around, this indicates that your pet has long nails. Pets with long nails will sometimes slip on hardwood or tile floors or tread cautiously. The groomers will use nail clippers to trim them off quickly.

Why regular pet-grooming is important

Petsmart has tools and equipment specifically for grooming your pets. Groomers ensure your pet’s safety during cutting and trimming procedures and will make grooming your pet swift and safe. They are equipped to groom precisely without hurting your pets.

 Along with years of training and practice, groomers are qualified to handle their scissors with care and precise control. At the same time, the pet is raised on a table at eye level and held still with a grooming loop for added precaution.

Some people try grooming on their own, but in this way, your pets can get stressed and may feel uneasy. While there are proper ways to groom at home, grooming services are recommended because they know the dos and don’ts of grooming that some people might not. This is what sets groomers apart from just doing it at home. 

Shorter, well-done sessions by groomers are better than doing it yourself. These appointments will save you more time and assure you that your pet is well-groomed.

In addition to that, ensuring cleanliness and the overall well-being of your pets is essential. Groomers will not only give the services needed but also make sure that your pets get the love and affection they deserve, making them relaxed, feel warm and comfortable while getting cleaned up.

Grooming is not an easy task since strangers cannot easily tame all pets. There are well-behaved and obedient pets, but there are also hysterical ones. Groomers try their very best to give the proper service that your pet needs, making sure that what you’ve spent for grooming is what your pet will receive. Offering a generous tip will let groomers know that you have highly appreciated their care and service provided to your pets.

With all of that being said, what amount should you tip your groomer? It varies on the service given and the condition of the work and if the groomer listened and fulfilled the trim you asked for. Just like with anything else, tip according to your level of pleasure. If you get terrible service, do not tip.

In general, you should tip your groomer 15 to 20 percent of the service total.

Please don’t jeopardize the safety or mental welfare of your pet. Please know when to search for the aid of a licensed professional.