6 Best Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs – Perfect For Summer!

As a brachycephalic breed, French Bulldogs are prone to overheating during summer. This is why owners should find ways to keep their Frenchies cool and away from the scorching heat. Aside from proper hydration and ventilation, it also helps a lot to use the best cooling vest for French Bulldogs. These vests are made to wick moisture and keep warm air out of your dog’s coat.

In this post, I reviewed 6 cooling vests that I swear by as a Frenchie owner. See which one helps beat the summer heat for your pet:

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What are cooling vests and their benefits?

Cooling vests for dogs are designed with optimal breathability to ensure that the canine remains cool and comfortable during hot days. Unlike typical vests, cooling types can also be infused with cooling gels to enhance their benefits.

Aside from that, there are models that can be filled with water or be chilled inside the freezer before putting on the dog. Meanwhile, other types are designed to be soaked and wrung before use.

Overall, cooling vests are intended to prevent warm air from getting stuck between the material and the canine’s coat. Many of these vests are also leash and harness-compatible, so you can use them while taking your dog outdoors.

But do Frenchies really need cooling vests? Generally, dogs don’t regulate their body temperatures the way we do. Their skin doesn’t sweat, so they are highly prone to overheating. And since French Bulldogs are flat-nosed, they find it hard to breathe, much so in a hot environment.

So if your pooch had a history of overheating before, you should consider getting a cooling vest. It’s not a requirement, but it will make a big difference in your dog’s comfort.

Best Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs – My Top 7 Picks


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RUFFWEAR Jet Stream Cooling Vest

best cooling vest for French Bulldogs

Another cooling vest I recommend is the RUFFWEAR Jet Stream. This one has a simpler profile than the Swamp Cooler. The biggest difference between the two is the zipper enclosure of this one as opposed to the side buckles of Swamp Cooler.

Moreover, the Jet Stream Cooling Vest shares the same layered cooling design as the first option from RUFFWEAR. The middle layer of this vest absorbs and stores moisture while the outer layer reflects sunlight and heat.

Aside from that, this cooling vest is designed with a high-performance fit. This lets your Frenchie run and play around without worrying about the vest coming off or getting loose.

Like the other RUFFWEAR cooling vest, the Jet Stream offers sun protection of up to UPF50+. It also has a long back design to shield your Frenchie’s body from the heat without restricting movement.

Overall, this is harness-compatible, but it doesn’t have the same light loop at the back. Nevertheless, it’s just a small niggle I can live with. Besides, it still comes with reflective trims for low-light safety.

  • Three layers of cooling construction
  • Zippered enclosure for a snug fit
  • Harness-compatible
  • Equipped with reflective trims
  • No adjustments are possible since it doesn’t use strapped buckles or Velcro.

SGODA Dog Cooling Jacket

best cooling vest for French Bulldogs

Another cooling vest I recommend for French Bulldogs is the SGODA Dog Cooling Jacket. This one has three layers of cooling fabric that you have to soak in water, wring, and put on your dog. It will help keep your dog cool for up to an hour, depending on how hot it is.

Aside from that, this evaporative cooling vest has a heat-reflective shell. It’s also equipped with reflective trims for added safety in low-light conditions.

Another thing I like about this vest is its leash-compatible design with two metal D-rings at the back. This is paired with a full-length zipper enclosure and Velcro straps for added fit.

Overall, French Bulldogs will usually wear a small to medium size on this cooling vest. Don’t worry because it has a cinch at the bell area that lets you adjust the fit of the vest based on your dog’s build.

Aside from being a cooling vest, we also realized that this is also effective as a ThunderShirt alternative. It has a thick material, which hugs a dog’s body to help keep it calm.

  • Leash-compatible, so there’s no need to put on a separate harness
  • 3-layer cooling construction
  • UV protective
  • Heat-reflective
  • Equipped with Velcro and zipper enclosures
  • Many buyers complain about the tricky sizing.
  • It doesn’t hold a lot of water at once.

Lautus Pets Cooling Vest For Dogs

best cooling vest for French Bulldogs

The Lautus Pets Cooling Vest For Dogs uses a cooling fiber technology and micro-perforation to keep your Frenchie cool. To activate this vest, you just have to soak it in cool water for one minute, wring it, and put it on your dog. There’s no need to put ice or place the vest on the fridge.

I also like that the vest is simple to put on. It has Velcro waist straps and a large opening that slides easily into your dog’s head.

Moreover, the Lautus Pets Cooling Vest remains lightweight and your Frenchie will barely notice that it’s on. It’s also easy to wash and dry even without a washing machine.

Aside from that, Lautus Pets provides a 1-year warranty. If there are issues with the vest, you can get a replacement for free. For this price range, that’s already an unbeatable guarantee.

Just remember that this vest runs slightly smaller than other options. With that, Frenchies will need a medium or large, depending on the exact measurements of your pet. Make sure that you refer to the sizing chart of Lautus Pets before placing an order.

  • Uses cooling fiber technology
  • 1-year no-hassle warranty
  • Lasts long on every soak
  • Light material that’s not too thick
  • You have to keep it wet if you want the cooling effect to last.
  • It gets linty easily.

Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest

If you don’t want a full-length cooling vest for your French Bulldog, I highly recommend that you use the Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest instead. This has a half-sized design similar to typical harnesses used on Frenchies. Still, it has a cooling design that will help prevent your dog from overheating during summer.

This vest helps cool your Frenchie’s heart region to ensure proper blood circulation. This will help reduce panting, excessive heat, and discomfort.

Moreover, this cooling vest absorbs twice more water as standard terry cloths. This means that each soak will keep your Frenchie cool for long hours.

Aside from that, the small and XXS sizes of this vest have an attached loop where you can secure a leash. It also uses a zipper enclosure at the back of your dog without snagging on its coat.

Overall, this is a cooling vest that works. It also comes with reflective trims for added safety when taking your French Bulldog out at night.

However, the only thing I noticed is that the vest gets really heavy when saturated with water. Other than that, it’s a great pick for Frenchies.

  • Holds a lot of water
  • Durable stitching and construction
  • Warms your dog’s heart region
  • Small sizes have leash attachments
  • It gets heavy when extremely soaked, so consider wringing it a bit.

Canada Pooch Dog Cooling Vest

My last pick for this roundup is the Canada Pooch Dog Cooling Vest. This design resembles a raincoat for added breathability.

This vest uses a chemical-free cooling system using a water-retaining fabric. You only have to soak it in water, wring it, and put it on your dog. This will help cool down your French Bulldog during summer.

Aside from that, the Canada Pooch Cooling Vest has a mesh material to keep it breathable. So even as the water dries up, your Frenchie won’t feel hot while this is still on.

Moreover, this vest has fully adjustable buckle closures to suit Frenchies’ chests. The reflective trims also add safety during low-light conditions.

The bonus part is you can get this vest in three color and print variations. It’s also available in a wide range of sizes to suit various breeds.

Overall, this cooling vest stays wet for long periods. However, some pet owners noticed that this has a slightly bigger neck hole than usual. Other than that, I still think that this vest remains a good pick.

  • The cooling effect lasts long.
  • Adjustable buckle closures
  • Available in three colors
  • Effective even in high humidity
  • Runs slightly big, so always check the sizing chart
  • Some dogs get chafed armpits when wearing this vest

How to choose the best cooling vest for French Bulldogs

Choosing a cooling vest is pretty much the same as buying typical vests but with additional features. To keep it simple, here are the things you should keep in mind:

🐶Choose the right size

The first thing you should check is the size of the vest you’re going to buy. Frenchies are small to medium-sized dogs. Usually, they will wear small to medium-sized harnesses, vests, or jackets. Still, you should check the individual sizing chart of the brand you’re planning to purchase.

For cooling vests, you have to measure two things: your Frenchie’s chest girth and neck girth.

To measure for chest girth, you should run the tape measure on the broadest part of your dog’s chest. The tape measure should be snug but not too tight. Most French Bulldogs have a chest girth ranging from 18 to 26 inches.

Next, you should measure the broadest part of your Frenchie’s neck, which is the closest to its chest. Most French Bulldogs have a neck girth of 12 to 16 inches.

Using these measurements, you can now browse for cooling vests in the market. Just know that some manufacturers and buyers may recommend sizing up in case your pet falls within sizes.

🐶Check the material

Another thing you should check is the material of the cooling vest. Mesh is the standard material for most cooling vests due to its breathable nature. It’s often blended with nylon since this fabric wicks moisture well and it doesn’t harbor a bad smell.

Aside from that, you should check the enclosures. Sturdy buckles are handy enough for ease of use. Other models have Velcro straps that allow pet owners to adjust the fit to their dogs.

Overall, the material should be fur-friendly and doesn’t have stiff parts that could hurt the dog’s skin.

🐶Leash and harness compatibility

As much as possible, you should opt for leash or harness-compatible cooling vests. Some vests double as a harness while your French Bulldog is outdoors. Look for D-rings or loops where you can attach the leash safely.

Aside from that, some cooling vests like the one from Ruffwear have an additional loop where you can attach a light. This is for added visibility in case you’re walking your dog at night.

And speaking of visibility, a cooling vest with reflective trims is also a great choice.

🐶Mind the price

Lastly, you should consider the price of the cooling vest you’re going to buy. Overall, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a decent one. Still, investing a few more bucks will give you better material, durable stitching, and value for money.

Additional methods to keep your Frenchie cool during summer

Aside from putting on a cooling vest on your French Bulldog, these hacks will also help in preventing heatstroke during summer:

  • Schedule walks wisely. During summer, it’s a mortal sin to walk a brachycephalic breed like Frenchies in the middle of the day. The intense heat will expose them to the risk of overheating, not to mention that the hot pavement can burn their paws.
  • Keep the dog hydrated. French Bulldogs should remain hydrated, no matter what the season is. You should always keep a fresh bowl of cool water around, so your dog can drink whenever it wants. You should also bring a bottle of water and a dog bowl if you’re out and about with your Frenchie.
  • Use damp towels. During summer, you can place damp towels around where your Frenchie can lie down. This will help them cool down having to take a bath or wear a cooling vest all day long.
  • Give your dog a mini pool. A water-filled basin can do a lot for an overheating doggo. Also, it will keep your French Bulldog cool outdoors during summer. Just make sure that you place the basin in a shaded and ventilated area.
  • Protect their paws. Aside from protecting your dog’s body from the heat, you shouldn’t forget about their paws. All dogs, not just Frenchies are prone to burnt paw pads during summer. With that, you should consider putting on doggy boots on your pet or applying a paw cream before heading out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is 80F too hot for a French Bulldog?

A: If your place gets warmer than 80F to 85F, it’s best to keep your French Bulldog indoors. This is to prevent your dog from overheating, much so if your place experiences sweltering summers. If you’re keen to take your Frenchie for a walk, I suggest scheduling it early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it’s much cooler.

Q: Why is my French Bulldog panting so much?

A: If your French Bulldog is panting so much, it might be on the verge of overheating. It’s important to assess the surroundings and bring your dog to a cooler and well-ventilated area. Take note that it’s not advisable to bring your overheating Frenchie in an air-conditioned room as it can cause shock.

Q: Are cooling collars safe for dogs?

A: Like cooling vests, cooling collars are safe for canines if used properly. This will help bring down your overheating dog’s body temperature. Still, cooling collars and cooling vests are just supplementary solutions and must be paired with other precautions.

Q: How do you use a cooling vest?

A: Cooling vests are fairly simple to use, depending on their design. Most types in the market only needed to be soaked in cool water and wrung before putting on a dog. In other designs, you can simply pour water on the vest while your dog is wearing it to refresh the cooling effect.

Q: How long do dog cooling vests last?

A: Most dog cooling vests will have a lasting effect of up to 45 minutes. After that, you need to soak it again in water or pour water on it. Nevertheless, the vest remains breathable and comfortable to wear even if not moist.

Final words

The best cooling vest for French Bulldogs will help prevent overheating. This comes in handy during the summer season, especially if you live in a hot place. Just make sure that you get the right size, material, and design that will be comfortable for your pet.

What do you think of these cooling vests? Share your thoughts below!


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