Why Is My Bulldog Puppy So Thirsty? Here’s The Answer!

If your pup is chugging water like a horse, you can’t help but ask, why is my puppy so thirsty? Excessive drinking in puppies can be a typical case of thirst, but it can also point to a health problem if it happens frequently. It’s also important to check the water bowl and what your puppy was doing before it starts drinking like it hasn’t done so for a week.

Why is my puppy so thirsty?

Water intake is necessary to keep your puppy healthy. However, too much is also a bad thing.

Overhydration can happen to dogs, also known as water intoxication. This occurs when puppies drink excessively large amounts of water in one sitting. Symptoms of water intoxication include bloating, lethargy, staggering, vomiting, excess salivation, pale gums, and dilated pupils.

If you’re wondering why your pup is suddenly drinking too much, the following might be the reasons why:


why is my puppy so thirsty

The most common reason behind your puppy’s excessive thirst is dehydration. Puppies have intense energy, so a few minutes of running around is enough to make them thirsty. If excessive drinking stops after limiting its physical activities, mild dehydration might be the reason why.

However, dehydration can be life-threatening. If you leave your Bulldog puppy without a bowl of water, it will become extremely thirsty. So the moment you arrive from work and give it something to drink, the pup would be chugging it like there’s no tomorrow.

Remember that puppies aren’t supposed to go without water longer than eight hours. While they won’t die right away, it will start the onset of dehydration.


On a more serious note, excessive thirst is also a tell-tale symptom of canine diabetes. This is because canines suffering from diabetes mellitus need to expel the excess sugars through their kidneys. Such excessive sugars are present because the dog’s insulin isn’t sensitive enough or lacking supply to store the sugar properly.

When a lot of sugar is left in the bloodstream, the body will then look for exit points. The kidney is the fastest way to do this, which will trigger frequent urination. And when the pup is peeing a lot, it will make him thirsty all the time.

Take note that canine diabetes can either be Type 1 or Type 2. Of these types, Type 2 is more likely to be reversed. Nevertheless, both will require insulation supplementation at some point.

Aside from thirst, diabetic dogs will also experience unexplained weight loss, a sudden increase in appetite, depression, and lack of energy.

🐶Kidney disease

why is my puppy so thirsty

Another possible condition that makes your puppy very thirsty is kidney disease. Puppies suffering from this condition will have increased fluid loss. With that, the body will signal the brain for thirst. This will make your dog obsessed with drinking water even if it’s not physically active.

Take note that kidney disease progresses fast. In a matter of months, you’ll notice your Bulldog puppy showing other symptoms like incontinence, lethargy, vomiting, and a metallic breath smell.

Kidney disease can be genetic or acquired. In acquired conditions, your dog probably has a very high-protein diet that damaged the kidney in the long run. Also, exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to kidney problems.

It’s important to bring your Bulldog puppy to the veterinarian if you notice these major signs. Early medical intervention will increase your dog’s chance of full recovery.


Puppies are prone to a condition called hypercalcemia, especially if their owners are giving them calcium supplements. This is due to the excessive amounts of calcium in the pup’s body. It can be due to diet or an abnormality in the dog’s parathyroid glands, the body part that controls calcium levels.

Bulldog puppies suffering from this condition are observed to have excessive thirst. It will be followed by listlessness, weakness, and increased urination.

In this case, frequent urination is the body’s way of expelling excessive calcium. Some will be released through stool. Either way, it will cause your dog to lose a lot of body fluids. To compensate, your puppy will drink a lot.

The good thing is that hypercalcemia can be treated. It’s just important to watch out for the symptoms for early detection and treatment.

🐶Cushing’s disease

One of the symptoms of Cushing’s disease is frequent urination and thirst. You’ll also notice the affected Bulldog puppy panting and losing hair. Some will also exhibit a sudden increase in appetite and reduced activity.

Cushing’s disease is a serious health condition and requires immediate veterinary care. Also, the only way to treat the condition is to remove the tumor causing it so it won’t spread further. Depending on the extent of the condition, the prognosis for this condition will vary widely among canines.


Lastly, your dog may not be sick at all. Boredom can also push a puppy to do weird things like pawing the wind, zooming out of nowhere, or drinking lots of water. It’s important to intervene with excessive drinking so your dog won’t succumb to water intoxication.

Keeping your Bulldog puppy busy with exercise and mental games should distract it from obsessive drinking. It will also help to keep the water supply limited and just enough for what your dog needs for the day.

How much water should a puppy drink?

An average puppy needs to drink around half a cup of water per hour. This applies to all breeds, not just Bulldogs. The goal is to ensure that the pup is drinking enough, but not too much.

Once your pup becomes a year old, you’ll need to monitor its drinking even more. The rule of thumb is that the dog needs to drink half an ounce for every pound of its body weight. If the Bulldog is active or the weather is hot, you can increase it to an ounce per pound.

How do I slow down my puppy’s drinking?

If your Bulldog puppy is drinking too fast, consider getting a floater bowl. This is similar to slow-feeding bowls, with a unique design in the middle. It will prevent your dog from gulping large amounts of water at a time.

For floater bowls, there’s a floating disc in the middle that, when pushed, will cause the water to rise. This forces your dog to slow down its drinking, and you can also limit the amount of water you’re going to give.

Aside from that, it will help to retrieve the water bowl after meals. You should only put it back to let your dog take a sip. This is added work, but it’s very effective in keeping your dog from drinking too much. Also, make sure that your Bulldog puppy doesn’t have access to your bathroom, sink, and water dispenser, where it can sneak for a drink.

Do dogs drink more water as they get older?

Older dogs usually need more water due to their bigger bodies. However, if your older canine suddenly exhibits a sudden increase in hydration, you should get it checked at the vet’s clinic. As dogs get older, they become more prone to various metabolic problems like diabetes and kidney issues.

However, you should remember that dogs normally drink more water during hot weather. So if your old dog is chugging more than usual, it’s worth checking the temperature.

Do pregnant dogs drink a lot of water?

Pregnant dogs usually need more water to sustain the growth of their litter. Don’t be surprised if your pregnant Bulldog is visiting the water bowl more often.

Also, once your Bulldog has given birth, it will still need more water. Lactating will suck out lots of fluids from your dog’s body. It’s important to keep cool and clean water available at all times.

If you’re worried, you can always call your dog’s vet. This way, you’ll be advised whether your pregnant has health problems. You can also raise this concern during your Bulldog’s routine vet check. The veterinarian can conduct examinations to rule out other health problems.

Why does my puppy get so thirsty at night?

Increased thirst in the middle of the night is due to sleeping too much during the day. Bulldog puppies are prone to this because a lot of them are couch potatoes. As much as possible, you should keep your dog active to keep it awake during the day. So when nighttime comes, the pooch will be sound asleep with you.

Moreover, you should schedule your dog’s last meal and drink 30 minutes before its final potty trip of the day. This way, your doggo won’t get thirsty too easily. Crate training will also help, so your dog will fall asleep easily and not seek water to drink.

Final words

Why is my puppy so thirsty all of a sudden? It might be a typical case of thirst or a more serious health problem like diabetes, kidney problem, or Cushing’s disease. If accompanied by other unusual behavior, it’s always best to get your dog checked at the vet’s clinic.

Is your Bulldog drinking too much lately? Share your thoughts below in the comment section!


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