Why Is My 12 Week Old Puppy Leaking Urine? 

There are plenty of reasons to worry about your pup. If he is not eating the remote, he is eating clay. When you meet a fellow dog parent, there is no doubt that you would both have lots of funny and worrisome stories to tell about your pooch. Dogs rarely fall sick too, and thankfully, they often pull through the health conditions they inflict on themselves due to their curious nature.

However, on the more serious side of things, why would your pet be leaking urine? Why won’t he do his business appropriately? Well, there are health reasons for that, but don’t stress or worry about Fido because urinary incontinence happens more often than you’d think, in 20 percent of spayed females, for instance.

How does this apply to a 12-week-old puppy leaking urine? What does this mean for the puppy? Is it common for three-month-old puppies, and more importantly, what can you do to get your puppy to stop leaking urine? The answers to these questions are in the rest of the article, so keep reading for an in-depth understanding.  

Why Would a 12-Week-Old Puppy Be Leaking Urine? 

A 12-week-old puppy can develop a weak bladder, which causes him to lose control over the contraction of the muscle of the bladder. When that happens, you may find little wet spots in places where your pup recently laid. But again, ensure this is not a territorial display because it is not uncommon for dogs to mark their territories by sometimes peeing all over the wrong places. 

If your pup has some neurological issues relating to the bladder, he may leak urine. Injuries around the spine and the malfunction of the nerves that expand and contract the bladder can make your pet lose control over this organ. Another neurological problem that raises concern is a brain disease or lesion.

These conditions are characterized by problems with movement and coordination or other functions in the nervous system. Another somewhat common cause of leaking urine in a 12-week-old puppy is a urinary tract infection. It can affect the bladder, kidney, and urethra and is characterized by bloody urine or difficulty peeing.

Is This Common for 12-Week-Old Puppies? 

If your 12-week-old puppy is leaking urine because of fear or excitement, then yes, it is common. Puppies develop the ability to control their bladders as they age, which means that at this early stage, they may get into bathroom accidents more often until they learn to rein in the bladder muscles. Technically, a 12-week-old puppy is still a young pooch, so leaking urine may not mean any cause for worry. 

But again, it never hurts to have the vet check out the condition, especially if it worries you. Some pets will grasp their bathroom training faster than others, but you need to stay hands-on for it to work. A twelve-week-old puppy that hasn’t been appropriately housetrained may have bathroom accidents inside the home just because it is convenient.

Pet owners that stay consistent with bathroom schedules and training techniques for their dogs won’t complain about their pets peeing inappropriately. However, it can be much slower for puppies to learn how to take bathroom breaks outdoors, even though it can and should be done. If you don’t help your puppy learn how to use the bathroom outside, it will become a problem when he grows, as it is usually harder to train a grown dog. 

What Can I Do to Get My Puppy to Stop Leaking Urine? 

You need to discover why your puppy is leaking urine so you will know how to tackle it. If it is because of fear, excitement, or anxiety, try to control or deal with the cause. Although excitement is not the easiest emotion to control in puppies, you can help by ensuring your pet’s bladder is emptied often. Frequent bathroom breaks are highly recommended for dog breeds more prone to excitement or an insane amount of energy, like Labradors. 

However, if your twelve-week-old puppy is leaking urine because of a health condition like urinary incontinence, you may need the vet’s attention. He will conduct a urinalysis to determine the cause and where the problem lies. It may also be a parasitic bacteria that can be cured with antibiotics. This is just by the way but if your dog gets on antibiotics, ensure he completes his dose even if he appears fine already so that the bacteria will die off completely.

If your puppy is leaking urine because he is not getting enough bathroom breaks, you can help the situation by taking him out more often. A twelve-week-old puppy has bladder control for four hours, after which he will leak urine if you don’t take him out. It can be easy to get busy and forget about a puppy with a weak bladder, but if you don’t want a stinky house in no time, you should create a way to remind yourself. Set a reminder every three to four hours, if possible, and use positive reinforcement to let your pet know he is doing a great job.


A 12-week-old puppy leaking urine in the house is not uncommon, as he is just in the beginning stages of his potty training. You can improve the situation by cleaning up thoroughly to discourage the idea that the spot where the last bathroom accident happened is an acceptable place for him to go. If he does not have urinary incontinence, he probably needs to be properly housetrained; he also needs enough attention. But in everything, never restrict your puppy from access to enough water – let him drink when he’s thirsty.