Here’s Why Dogs Get Stuck While Mating

One of the biggest worries of those new to breeding is their dogs getting stuck in the process. True enough, some dogs may find it hard to detach from each other after mating. You might be wondering why, so for this post, I discuss why dogs get stuck while mating and what you can do when it happens.

Overall, you should know that getting stuck while mating is prevalent among canines. It’s normal to some extent, but it’s important that you know how to approach this situation.

Reasons why dogs get stuck while mating

why dogs get stuck while mating
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Getting stuck while mating is actually part of the mating process in canines. Aside from canines, the likes of foxes and wolves can also experience the same scenario.

So how does it happen? Technically, when the male dog mates with a female, its penis (bulbis glandis) swells. This enlargement will prevent the male canine to pull out. It’s also called ‘copulatory tie’.

Moreover, the canine’s male genitalia will become twice as large as its shaft. This will clamp down the two dogs together.

The pair of dogs can only be disengaged once the swelling of the bulbis glandis subsides.

Overall, getting stuck while mating can last from anywhere between five to 45 minutes. Such a long period could happen if the male dog remains aroused or if it became extremely stressed while mating.

In general, the copulatory tie is intended to keep the two canines together until the mating process is finished. It also increases the chance of the female dog getting pregnant.

However, it’s important to understand that just because the mating dogs experienced a copulatory tie doesn’t mean that the female will absolutely get pregnant.

On the other hand, a female dog can still get pregnant even without a copulatory tie.

What to do when your dog gets stuck while mating

Are your dogs stuck in mating for too long? In some cases, the canines need intervention to fix the problem.

🐶Wait for a few more minutes

There are dogs that take longer than usual to finish the mating process. This is normal and you just have to wait for a few more minutes.

Remember that there are three stages of dog mating: mounting, penetration, and ejaculation. Not until the male dog ejaculates, the copulatory tie will not be unlocked.

Moreover, novice canines may take more time to finish mating. So if this is your male or female dog’s first time to mate, you should give it a little more extra time to finish.

🐶Help the dogs calm down

Anxious dogs are more likely to experience prolonged copulatory ties. If this happens, you should try to calm the canines by removing stressors on the environment.

For example, you should remove other pets and ask other people to keep a distance. You should also avoid loud noises as dogs have sensitivity to sounds.

🐶Call the vet

If your dog’s copulatory tie doesn’t seem to be breaking off, you can call the vet for assistance. This is the best move, especially if it’s been over 30 minutes and the dogs are still stuck.

Your dog’s veterinarian can give you tips on how to deal with a stuck situation. In very rare cases, you may need to bring the dogs to the clinic or the vet will be the one to pay a visit.

How to ensure successful mating in dogs

If you’re intending to get your female dog pregnant, here are a few important pointers to keep in mind:

  • Look for the right mate. Whether you own a male or female dog, it’s important to find the right mate for your pet. This will ensure a higher success rate and the health of future puppies. Overall, you should ensure that both canines are completely healthy and at the right age for breeding.
  • Consult the vet. Before you let your dog mate with another dog, you should consult its vet first. This way, the vet can advise whether your pet is ready for reproduction or if there can be complications to expect.
  • Choose the right timing. Female dogs are usually in heat twice a year. This is the fertile period, which is the best time to stud your dog. In general, you’d want to mate your female dog at roughly 11 days after its first bleeding.
  • Select a quiet area. When mating the two dogs, you should keep them in a quiet and safe area. This way, you can avoid the risk of a prolonged copulatory tie. It will also reduce the risk of potential aggression between the two canines.
  • Introduce the dogs to each other. It’s important to introduce the dogs to each other before you encourage mating. This way, the canines will be at ease and the encounter will be less likely to end up in aggression.
  • Take good care of your dog after mating. After the mating attempt, you should confine the female dog to a cage or crate. This is to prevent the canine from peeing for at least 30 minutes after mating. It’s said to increase the chance of conception.                       

How to avoid accidental mating in dogs

On the other hand, if you don’t want your unspayed canine to get pregnant, you have to practice caution. Just remember that the best way to prevent accidental pregnancies is to get your dog fixed, whether it’s male or female.

If you’re still waiting for your dog’s schedule at the vet, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

🐶Keep your dog indoors

The best way to avoid accidental mating in dogs is by keeping your pet indoors. This way, it won’t be sought after by a male dog, especially if your female pet is in heat.

If you have unfixed dogs at home, you should isolate them from the opposite gender. This is to prevent mating and accidental pregnancies.

🐶Put dog diaper on

Dog diapers are helpful in preventing mounting and mating among dogs. If you don’t have doggy diapers ready, you can improvise with a baby diaper by punching a tail hole. This can be used for female canines.

Meanwhile, male canines need belly wraps to block their private parts. You can use DIY wraps made of old shirts, preferably breathable fabric.

🐶Consider mis-mating injections

Mis-mating injections can be administered to canines who are mated within the 22-day timeline. This injection is composed of an antiprogestagenic compound, which will help prevent gestation. However, it must be administered as early as possible for full efficacy.

Also, it’s important to remember that mis-mating injections should only be your last option. It’s not safe for all dogs and not all veterinarians will agree for it to be used on canines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do female dogs cry when mating?

A: Female dogs cry while mating because the process physically hurts. Nevertheless, the vocalization is also part of the female dog’s condition of being in heat. Overall, this is normal and will stop once the mating attempt is done.

Q: What happens if you pull dogs apart while mating?

A: You should never try to pull apart two mating dogs. Pulling the canines apart will cause injuries as their genitals are locked. Also, pulling the canines apart won’t guarantee that you can prevent pregnancy. Most of all, the canines may react aggressively and attack you in the process. If you want to prevent your dog from getting pregnant, spaying is the best answer.

Q: How long do dogs have to be stuck to get pregnant?

A: The longer the two mating dogs are stuck together, the higher will be the chance of pregnancy. However, the length of the mating process doesn’t always guarantee inception. A lot of factors affect your female dog’s possibility of getting pregnant, including the estrus cycle, the viability of the male dog’s sperm, and overall health conditions.

Q: How many times does a dog have to get stuck to get pregnant?

A: In general, frequent mating will result in a higher chance of pregnancy in dogs. However, the times of getting stuck together with a male dog aren’t the sole basis of getting a female dog pregnant. Sometimes, a dog can get pregnant even without a copulatory tie. But nevertheless, being stuck to the male dog increases the chance of conception.

Q: Can a dog get pregnant on the first try?

A: Yes, female dogs can get pregnant on their first mating encounter. This is why pet owners should be very careful with accidental breeding. Also, even if the dog’s first mating encounter is relatively short, it can still lead to conception. Again, if you don’t want your dog to get pregnant, have it spayed before its first estrus cycle even set in.

Final words

Knowing why dogs get stuck while mating is an important step to responsible breeding. It’s important to understand that this is a completely normal occurrence, which will resolve on its own. However, if your dog’s copulatory tie isn’t unlocking, it’s always best to call a veterinarian for expert advice.

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