Why Does My Dog Want Me To Hold His Bone? Top 7 Reasons Why

If you are tired of searching online, the question: “Why does my dog want me to hold his bone?” You are not alone.

Why does my dog want me to hold his bone? It basically boils down to your relationship with your dog and how he wants to communicate with you/show how much he loves you.

1. Your dog is craving your attention.

Like humans, dogs also have their own emotional needs. Perhaps your pet might just be giving you his bone to catch your attention. Maybe you have been too preoccupied with work or your family, or you got another dog and are spending more time with him?

When dogs do not get the attention of their human owners, they tend to look for various ways to catch their attention, such as giving them their bones or acting moody.

If you notice that this behavior is getting more frequent, you might want to determine if your dog needs your attention or quality time.

2. The dog may be simply expressing his affection.

As discussed earlier, dogs do have emotions too, and our canine friends can express their emotions in various ways.

In some cases, your pet dog just wants to express his love and admiration for you by offering you his bone to hold.

When you think about it, do you think your pet would let another person, much less a complete stranger, actually hold his bone? Chances are, your dog won’t.

When a dog gives you his bone, that is a good sign that he fully trusts you and admires you as his owner, holding you in high esteem. This is the exact idea when you play a game of tag or fetch with your dog, and then he gets rewarded with treats and compliments, making him feel you love him.

3. The behavior makes it easier for your pet dog to chew on the bone.

Some dogs may be having difficulties navigating a bone during mealtime, especially if the bone they are chewing on is a big one, or you have a pet puppy. When your pet gives you the bone to hold, it may be the dog’s signal asking for your assistance with the bone. For the dog, you holding it makes it a lot easier for him to eat it.

Some canines may use other parts of your body, such as your elbow or feet, to help nudge the bone so he can chew on it more easily. However, some pet owners may find it annoying since the bone may drip with the dog’s saliva while he is chewing it. The saliva, in turn, can get on your clothes or your face, or even your furniture in the house.

You can help your pet dog by offering a more sizeable bone to him to lessen the number of times he needs to seek your assistance.

4. Your pet dog may be possessive.

Your pet may also show possessiveness over you, especially if you have other family members or dogs in your house that grab your attention. Aside from seeking out attention from you, your dog might signal that you are his owner and that other people or dogs should stay off.

But remember: If this results in aggressive behavior on the dog’s part, you should first see and find out the root cause of or motivation for this behavior.

Your dog can also be extra zealous about her bone. The dog may value his items, including the bone, and therefore he does not want another dog to come close to it. That’s why he is giving his prized possession to you.

Some dogs even take another step further and nudge you to ensure their bone is safe and secure, such as asking you to put the bone on a top shelf.

5. Your dog may want to share the bone with you.

If you’re one of the countless others who ask, “Why does my dog give me his treats?” The quick answer is: he loves you. He would rather spend his time and things he cherishes with you. So, for the dog, it is just natural for him to give you his bone so you can hold it.

Please think of this behavior as a friend who is more than willing to share his candies with you. This may also show that your pet is in the mood to have fun and may like to play with you. That means he may be using his bone to bait you and engage him in a game or something that both of you find exciting.

6. Your dog may be showing dominance.

While this is not frequently common, your dog’s behavior may also signify that your pet wants to show dominance in your relationship. Some dogs show aggressive behaviors such as growling or teeth showing when you decide against holding the bone or drop it instantly.

If this is the case, make sure that your dog knows you are the dominant one in the relationship.

Of course, if your dog’s behavior becomes overly aggressive, or he is already biting you or your family members, kindly see a professional as your dog might have a root cause to have such dominance issues.

7. Your dog wants to bond with you.

Your dog wants to bond with you. He wants to show he has a good, solid relationship with you and seeks a deeper, more genuine connection with you.

If you think this will be the case, you can warmly embrace this as an excellent opportunity to have a lifelong relationship with your canine friend.

Things You Should Consider

Please find out the prime reason why your pet dog has been giving you his bones.

Do you remember when did it first start?  Or did your pet dog start doing it suddenly?

If you think there is a specific time your pet dog brings you its bones, you may want to consider the timing. For instance, if your dog does it more frequently when you are on your way to work, your dog may have separation anxiety.

What is your dog’s body language when he does give you the bones? Is he anxious or avoiding eye contact? If it is, something is causing your pet dog to be worried.

If it is showing signs of getting excited, such as tail-wagging, it could be that he wanted to play with you.

Final Thoughts

Why does your dog want you to hold his bone? He is trying to expresses his sentiments to you, whether they are good or bad. It just shows your dog is asking something from you or is sending you a message.

To subdue this from happening all the time, you might want to follow the tips above so that you can see where your canine friend may be coming from.

Learning and understanding the root causes of your dog’s behavior can help you respond better. Once you have learned a thing or two, you would see the behavior grow more enjoyable.

Dogs are beautiful animals who would like to play and engage with their owners. These furry pets look up to us.

Whether your dog decides to give you their much-treasured bone to seek attention, shower you with love, or ask for a fun game, the behavior is still a harmless action. From time to time, this would not hurt to interact with your pet dog in this manner, even if that means having your lap covered with dog saliva.

Think of all these bone-holding activities as a way of bringing you and your pet closer to each other. If the sessions have become way too frequent or marked with aggressive behavior, you might seek professional help.

But aside from that, let these bone-holding activities serve as a way for you and your dog to enjoy each other’s company and affection.


Why is my dog so protective of her bone?

Dogs consider the bone as a precious possession. It will do what it takes to take care of its cherished possessions.

Why are Dogs Attracted to Bones?

Well, because bones can be tasty as well as nutritious for dogs. Marrow is considered rich in fat, while the bone that shields the marrow is high in calcium. Of course, the meat left on the bone has some protein.

Why Does my Dog Bury his Bone Under me?

Consider it as a call for affection. Most likely, your pet just wants to engage you.

Why Does my Dog Give me his Treats?

It is essentially a call for love. Your dog wants to spend a lot of time with you.

Why Does my Dog Carry his Bone Around?

Because it wants to assure its food is safely secured.

Why Does my Dog Bring me his bone when I am Home?

It is a simple form of communication for your dog to take care of his bone.

Why Does my Dog Want me to Hold his bone while he chews it?

Dogs like to have their bones, treats and toys held while they chew them as it provides them comfort. They will also have you hold their bone or toys as a way of expressing love to you. Sharing its bone with you shows you they trust you and want you to be a part of the joy they are experiencing from chewing their bone.


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