Why Does My Dog Splash Water Out Of His Bowl? 7 Possible Reasons

Many dogs have a crazy habit of digging everywhere, including their water bowls. It leads to a slippery mess, which can be dangerous for those walking around. With that, you’re probably asking, why does my dog splash water out of his bowl? Below, I discussed the common reasons why and what you can do to curb the behavior.

Why does my dog splash water out of his bowl?

If your dog is splashing and digging on its water bowl, the following might be the reasons why:

1. Your dog is bored.

why does my dog splash water out of his bowl

The most common reason why dogs splash their water from the bowl is boredom. Since your pet doesn’t have anything else to do, it will channel its energy into something else.

Take note that boredom can lead to more destructive behavior. Your dog will start to chew things inside the house, including your couch, mattress, shoes, and so on.

Aside from that, dogs suffering from boredom can become anxious. This translates to incessant barking, accidents all over the house, and other mess you’ll have to clean up. 

2. Your dog is feeling hot.

Another reason why dogs splash water from their bowl is to cool their bodies. This happens a lot during the summer season since canines don’t sweat as humans do.

When dogs feel hot, they will seek water sources to help neutralize their body temperature. It’s the reason why you may find your dog slumped in a garden puddle or its own water bowl.

It’s important to know that overheating is a serious condition among dogs. Any canine, especially brachycephalic breeds, can die from excessive overheating. The good news is that this can be prevented with proper hydration and ensuring that your dog is in a temperature-controlled environment.

3. Your dog is seeing something in the water.

You should also check if something is floating on your dog’s water bowl. This might be the reason why your dog is splashing the water.

It could be an insect, dirt, kibble, and so on. It’s important to remove any of these contaminants to keep your dog’s water supply clean and to prevent the canine from pawing its bowl.

4. Your dog doesn’t like stagnant water.

Some dogs are pickier than others, even when it comes to their water supply. Many of these finicky dogs often refuse stagnant water, especially one that’s been sitting on the bowl for hours.

Replacing your dog’s water every day is important to keep it enticing. If your pet still splashes the water out of the bowl, you might be better switching to water fountains. It’s often used for cats, but picky dogs may like it too.

5. Your dog is seeking attention.

Remember that dogs easily pick up habits that we reinforce. In this case, splashing its water bowl might be a way for your dog to seek attention. This is because he knows that you’re going to notice him, regardless of whether it’s a negative reaction or not.

Take note that this behavior should be corrected as early as possible. If not, this behavior may branch out into other problems. In some cases, dogs that start splashing their water bowls will end up spilling their food and toppling things around the house.

6. Your dog’s collar tag is clinking on the bowl.

Many dog owners don’t know that their pet’s collar tag might be the reason why the pooch seems to be digging or attacking its water bowl. When the collar tag bumps on the stainless steel bowl, it will create a sudden sound that will startle your dog.

In the process, your dog will paw the water and splash it around. With this, you should consider removing your dog’s collar before feeding him. You can also switch to a different bowl material.

7. Your dog needs training.

Lastly, it could be a sign that your dog requires training. You have to teach your dog that pawing its water bowl isn’t acceptable behavior. Starting as early as possible will save you from the headache and mess later on.

How can I stop my dog from splashing water out of his bowl?

Splashing water out of its bowl is a common problem among dogs. To prevent this from happening, you can do the following:

🐶Keep your dog busy

Since boredom is the leading cause of this behavior, it’s important to keep your dog busy with playtime, toys, and mentally stimulating activities.

Make sure that your dog receives ample physical exercise suitable for its breed and age. At home, you should also provide toys to distract your dog away from the water bowl.

If you’re going to leave your dog alone at home, you should provide interactive toys. Other pet owners will leave the TV on to keep the canine occupied.

🐶Fill it with less water

You can also fill the bowl only halfway, so the water doesn’t splash easily. The only downside here is that you’ll have to refill the bowl multiple times a day.

If you don’t want this hassle, I recommend that you switch to self-filling water bowls. This device uses gravity to fill the bowl with just the right amount of water.

🐶Keep the environment cool

During summer, it’s important to keep your dog’s environment cool. This will prevent your pet from splashing its water bowl just to find relief from the heat.

I also recommend giving your dog its own tub to cool down during a hot day. A small basin or even your bathtub will do.

🐶Place a mat underneath the bowl

While this will not stop your dog from splashing its water bowl, it will help reduce the mess. Also, a mat underneath will make it difficult for your dog to flip the bowl over.

You can also purchase flip-proof bowls, which are fitted with a rubber mat. This also works well for dogs who have the habit of spilling their food.

why does my dog splash water out of his bowl

🐶Keep your dog bowl clean

It’s important to wash your dog’s bowls every day. This way, the water won’t develop a bad taste and smell.

Take note that dogs splash their water bowls because it has dirt. By cleaning it up, you’re saving yourself from a bigger mess.

The good thing is that stainless steel dog bowls are dishwasher-friendly. You can clean it together with your other dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my dog doesn’t want to drink from his water bowl?

A: If your dog doesn’t want to drink from its water bowl, it’s possible that it tastes or smells awful. Also, some dogs just don’t like stagnant water. Consider changing your dog’s water bowl and see if it will start to drink again.

Q: Why is my dog afraid of water?

A: If your dog is afraid of water, it probably had a traumatic experience before. This is also common among dogs who aren’t used to being bathed or groomed. However, if your dog suddenly becomes scared of water, you should check for the possibility of rabies infection. This can happen to unvaccinated dogs and puppies.

Q: Why is my dog afraid of his water bowl?

A: If your dog seems to be scared of the water bowl, it might be seeing its reflection on the water. Also, metal bowls feel cold, which may startle a nervous doggo easily. Aside from that, your dog’s collar tag might be bumping on the bowl and creating noises that scare the canine.

Q: Why does my dog cry at his water bowl?

A: If your dog is crying on his food bowl, it might be experiencing tooth pain, gum problems, or any sensitivity when drinking. It’s best to check your dog’s mouth to confirm the presence of any dental problem or injury. It’s also best to consult your dog’s veterinarian if your pet keeps on whining when drinking.

Q: How often should you change your dog’s water bowl?

A: Dog bowls should be replaced once it’s showing signs of damages. Any discoloration, bad smell, and taste is a sign that you need to purchase new dog bowls. Also, if your dog suddenly stopped using the bowl, you should switch to a new one.

Final words

Why does my dog splash water out of his bowl? It’s possible that your dog is bored, seeing something in the water, feeling hot, seeking attention, or just being picky.

Cleaning the bowl or switching to a new one might be the solution you need. You should also train your dog not to spill its food or water to avoid mess in the future.


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