Why Does My Bulldog Leave Food Around The House?

Why does my dog leave food around the house? This behavior is unlikely for a Bulldog who has a voracious appetite. Many Bulldog owners expect that their pets will finish a whole bowl of food to the last kibble piece. But if yours is starting to stash food around the house, something is not right.

To be fair, Bulldogs have their own share of quirks. From farting, stubbornness, and obsession with food, it’s not surprising when the pooch does something weird next. It can be leaving food pieces around the house instead of eating them in the bowl.

In this post, I will discuss the reasons why your Bulldog is strangely showing this habit. I’ll also add some tips to help you address the problem:

Why does my dog leave food around the house?

If you notice your Bulldog leaving food around the house, the following might be the reasons why:

1. Instincts

why does my dog leave food around the house

One of the main reasons why a Bulldog will leave food around the house is its primal instincts. In the wild, wolves and wild dogs will bite off a piece of the kill and take it away.

This way, the other members of the pack can get their share. Also, wild dogs do this to prevent conflict.

If the kill is too large for the pack, the leftovers will be hidden within the canine’s territory. Then, they would bury it under cool soil so that they can retrieve it for the next meal.

In a domesticated setting, your Bulldog can also exhibit this. You may notice your dog burying kibble pieces underneath the sheets, carpet, or couch.

Basically, your dog creates its stash of food so that he can go back to it later on. However, we can’t help but ask, how come dogs still do this despite having a constant food supply at home?

The thing is that hard-wired instincts are hard to erase. Still, there are steps you can take to manage your dog’s behavior.

2. Fear or stress

Another reason why a dog would pick up its food and leave it somewhere else is fear or stress. Your Bulldog finds the environment unsuitable for a meal.

Remember that for dogs, eating is a very vulnerable situation. Their eyes are on the food, and their back is exposed to potential predators. It all goes back to their instincts in the wild.

It’s possible that your Bulldog doesn’t like being watched while eating. Besides, would you like people gathering around you and staring while you chew?

If your Bulldog chomps a mouthful then exits the room, it’s a sign that the pooch is too shy to be eating around people. Also, your doggo might be worried that you’re going to steal its food.

However, some Bulldogs will feel the opposite. They will pick up their food and bring it near their owners before eating. And through the process of pushing the bowl around, food pieces will be scattered on the floor. It will look like your dog has left food around the house.

Take note that Bulldogs are prone to anxiety, so don’t be surprised if your pet will mess with its food.

3. Other pets

why does my dog leave food around the house

The presence of other pets can also push your Bulldog to drag its food around the house.

Resource guarding is a common problem among canines. This occurs when a canine perceives the presence of another pet as a threat. The dog feels like the other pet will steal its food.

The most common response here is aggression, though some Bulldogs may prefer to stay away. This happens if the other canine is the more dominant breed.

Make sure that other pets aren’t bullying your Bulldog in your home. It’s also a wise move to feed each canine separately to avoid such behavioral problems.

But if your Bulldog still leaves food around the house despite having a private spot, you should consider the next listed causes.

4. Uncomfortable bowl

As much as Bulldogs love food, they can be put off by a stinky bowl. This could happen if you don’t wash the bowl before and after each meal. Besides, can you imagine yourself eating on a dirty plate?

Aside from that, your Bulldog’s collar might be clinking with the steel bowl every time it will get a bite. The sound will startle your pooch. With this, the doggo will go for a quick bite then run off to the living room because of fright or confusion.

Also, if your dog’s bowl is new, the reflection from the material might seem scary for a Bulldog. If this is likely the case, you should opt for colored bowls instead.

You can also get a slanted food bowl, so it would be easier for your Bulldog to eat. Also, since one side of the bowl is low, the collar won’t bump on the rim.

5. Learned behavior

Lastly, your Bulldog’s habit of bringing food all over the house might be a learned behavior. Your dog does it for fun because you inadvertently reward him with attention. Even your raised voice can be a reward for a Bulldog suffering from anxiety. The fact that their behavior is inducing a response is enough to reinforce it.

On the other hand, some Bulldogs love tipping their bowls and hunting for each kibble piece on the floor. There are varying reasons why canines do this, but there are ways to correct the behavior.

How to stop your Bulldog from leaving food around the house

Finding pieces of kibble all over your home can be frustrating. First, it attracts pests like rodents and roaches. Also, if the food isn’t discovered, it will emit a bad smell all over your home.

To save you from such problems and to correct your Bulldog’s behavior, the following tips will help:

✔️Choose a new feeding area

The first thing you can do is feed your Bulldog in a different area. It’s possible that the current feeding spot is noisy, stressful, or causing your pet unnecessary fear.

You should choose a feeding area that’s quiet and far from too much foot traffic. Bulldogs can be pretty sensitive and may need a corner of their own while eating.

Moreover, you should observe your Bulldog’s behavior on its new feeding spot. Some canines will like to have their owners nearby while they eat. If they try to move, the doggos will follow while tossing the food around. This will leave kibble pieces all over your home.

✔️Keep meals quiet and peaceful

If you have a newly adopted Bulldog, you must keep meal times low-key. Turn off noisy televisions, radio, and similar devices. If your kids are around, ask them to stay quiet, so your pet can start eating in peace.

Many dogs I’ve seen get startled with sudden noises, which may distract them from eating. It can also scare a Bulldog, which will compel them to hide the food somewhere in your house.

You should separate other pets until you’re sure they are not causing disturbances to your Bulldog.

✔️Use a different dog bowl

Experts suggest that if your Bulldog is biting its food and eating it somewhere else, you must switch to a new dog bowl. They recommend using plastic bowls if your Bulldog currently has a stainless steel feeding bowl. This will prevent the dog collar from bumping into the rim as well as the reflection from confusing your dog.

However, make sure that you clean the plastic dog bowls regularly as they can harbor nasty bacteria. If the bowl is already scratched and worn out, you must replace it right away.

✔️Serve small but multiple meals

There are dogs who don’t want to eat a whole meal in one sitting. This is why there will be leftovers that they will hide around the house.

You can prevent this from happening by dividing the day’s serving into three to four meals as opposed to just two. This will let your Bulldog finish a serving without leftovers that will go stale or be hidden around your home.

✔️Consider switching to a new food product

In rare cases, dogs will try to bury their food because of its stinky smell. In the wild, canines do this to avoid detection from a predator. If your Bulldog isn’t eating its food and just leaving it around the house, it might be a sign that he doesn’t like the taste or odor.

Trying a new dog food product may solve the problem. However, you should consult your Bulldog’s veterinarian since this breed is prone to stomach problems. You should also perform the switch gradually to allow your pet’s tummy to get used to the new diet.

✔️Consult the vet

If all your efforts aren’t fixing the problem, the vet is the best person to consult. The dog doctor can provide an explanation as to why your Bulldog keeps leaving food at home and what you can do with it.

An animal behaviorist or pet trainer can also help if your Bulldog’s behavior isn’t improving. They can help you with the training aspect to stop your Bulldog from leaving food around the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why won’t my dog eat all of a sudden?

A: A sudden loss of appetite can be a symptom of various health problems. Still, it’s possible that your Bulldog already got tired of the food you’re serving. You should also check the food bowl, environment, and time of the day. If everything seems fine, you should get your Bulldog checked at the vet’s clinic.

Q: Why does my dog don’t finish his food all of a sudden?

A: If your dog didn’t finish its bowl of food, you shouldn’t panic right away. Your Bulldog may go back to it later to finish its meal. However, if you noticed that your pet is slowly losing its appetite over the days, it’s best to consult the vet.

Q: How do I stop my Bulldog from making a mess with his food?

A: To stop your Bulldog from tipping the bowl and making a mess of its food, you should place a rubber mat underneath it. This will make it harder for your dog to lift the bottom of the bowl and tip it. If that doesn’t work, consider changing the dog’s food. Your Bulldog might be spilling the food because of its dislike of the flavor and smell.

Q: Why does my dog spit out kibble all over the house?

A: Dogs that spit out food are usually nauseous or experiencing stomach upset. If your Bulldog has a sudden change in appetite, behavior, and personality, you should take it seriously. Some of the potential problems that could cause this are pancreatitis, poisoning, and viral infections.

Q: Why does my dog bring his food to the carpet to eat?

A: A dog will take its food away because of its wolf instincts. In the wild, wolves, to which domesticated canines descended, will take a portion of their kill away from the rest of the pack. This is to prevent conflict with other pack members. This behavior can still be seen in domesticated dogs who will take their food on the carpet or other parts of the house before eating.

Q: Why does my dog eat everywhere except his bowl?

A: If your dog is avoiding its dog bowl, it might be uncomfortable to use. You should consider removing your dog’s collar before eating so it doesn’t clink into the metal bowl, which could cause fear. Also, you should try switching to slanted bowls where one side is lower and angled, so your dog can access the food easily.

Final words

Why does my dog leave food around the house? This behavior is primarily rooted in a canine’s wild instincts. It could also be due to fear and stress they feel in the feeding area. Whatever it is, there’s a way to fix the behavior. You can also consult your pet’s veterinarian for proper guidance.