Why Does My Dog Block My Path?

Have you ever noticed your dog standing in your way, especially absentmindedly? It is quite common for your dog to block your path, and for different reasons. Getting blocked by your dog commonly happens when you are walking them, either on a leash or not. 

So perhaps you are wondering, why does my dog block my path? Having your movement interrupted by your little pet can be quite frustrating, but it is easier when you understand why it is happening. It could be happening for either positive or negative reasons, and there are ways you can tell why exactly your dog keeps blocking your path, which you will learn as you continue reading. 

If your dog is new or you have not bonded much, it likely just needs a bit more attention and training on how to walk politely. It is important to have the contact of your dog trainer or vet handy to make more inquiries about behavioral changes such as obstructing your path. Also, since dogs cannot communicate by speaking, they do it in other ways like this; as a dog parent, it is your duty to listen and observe what your doggie is telling you with their actions.  

Possible Reasons Your Dog Blocks Your Path


Reason 1: Your Dog Is Completely Oblivious About It.

This is common with easily distracted dogs. Your dog may just have zoned out, unaware of its surroundings, and just happened to be in your way at the time. It probably happens to you, too; recall times when you get distracted and are not paying active attention to your immediate environment. 


Reason 2: Your Dog Has A Sight Or Hearing Problem. 

Deteriorating sight and hearing are common with older dogs due to aging. This is a negative reason your dog may be blocking your way, especially if it occurs too often and consecutively. If you call their name or signal them to leave the path and they do not respond, you may have to take them to the vet to get checked. 


Reason 3: Your Dog Is Being Protective. 

Perhaps your dog sensed some danger ahead of you and is trying to protect you or confront the danger. For example, if an unfamiliar-looking person is approaching you, your protective pup can block your path as a form of defense. It might not always be an actual danger, but if your dog is hyperalert, a moving plastic bag or unusual sounds can make it go into defense mode. 


Reason 4: They Want A Treat

Sometimes, your dog blocks your path because they think you have a treat for them. Maybe you’re just walking back from the pantry or fridge; your curious furry friend could stand in your way expecting some goodies too. 


Reason 5: Your Dog Is Being Assertive. 

One of the ways your pup shows assertiveness or tries to exercise dominance is by blocking your path, alongside snarling and overly protecting their territory. You may need a dog trainer to control this, especially if you have a temperamental breed. 


Reason 6: Your Dog Has Been Naughty. 

Your dog is probably hiding a “crime scene” from you by blocking your path. It might also be hiding some toy or something you would not let them have, thinking you will take it away if you find it. 


Reason 7: Your Dog Needs Training. 

If you put your dog on a leash often, and it blocks your path often during walks, you could see a dog trainer to teach your dog how to walk steadily with a leash on. Some dogs do not like collars or leashes and cannot walk properly with them on; hence they would stop in your tracks sometimes or block your path during walks. 

Reason 8: Just Being Curious 

The reason for blocking your path or often getting in your way could be out of sheer curiosity. Your pup probably wants in on what you are doing or wants to know what you are up to, so they will block your path and give you an attention-seeking look. 


Reason 9: Discomfort And Tiredness 

Sometimes, when your dog is ill or stressed, and you are too occupied to notice, it will block your path to catch your attention. Try to check what is going on or for any changes in moods and physical reactions when this happens consecutively in a short time. 

Reason 10: Your Dog Is Listening For Sounds 

When you are taking a walk, and your pup suddenly stops in its tracks, it could be waiting to listen for sounds. It could also be a way to get you to stop while they sniff and get more attentive to the environment for a minute. 

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Blocking My Path? 

Having to take walks outside or move around the house with a dog that keeps blocking your path is frustrating, but there are ways around it. The first thing to do is to figure out why your pup is staying in your way. Their weird actions might be a signal for your attention beyond petty reasons. 

To figure out why your dog blocks your path, you need to stay calm, as upsetting as the situation could get. Observe the surroundings and other gestures your dog shows with its eyes, ears, and body. Most times, when in danger, your dog’s ears will be erect, and when it is curious or expecting a treat, its eyes will be somber. 

Once you have figured out the root cause, try fixing it accordingly. However, for reasons such as tiredness and suspected illness, call your vet immediately for help. You may also have to take your dog to the trainer for leash training and walking. 


Now that your question, “why does my dog block my path?” has been answered to a great extent, it is easier to exercise more patience with your doggie when this happens. Unusual behavior, such as blocking your path, usually has a good reason; however, dogs can be silly sometimes, and it is not a reason to panic. Taking note of your dog’s behavioral patterns will also help you identify changes such as this easily. 


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