When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing? Guide 2022

English bulldogs are a dog breed that has an obviously small but sturdy body build. That’s generally the reason why this dog looks like a little pup most of the time. Their life cycle tends to be a continuous process of feeding, training and chewing. But the question is when do English bulldogs stop growing? At what age do they grow fully and reach their maturity?

In this article, we will share with you the different stages that determine the growth of the English bully. Moreover, the various aspects of their canine’s life will also be discussed here. Aside from that, we have here the appropriate food suitable for the growth of the English bulldogs.    

5 Growth Stages of English Bulldogs

Generally, there are various phases in which the bulldogs reach their full-grown age. Actually, when they are already three years old, English bulldogs tend to mature completely. However, some seem to experience more of the canine’s life important moments during their one year. Because of this, this is when English bulldogs typically stop growing.

Moreover, the lifespan of the English bully is typically shorter than the other dog breeds of the same size. They usually live on an average of eight to ten years of a dog’s life. In order to determine when English bulldogs stop growing, let us have a first glance at the various stages of how the English bully grows.  

1. Newborns

Normally, like humans, the newborn stage is the initial phase of the English bulldog’s life. During this stage, they tend to sleep a lot, feed on their moms most of the time, and generally maintain their adorable appearance. Often times as newborns, the English bulldog closed their eyes and not able to respond to sounds. Generally, the average weight of the healthy English bully falls within four to five ounces.

when do english bulldogs stop growing

Since they only live a few days on earth, they demand continuous nourishment to make sure of their health. As pet owners, your responsibility is to stick your eyes on them and allow their mother to appropriately feed them. From time to time, check over your English bully and ensure that they are getting their food requirement.

Basically, the English bulldogs start to open their eyes and, little by little, learn to respond to the surrounding sounds. Moreover, as part of their growing process, their process of communication also begins to take place. Aside from that, the weight and height of the English bully increase during this dog’s growing phase as well. As pet owners, ready yourself for any rapid changes that may happen as it is a factor when do English bulldogs stop growing.    

2. Four to Eight Weeks

Basically, when you are looking for signs when your English bulldog will stop growing, you will not notice any at this stage. Usually, the bully possesses active and energetic characteristics during this stage of their life. Within this week, the dog begins to search the outside world with some touch of independence from their mother little by little.

Moreover, the weaning process of the English bulldog puppy takes place from four to eight weeks. Their mothers should also look for ways for making their little pup’s body adaptable from milk to solid foods. Basically, as pet owners, your responsibility is to offer puppy food just before the weaning process is completely over.

Additionally, the English bulldog appears to be a mini bulldog having a body surrounded by fats. During this stage, they’ll also start having a broad body composition but they do not have the muscles of an adult bulldog yet. The development of the social skills of the English bully is very important so do not take them out of the litter within these weeks.   

3. Nine to Twelve Weeks

Generally, as the nine to twelve weeks of the English bulldog’s growth stage is running, the leg muscles continue to grow. Suddenly, the independence of the puppy is already forming and they want to have a lesser time hanging out with their mom. Moreover, their energy continues to grow as well.

However, the problem that you will have to experience during these weeks is that the English bulldogs pee on the floor most of the times. The bulldog puppies also tend to be nervous and jump a lot because they do not have an opportunity to stay outside. This is generally the main reason why they always pee around within your property.

Basically, this stage of the English bulldogs is the best time to potty train them. Yet, the results are not yet noticeable during this time. Aside from that, training the English bulldog puppies helps in easing their stubbornness.

Aside from potty training, the English bulldog puppies also need to start the leash training. Generally, the goal of leash training involves English bulldog’s familiarization with his surroundings. Additionally, the jumpy attitude will be reduced and also helps in the improvement of the leg muscles.

4. Three to Six Months

At this stage, you will still not able to determine when do English bulldogs stop growing. But, it is actually noticeable that the English bullies are already bigger and already build some muscles on. Their independence is completely established during these months and they are trying to identify the dominant one around them.

Moreover, always keep in mind that the English bulldogs have stubborn and really have a strong personality. That’s why during this stage of their growth, it is really crucial to be firm and passionate with them. Making them feel that they are highly dominating, training them will be difficult enough later on in their lives. Patience is the key here.

It is also during this time that the English bulldogs see the playtime quite serious. Assists them in identifying their limits by playing with them most of the time. Another thing is to establish clear boundaries.

5. Six to Eight Months

When do English bulldogs stop growing? Actually, once they reach the age of one year, they already become completely mature. In terms of their physical aspect, the complete process of growing up is noticeable. Yet, you must still need to assist them in the development of their emotional aspect.

The best thing to do is to let them know the people around them as well as the other animals in their surroundings. This will generally make them be acquainted with strangers. Allow them to learn new tricks as well to help them have mental sharpness.

When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing – Aspects to Help Them Grow

English bulldogs stop growing about 12 months from when they are born, but it is more complicated than that. Basically, if you want to understand when English bulldogs stop growing, you must learn the different aspects that may help the English bullies to grow. It is important to know that the adult height of the English bulldog is faster to achieve compared to the adult muscle mass. Aside from that, the speed of development of the English bulldog’s physical aspect is also different in terms of their emotional and sexual improvement.

when do english bulldogs stop growing

Below are the various aspects involved in the growth process of the English bullies. These will also help you, as pet owners, to determine when do English bulldogs stop growing.

Adult Height of the English Bulldogs

In order to identify when do English bulldogs stop growing, trainers and pet owners usually look at the height of the dog. During its one year, the English bulldogs will have a height of about fourteen inches to sixteen inches for the female and male bullies respectively. And, after reaching the age of one year, it is when do English bulldogs stop growing.

Adult Weight of the English Bulldogs

Generally, fifty to fifty-five pounds is the average adult weight of the English bulldogs. Once reaching this weight, when do English bulldogs stop growing is basically one year after that phase. If there is a dog breed being rewarded as couch potatoes, you will never go wrong with the English bullies. It is because the bulldogs are known to be companion dogs and that they do not need much exercise.

Since the English bulldogs do not have the same energy level as that of the other dog breeds, they are more likely to sit around. This is one of the causative factors that make the English bulldogs to become obese. So, be careful in feeding them and make sure to strictly look after their diet and check on their weight from time to time.

Adult Muscle Mass of the English Bulldogs

When do English bulldogs stop growing in terms of their height falls on their one year of age. However, their width growth continues for another six months. Remember that the English bulldogs are well-known for having a wide body build and broad shoulder structure. In order to support their muscle growth, it is very important that you offer them enough amount of protein that they need.     

When do English Bulldogs Stop Growing – The Appropriate Food Diet

Since one of the main health concerns of the English bulldogs is obesity, it is actually crucial to keep an eye on their diet in conjunction with their activity. This will generally guarantee their proper growth. Moreover, regular feeding with a medium food size portion is ideal for their diet. Additionally, high quantities of treats and puppy chow should not be given on a long-term basis.

Actually, puppy chow contains an additional protein that supports the healthy development of the English bulldogs. However, this could result in weight gain if not provided with care. The puppy chow should be kept away from the English bully at around six months. Doing this will definitely help your English bulldog grows.

Final Thoughts

When do English bulldogs stop growing is basically during their age of twelve months. This is the time when the bulldogs reach their maximum growth. However, the growth process of the English bulldogs still progresses for additional six months after hitting one year old. Moreover, the diet of the dog plays an important role in determining the time of their full maturity in terms of their size.