What Temperature is Too Hot for English Bulldogs?

If you live in a hot place and planning to get a Bulldog, you’re surely asking this: what temperature is too hot for English Bulldogs? Can they survive in a hot place? Technically, Bulldogs can live in hot areas. There are many English Bulldog owners in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii. You just have to adjust some habits to keep your dog safe.

It’s a fact that Bulldogs can’t stay under the hot sun for too long. However, the temperature in your area shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to pursue your love of this breed. Below, I discussed what you need to know about Bulldog heat tolerance together with some tips:

What temperature is too hot for English Bulldogs?

what temperature is too hot for English Bulldogs

Bulldogs have their short snout and stocky bodies to blame for their poor heat tolerance. When exposed to high temperatures for long, a Bulldog’s airway may collapse. Also, heat exhaustion will set in, leading to overheating.

So how hot is ‘hot’ for these dogs? At around 85F, Bulldogs will start to have difficulty breathing. And if they are located under direct sunlight, they will feel a much higher temperature. This is unsafe, and the dog must be evacuated in a shaded area.

Veterinarians recommend that Bulldog owners should secure their pets inside once the outdoor temperature reaches 85F. If your dog has lingering conditions or extreme sensitivity to heat, the danger level is set at 75F to 80F.

My rule of thumb is that if the outdoor temperature makes me sweat, it would be potentially dangerous for my Bulldog. Besides, these dogs are made for the indoors, so there’s no point leaving them outside for too long.

During summer, it’s important to give your Bulldog more attention. You need to keep the AC running and clean drinking water available. Regular baths at this time will also help your Bulldog cool down during a hot day.

Aside from overheating, Bulldogs can easily sustain sunburns if left playing under the sun. Their thin coat does little in shielding them from UV rays.

Watch out for cold temperatures, too!

what temperature is too hot for English Bulldogs

Bulldogs are also pretty sensitive to cold temperatures. If your place experiences bone-chilling winters, you must keep your Bulldog toasty inside. Don’t let them play in the snow, especially if they are not wearing any protective layer like dog coats.

You should also avoid putting your AC in the coldest setting. Aside from the excessive energy use, very low temperatures will also be detrimental for your Bulldog.

The rule of thumb is that Bulldogs should be kept in an area with temperatures ranging from 60F to 70F to prevent heat exhaustion. A temperature lower than 50F is already uncomfortable for Bulldogs.

But my Bulldog wants to play outside!

Just like with kids, your Bulldog will try to do things even if it’s harmful to them. I understand that dogs need exercise and some time outdoors. However, if the temperature doesn’t permit, you can utilize alternative activities indoors.

Bulldogs aren’t very physically active canines, so keeping them indoors on a hot day won’t be a big problem. They thrive on chew toys, sniff mats, and stuffed treats. Walking the dog around your house should be enough to give it a dose of cardio for the day. Remember, keep it light and allow your dog to rest from time to time.

How can I raise a Bulldog in a hot place?

When raising a Bulldog in a hot place, you have to make a few adjustments for your dog’s safety. The following tips will help a lot:

  • Take it easy with the exercise. If you live an active lifestyle, you’ll need to slow down when it comes to your dog. Bulldogs aren’t big with physical exertion, and it’s for good reasons. Too much exercise will increase their risk of heat exhaustion, especially when living in a hot place.
  • Choose a shaded potty spot. The only time you’re compelled to bring your Bulldog outdoors is when it has to do its ‘business’. Always choose a potty spot under the tree or somewhere with a shade. This will let your dog eliminate without bearing the brunt of the sun.
  • Supervision is key. When taking your dog outdoors, you must remain observant. You should watch out for signs of overheating like panting, drooling, weakness, uncoordinated movement, and vomiting. The moment you notice any of these, you should intervene to prevent the situation from escalating.
  • Keep your home interesting. You can keep your Bulldog happy indoors by making your home interesting. You can set up a corner for your Bulldog where it can play with toys. A glass window with a view of your yard is also a great spot as long as it’s not angled toward the sun.
  • Maintain a healthy airflow. If you want to raise a Bulldog in a hot place, you need a trusty air conditioning system. Although electric fans will help, they will just blow hot air around if you don’t have an AC unit. Don’t try to cut back on cooling, as this will surely take its toll on your Bulldog’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can dogs die from heat?

A: Yes, many accounts of Bulldogs dying from heatstroke have been recorded across the world. This breed is very sensitive to heat, so you should always practice extra care. Never let a Bulldog stay outdoors for too long, especially on a hot summer day.

Q: How do I cool down my Bulldog?

A: If your Bulldog shows signs of overheating, you should bring it to a shaded and ventilated area right away. Never rush your dog to a cooled room right away, as this may cause shock. Instead, give the dog some water while pouring water on its body slowly.  A spot with a gentle breeze will also help. Once your dog shows signs of recovery, bring it to the vet’s clinic immediately.

Q: Does wetting my Bulldog cool him down?

A: Yes, putting wet towels all over your dog’s body will help bring its body temperature down. Avoid using ice-cold water, as this will make it hard for your dog to breathe. If you don’t have towels handy, you can moisten your dog’s coat with some water.

Q: Why do Bulldogs like to sunbathe?

A: As much as excessive heat is bad for them, some Bulldogs have an affinity for basking under the sun. They love the warmth, though you should always watch out for the temperature. A few minutes should be enough, then you have to bring your dog inside.

Q: How often should I bathe an English Bulldog?

A: During summer, you can bathe your Bulldog every week. In other seasons, your dog can go by a whole month without taking a bath. It also depends on how dirty your Bulldog gets and its health condition.

Final words

What temperature is too hot for English Bulldogs? Anything above 75F is potentially dangerous for Bulldogs. It’s important to keep them indoors where the temperature is controlled. And if you live in a hot place, you need to make adjustments to ensure your pet’s safety. You should also observe your Bulldog for possible symptoms of overheating.

Is your Bulldog too heat-sensitive? How are you handling it? Share your tips below!


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