What Do Dogs Do When You’re Pregnant?

There is a certain connection between the behavior of a dog and the pregnancy of a woman. Most of the dog lovers would have something to share about how astounding their dogs are. On the other hand, a pregnant dog lover would probably recognize how her dog behaves when it finds out that she is expecting.

So, What Do Dogs Do When You’re Pregnant? If someone is pregnant, she might notice that her dog would start following her around, especially during the early stages of her pregnancy. Dogs are more likely to become more affectionate and protective of their pregnant owners. Hence, they usually refuse to leave their owners’ side.

It’s unsurprising to know that a dog’s sense of smell is a thousand times stronger than humans. It can actually smell the differences in a woman’s body chemistry during pregnancy. It can also tell that she is expecting a baby even before she discovers it herself.

Reactions of a Dog to its Owner’s Pregnancy

Has anyone ever wondered, what do dogs do when your pregnant wife shows symptoms? Also, how do dogs react to this pregnancy?

A woman’s body would go through several progressions during gestation. It includes certain changes in her hormone levels, an obvious increase in her body size, and more frequent mood swings. Dogs are actually sensitive to these changes that happen in their pregnant owners.

There is no chance that dogs would share the same reactions towards changes in their environment and the people around them. Some could adapt easily and some could not. Some might not even be surprised if a dog starts to misbehave and make trouble, such as urinating anywhere in the house or becoming uncooperative.

Some changes in the human’s scent would confuse dogs, leading them to resist getting closer to their owners. On the other hand, these changes could result in other dogs becoming exceptionally caring towards them.

When it comes to an obvious change in a woman’s body size, such as having a noticeable baby bump, some dogs might also feel jealous and bothered. It is the time when a pregnant owner should offer extra love for her dog. Nonetheless, some dogs tend to have high protective urges and seem to stay closer by her side.

Dogs could also acknowledge changes in a woman’s mood during her pregnancy. It seems like they actually own a special skill to know and learn how someone feels.

Ways to Make a Dog Ready for a New Baby

Make a Dog Ready for a New Baby

It is quite difficult to predict how a dog would behave and react when it feels that its owner is pregnant. However, there are a few ways to help your dog be ready for the baby’s arrival to get rid of anxiety and aggression once the baby arrives.

Give the Dog Lesser Attention

After a woman gives birth, she might want to consider giving less attention to her dog, especially when it was used to receiving a lot of attention even before the day she learns about her pregnancy.

It is best done especially when one’s due date is approaching. Having a newborn baby would take most of a woman’s time and energy, to the point that she would have little to no time for her dog, at least initially. Unfortunately, dogs respond negatively to this sudden change if not incorporated thoroughly.

Make A Dog Familiar with Infant Sounds

Babies normally cry – especially when they get sleepy, when they feel hungry, or when they need comfort. Moreover, they tend to create playful sounds and strange noises, which could catch a dog’s attention. In order to help a dog get used to hearing these, try playing recordings of baby sounds from time to time during pregnancy.

Acquaint it to Baby Scents

Dogs are better at communicating with people and things around them using their sense of smell rather than the sense of sight. Letting the dogs smell or sniff baby lotions, powders or soaps could help them familiarize themselves with scents typically possessed by babies.

Implement a Change in the Dog’s Everyday Routine

A dog might possess some annoying behaviors that have to be changed before the baby’s arrival. To do this, one should freshen up her dog to an obedience training by giving it some treats when it resists urinating in an inappropriate place or stops chewing on items that are not intended for it.

Utilize a Dummy Baby

One of the best things to do to prepare a dog for the baby’s arrival is to get it used to the presence of another person in a woman’s lap. This would allow your dog to know its place in the owner’s heart and also adjust to the arrival of the newest family member. However, ensure to give a dog reassurance that nothing would change even after she gives birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asked questions about dog around baby
  1. How does a pregnant woman benefit from having a dog?

Whereas having a dog might be quite annoying at times, it benefits a pregnant owner in its very own ways. A dog is undeniably one of the most trusted and likable pets, especially during times of loneliness when the mood is easily lifted with the dog’s presence. Moreover, its presence can help with a sense of security during uncertain times of pregnancy.

In addition to that, a dog could offer its companionship and bring calmness if there comes a time when a pregnant woman could be highly emotional and excessively sensitive during her pregnancy.

  • Can a dog tell if a baby is on the way?

Most veterinarians claim that a dog can sense even the smallest changes of the things around it. So might as well, it can sense that the labor is near. With a lot of changes that can be observed to a woman during pregnancy, such as changes in her scent, behavior, and shape, and even in the way she carries herself with that growing baby bump, it could be concluded that a dog could sense these signs of labor.

Additionally, once the dog feels that its pregnant owner is about to give birth any time of the day, it tends to become extra protective, ensuring she is fine at all times.

  • Is it fine to have dogs around the newborn baby?

Women tend to bother whether it is safe or not to have their dogs around a newborn baby. Although dogs are known to be a man’s best friend, some might still worry about the possible harm a dog could cause their baby. But one should be reminded that most dogs would not have any intentions of hurting him. Dogs might feel a bit jealous when they assume a new member of the family to be gaining more attention and care from their owners, but once they have learned that babies are the answered prayer of their owners, they might as well embrace them and welcome their presence wholeheartedly.

Moreover, one would not need to get rid of her dog just to make room for her baby. A dog has a miraculous capability to love a human baby and protect him since he is the youngest and newest member of the family. It would care for him as if it owns him.

If dogs were trained to be extra careful whenever they are around the babies, then they would.

Dogs have emotions too, and one of the great relationships that could be built is one between dogs and babies. Everyone would agree that dogs could bring laughter and smiles to babies. Their way of checking that babies are healthy is frequent licking or sniffing of babies’ faces.

  • Can a dog hear an unborn baby’s heartbeat?

Although not scientifically proven, some would believe that a dog could hear a baby cry in a woman’s womb, which usually happens in her 28th week.

Recap: What Do Dogs Do When Your Pregnant Wife Shows Symptoms?

Dogs have a great sense of smell that they could possibly sense when something is going on around them including whether or not a woman is pregnant. After figuring this out, one could have noticed some behavioral changes in a dog such as protecting her even more including her bump, following her around to make sure that she is fine, sleeping with its head on a woman’s belly to show its affection to her and sometimes, getting a little bit jealous to the coming of the youngest family member. Dogs also notice other changes in a pregnant woman such as in scents, body shape, and moods of a pregnant woman

Having a dog around during a woman’s pregnancy could make her days a little lighter as it brings a unique ambiance that one would feel secured and protected. Dogs care for people as much as people care for them. They make use of their senses to communicate with people and understand every single detail of the human pregnancy progressions.