Scabs On Dog After Grooming? (ANSWERED)

When wounds form on your dog’s skin, a scab forms shortly after. The scab’s function is to stop the bleeding and prevent wound infections on the skin of your pet. Consider it as a response and way for your pet’s body to take care of the openings that may be prone to infections.

Sometimes, your pet will experience the same thing each time you groom it. What does this frequent scab formation mean? 


There are plenty of causes for scabs on a dog after grooming. First, your dog may be experiencing allergies to the products used during the grooming session. Another reason is that your dog may also be experiencing dry skin after the grooming, resulting in scabs all over. Infections can also result from grooming as post-grooming furunculosis occurs during the grooming. 

All causes have a cure. However, scabs need immediate attention. Don’t brush them off until it’s too late.

Irritant grooming products

In pet care products, compatibility is critical. It may come as a surprise, but dogs can also have sensitive skin and experience allergic reactions after grooming. 

When there are plenty of scabs on a dog after grooming, it’s a sign that the grooming products are too strong for the skin. The dog’s skin is not compatible with the product. Your pet may be undergoing other underlying conditions that worsen its skin.

The scabs usually happen during the grooming activity. As a result of the adverse reaction towards the grooming products, your dogs can start scratching the scabs.

Infective scabs reopen when the dog touches the area too much. Sometimes, the irritation also comes from repeated scratching patterns that expose the scab to the products during the grooming session. 

Always choose grooming products with better health benefits for your dog. It may cost more than the typical pet care products, but they guarantee that the grooming doesn’t give irritations. 

Many pet care grooming products are non-irritant and made from natural ingredients. These products are beneficial for the overall health of your pet. 

All owners want what’s best for their furry companion. You wouldn’t want to spend more on hospitalizations that come from overreactions to the products.

Dog Dry skin

All you want is a clean and good-smelling pet afterward. It’s one of the reasons that grooming sessions are regular to your dog’s schedule. It can contribute to the drying out of your dog’s skin as it takes time between dog grooming.

The tendency is, you’ll over-bathe and over-groom your pet to make sure they are squeaky clean after. As a result of intense scrubbing and motions in the skin, it is causing a dry layer. 

Dry skin contributes to the formation of scabs. When your pet starts to scratch dry areas after grooming, that’s when the scabs come in. 

Mites can settle on the scabs after. It’s best to use gentle grooming products. Wounds will open from sensitive spots and areas, so it’s an urgent concern that you treat injuries immediately. There are ointments and other practical products that can help mitigate the scratching urges of your dog. 

External factors also contribute to scabs on a dog after grooming. As the environment directly affects your dog, scabs can form from dry skin due to low humid weather. After-care for your pet is necessary when you are done grooming them. 

Make sure to apply additional treatments to recurring scabs and inflammations. Grooming sessions are only as good as the post-grooming you do for your pet dog.

dog with scabs after grooming

Dog Post-grooming furunculosis

Other scabs can start forming as soon as you groom your dog. They are a result of incompatible products and overgrooming techniques that affect their skin. Post-scabs are also prominent for water sources and parasites that are present. They jeopardize your dog heavily after grooming sessions.

The scabs can occur much later. Why does your dog have scabs after grooming? The answer is your dog is experiencing post-grooming furunculosis. This condition happens because certain organisms in the water latch unto the dog after grooming. It leads to a condition called bacterial folliculitis ⎯⎯, meaning there’s an inflammation of the follicles from the build-up of bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

This reason happens because of unclean environments that affect your dog’s grooming. It can also indicate that your dog has internal conditions that need urgent attention. If your dog has parasites and bacterial infections going on, the scabs will contain pus. Your dog will keep reopening the wounds after scratching them on instinct. Biting the scars will also result in longer healing times.

Consult with your veterinarian to know how your pet is. You never know if they’re sick or have symptoms of underlying disease that manifest through their skin condition. The most undetectable ailments can come from something as simple as scabs that go untreated. Prevent worse-case scenarios and check them in with professionals.

Scabs are very typical to dogs. However, if they keep happening each time you groom your pet, it can mean many things. These skin inflammations can be a symptom of something else or a pure result of grooming methods. 

Recurring scabs can harm your dog and make them ill. If you feel like the scabs aren’t going anywhere and are becoming too consistent, your dog’s health may be in danger. Take scabs as a symptom of pet health concerns.

Scab treatments for dogs

There are ways to prevent the scabs from becoming worse. As your pet dog tries to scratch the same spot repeatedly, it’s best to do something that prevents the reopening of old wounds. The most common question afterward: how can I treat crusty scabs on my dog? Look no further as there are several ways to deal with the after grooming concern.

Apply preventive products

Prevention is better than a cure. In the same way, it’s better to prevent the scabs from taking a worse turn by buying products that can help your dog’s condition. There are plenty of healthy and organic products that won’t irritate your dog’s skin.

Specialized shampoos and bath liquids

If your dog has ticks and fleas, it becomes a severe medical concern to your pet’s health. Make sure to eradicate the parasites so the occurrence of the scabs will lessen from the little critters. Use specialized shampoos that target the benefit of anti-fleas and ticks and non-irritant baths.

Skin balm and skin salves

Skin balms and salves are saviors to a very dry scab. These products reduce the inflammation from scabs that can result in sharp, painful sensations and further infections. 

These products also work against allergies that can happen after grooming. Apply the products on dry paws, dry skin scabs, and any area that your furry pet repeatedly scratches and bites.

Antibacterial ointment

These antiseptic products prevent further infection from scab wounds. Apply after your dog is dry from the grooming. If there are stubborn scabs that are more open and don’t dry out as fast, apply ointments to help with healing.

How can I soothe my dog’s skin after grooming? Get the help of products on the market. There are many available after-care products with specific functions and focus. The price can range from high-end to low-end; you can look around or ask the recommendation of pet shops.

Modify your dog’s diet

If the scabs are still returning even after the treatment and preventions, look at your dog’s diet. The food may be the culprit for your dog’s skin becoming very sensitive during the grooming.

The dog food may also not be the best to support your dog’s health. A healthy dog has a lot of nutritional requirements that promote its skin health. Promote a balanced and healthy diet that can improve the condition of your dog’s overall health, as well as its skin and coat.

Vitamin A – promotes better skin health

Vitamin C – boosts the faster healing of open wounds

Vitamin E – protects your dog’s skin from damages

Fatty acids – helps deal with greasy skin and inflammation

Other dietary options help boost the immunity of your pet. When they are in better shape, scabs should be able to heal faster. Healthy skin and coat protect your dog better!

See a professional

Sometimes, no matter what you do, treatments and preventions don’t work. Ineffective treatments should warn you that your pet may have more severe conditions underneath. You’ll never know if your pet is suffering from any form of illness or underlying condition.

Please schedule an appointment with your veterinarian so they can inspect for recurring infections and disease.

Your vet also wants what’s best for your pet. If they prescribe something for your dog, apply the prescriptions and recommendations religiously. Remember that a missed medication or treatment can lead to worse scabs.

It’s heartbreaking to have a pet that experiences a lot of scabs. Scabs can be painful and can induce sharp aches after grooming.

Get your pet the help that it needs so that scabs don’t form into more severe conditions. Infections and diseases decline the overall health of your dog. Not to mention, other diseases can lead to higher costs and medications. Don’t ignore scabs on your dog after grooming or in general.


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