3 Best Collars for French Bulldogs

While French Bulldogs are better walked with harnesses, collars also come in handy for aesthetic and identification purposes. It’s just important to get the right size and material, to ensure that your pet will be safe wearing it. In this post, I reviewed three of the best collars for French Bulldogs that you can get … Read more

Pneumonia in Bulldogs is Absolutely Not a Death Sentence

Pneumonia in Bulldogs is a very distinct possibility. The disease is particularly common especially during the colder months. Luckily, the prognosis for Bulldogs with the infection is generally good if it is handled properly. This is by no means a rare illness and it afflicts dogs of every breed, Bulldogs included. Read this post to … Read more

French Bulldog Head Tremors – What Is It And Should I Be Worried?

French bulldog head tremors can be scary if you are not familiar with them. If you notice your Bulldog shaking its head, go to your veterinarian, as it could be the sign of a serious illness. Head tremors affect all dog breeds and are characterized by a dog moving its head or up and down … Read more

Eczema on English Bulldogs: What You Need to Do

eczema on English Bulldogs

Like humans, English Bulldogs can also develop skin problems like eczema. Take note that eczema in English Bulldogs will cause discomfort and serious infection of the pet’s skin. If not addressed right away, eczema will spread all over the canine’s skin and damage its coat. Before this happens, you should seek proper treatment for your … Read more

Why Are Bulldog Paws Red and Swollen and What Should You Do?

Bulldog paws red and swollen is a common condition found in the breed. It is medically called pododermatitis. Simply put it means the swelling of the paw and pad. This condition unfortunately can become quite painful and even debilitating if neglected. So many diseases and disorders can trigger this kind of enlargement of the paw … Read more