Best Muzzles for American Bulldogs (Buying Guide)

Do you have an American Bulldog and are planning a vet visit that will necessitate the usage of muzzles for American bulldogs? Alternatively, perhaps your Bulldog has recently undergone surgery, and you need to prevent them from chewing or licking the wounds that are healing? Whatever your reason, a muzzle for your four-legged friend needs to suit their needs.

The following are the top five recommended dog muzzles for Bulldogs, with a brief item description following each one to explain why you would want to purchase that particular product in the first place. A buying guide for Bulldog muzzles can find at the end of this article. It contains additional information about the various Bulldog muzzles available on the market.

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Types of Bulldog muzzles

When confronted with an emergency, veterinary examination, or a simple walk outside, the type of muzzle you use can make all the difference:

✔️ Muzzle made of plastic basket

Plastic basket muzzles may not be a good fit for every Bulldog. Those that do may be precisely what you’ve been looking for. Plastic basket muzzles are less restrictive in their coverage of the dog’s mouth and their ability to open and close their mouth.

Instead, it only covers the snout, which means that your Bulldog will be able to drink water and pant normally but will not be able to bite or eat anything off the floor. One advantage of using a plastic basket muzzle is that you may be able to “mold” or “shape” it to make it fit broader or narrower, depending on your needs.

✔️ Muzzle Made of Wire Basket

An alternative to this is a wire basket muzzle, which will not allow you to “mold” or “shape.” The upside is that a wire basket muzzle is often more durable than a plastic one which can make it more challenging to fit onto your Bulldog. Unlike a plastic basket muzzle, it will not melt or soften when exposed to extreme temperatures.

In your search for a wire basket muzzle that will accommodate your Bulldog’s short snout, look for options that are designed explicitly for flat-faced breeds, as well as baskets that are wider and rounder in design. It’s important to remember that a wire basket muzzle will not prevent your Bulldog from barking.

✔️Muzzle with a soft feel

This is an alternative for the wire basket and the plastic muzzle. In contrast to the design of a basket muzzle, a delicate muzzle is typically used to cover the lower face or snout of your Bulldog. In the vast major part of cases, this prevents your dog from opening up orbiting you.

✔️ Muzzle with a Leather Basket

Some basket muzzles are made of leather, while others are made of other materials. Although the leather will surround your dog’s snout-like cage. It will often provide a more snug and comfortable fit than other materials. Even on the hottest summer days, the leather material will not melt. Unlike a plastic basket, and it will not heat up, unlike a wire basket.

It’s critical to find a leather basket muzzle with adjustable straps so that you can ensure that it’s the proper fit for your dog. Your dog can slip out of his muzzle if it’s too loose. A muzzle that’s too tight can cause discomfort.

Muzzles for American Bulldogs – Top 5 Picks!


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Muzzles for American Bulldogs
Muzzles for American Bulldogs

Designed with high-quality rubber and leather, the OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle is both durable and comfortable for your Bulldog to wear. With the removable front grill, you can customize the muzzle to meet your dog’s specific needs. The substance from which it is construct is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without breaking.

  • Muzzles made of high-quality materials are incredibly durable.
  • The front grill can remove to allow for more space in the muzzle.
  • The muzzle is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without bursting.


Muzzles for American Bulldogs
Muzzles for American Bulldogs

For your Bulldog, the Bronzedog Metal Dog Muzzle is made of high-quality metal and leather, resulting in a dog muzzle that is both durable and comfortable. The flexible straps allow you to adjust the muzzle close to customers while keeping the price as low as possible. The open and breathable metal basket design is beneficial to the health of your Bulldog.

  • High-quality materials are use to create a long-lasting muzzle.
  • The ability to adjust the straps almost entirely allows for a custom fit.
  • Designed to be open and breathable during the hot months of the year


Muzzles for American Bulldogs
Muzzles for American Bulldogs

The Dean & Tyler Dog Muzzle is constructed of the highest-quality materials to provide a long-lasting and high-quality muzzle for your Bulldog. On hot days, the muzzle is designed to be breathable and well-ventilated for the health of your Bulldog’s mouth and teeth. The design permits your dog to pant and drinks while wearing it. Making it a more secure option than a traditional muzzle.

  • The best materials are use to construct a high-quality muzzle.
  • They will find it comfortable because it is well ventilated and breathable.
  • When the muzzle is on, the Bulldog can pant and drink.


Muzzles for American Bulldogs

The GGR Dog Muzzle is constructed of the highest-quality metal and leather, resulting in a high-quality muzzle for your Bulldog. Because the metal is resistant to rust, it is a safer and healthier alternative to the typical muzzle. The design is created to allow for easy airflow while it is being worn, ensuring the comfort of your Bulldog.

  • The muzzle is constructed from high-quality materials.
  • The use of rust-resistant metal on the basket is better for your dog’s health.
  • The design is open and breathable, allowing for a free flow of air.

Buying Guide for American Bulldog Muzzle

As shown from the products listed above, there are many different variations of dog muzzles for your Bulldog on the market. Each with a unique set of characteristics that make them a worthwhile purchase. Before purchasing any muzzle, you should carefully measure your Bulldog to ensure that the muzzle you are buying will fit your Bulldog correctly. It is straightforward for them to slip out of a too loose muzzle, and a muzzle that is too tight chafes and rubs them painfully when they wear it.

In this section, we’ll go over the different characteristics of dog muzzles that you might find beneficial for your Bulldog.


When purchasing a muzzle for your Bulldog, one of the essential features to look for is an adjustable one. With an adjustable muzzle, you can customize it to meet the specific needs of your Bulldog, which is as close to custom as you can get without using heat shaping. The greater the number of adjustment points available, the better the muzzle will fit. Heat Shaping will be discussed further in this section and why it is such a helpful feature.


The term “heat shaping” refers to exactly what it sounds like. You reform the muzzle to your Bulldog’s snout by heating it in warm or hot water (it will tell you which on the box), then drying it. Once it is in the shape you desire, you should soak it in cold water for a few minutes to strengthen it before wearing it. Heat shaping allows you to create a truly custom fit for your Bulldog, which is especially beneficial given their short snout size.


When purchasing a muzzle for your Bulldog, you should always look for a muzzle that allows your dog to pant at the very least. While it is preferable if they can also eat and drink, panting is an absolute necessity. Bulldogs cool themselves down by panting on hot days, and if they are unable to do so, then the muzzle is dangerous to their health and safety.


Along with allowing your Bulldog to pant freely, your muzzle should never prevent your Bulldog from being able to breathe or restrict their ability to breathe. The majority of muzzles are constructed of baskets with gaps that allow wind to pass through the openings without causing any problems freely. This is particularly relevant through the hot summer months when your Bulldog will need to pant the most due to the increased humidity.

Reminders to follow when using a muzzle with a Bulldog

  • Do not attempt to wrestle the muzzle off of your Bulldog’s head. Not only will this almost certainly result in a defensive reaction, but your Bulldog may become less cooperative with the muzzle eventually as a result of this. Instead, try placing the muzzle next to him and allowing him to come closer to it. When he does, please give him the treat to show your appreciation.
  • Place treats inside the Bulldog’s muzzle so that he can munch on them while on the leash. After he has finished eating the treats, could you not allow him to walk away? Train keeping your Bulldog’s head inside the muzzle (without strapping it on) for short, thirty-second periods of time, instead. You can gradually increase the time as they become more comfortable.
  • Once your Bulldog has become more accustomed to the muzzle, you can try strapping it on. You should provide them with treats throughout the process, even if they are not enthusiastic at first.
  • Take a short walk with your Bulldog while wearing the muzzle. As well as allowing ample time for adjustment, it will also help your Bulldog associate the muzzle with something positive, such as going for a walk.
  • Remember to be patient throughout the process. The process of properly training your dog to wear a muzzle isn’t always a piece of cake (especially if your Bulldog is stubborn). Not losing hope or giving up on the process is critical to remember the procedure.

The ability to properly train your Bulldog to use a bulldog muzzle is just as important as finding the best bulldog muzzle on the market.

Why would your Bulldog require a muzzle?

However, just because the English Bulldog is a laid-back breed does not rule out the possibility of having to muzzle them in certain circumstances. Here are several examples of conditions in which a muzzle might be beneficial:


When your Bulldog is healthy, it may not be capable of harming a fly. It is not uncommon for injured dogs to attempt to bite anyone who comes within striking distance of them. Making an effort to avoid being bitten while also tending to your dog’s wounds can be a difficult task.

Muzzling your dog during an emergency can help keep those treating your Bulldog from being bitten and make the method go much more smoothly for everyone involved.

Visits to the veterinarian or grooming sessions

A visit to the veterinarian or a grooming session can be a terrifying experience for some dogs. Furthermore, to poke or prodded by an unknown person, they may also have to contend with several other anxious dogs who may be present in the same area.

If your Bulldog has a record of biting or you have reason to believe it will happen, a muzzle can help reduce the risk of injury. Some veterinary offices and salons may even have policies that require you to keep your Bulldog muzzled while the doctor examines him.

Walks in the fresh air

There might be another reason to muzzle your Bulldog while out for a daily walk, even if they aren’t going to try to bite passersby or other dogs. They might be eating something that they shouldn’t.

Bulldogs, like all dogs, are naturally curious, and it is not uncommon for them to attempt to eat food off the floor. Even if it’s acceptable in your own home, you might not want your Bulldog trying to lick up garbage on the sidewalk or the ground in public places. It is possible to prevent this behavior by muzzling your dog, which may even save you from getting to rush your pup to the vet because they have eaten something poisonous.

Q: What is the most appropriate bulldog muzzle design?

A: Depending on the American bulldog’s snout size, a plastic basket muzzle or wire may be the most appropriate choice for them. This will not only ensure that your Bulldog can continue to open his mouth, drink, and consume treats, but it will also ensure that he will be more comfortable for more extended periods. On the contrary, if you discover that a basket muzzle does not fit your Bulldog’s snout, a soft muzzle might be a better option.

Q: Will my Bulldog become more aggressive if I put a muzzle on him?

A: No. Although a muzzle will keep your Bulldog from acting aggressively, it will not make him more aggressive in any way.

Q: What is the most excellent way to train my Bulldog not to bite or bark while wearing a muzzle?

A: While wearing a muzzle will keep your Bulldog from biting or barking while on, it will not teach you not to do so while it is off. Muzzles can effectively keep your Bulldog safe, but they aren’t very effective as training tools for your Bulldog.

Q: Approximately how long should I allow my Bulldog to wear a muzzle?

A: A muzzle should not use if your Bulldog has breathing problems, and you should consult a veterinarian before doing so. Bulldogs should never muzzle for more than an hour at a time if they are in good health.

Final Words

It’s important to remember that even with a good muzzle, dogs can still cause injury. For training purposes, a dog muzzle is not a viable option. If you require assistance with Why do french bulldogs cry so much all of a sudden?, and read our guide and we will assist you in developing a training plan.

Do you have a favorite muzzle for a dog? Would you please allow us to know if you have any recommendations for good dog muzzles?


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