My Male Dog Keeps Licking My Spayed Female Dog? Why?

Suppose your or someone else’s male dog keeps licking a spayed female dog. In that case, it will naturally raise many questions and worries in their human parents’ minds. Yes, spayed female dogs are generally not supposed to interest a fertile male sexually, given how they cannot go in heat anymore after removing the uterus and ovaries; but in rare cases, they might.

However, accusing the fertile male dog of licking and irritating the female dog is not always appropriate. There are plenty of other reasons a male dog might lick a female dog besides attraction. From health issues to remnant tissues post-surgery that induce reproductory hormone production, the reasons can be diverse and, thus, difficult to pinpoint. And in most cases, a male dog licking a spayed female dog might be a fun playtime habit, which the owner might find a bit weird or difficult to comprehend, even if the female pooch is okay with the behavior.

In this post, we will look into several reasons why your male dog keeps licking a spayed female dog, followed by some tips on how to stop the behavior. To be precise, not all circumstances that involve a male dog licking a fixed female require medical attention or a behaviorist. For your convenience, we will dive deep into the topic and discuss what cases warrant a vet appointment as soon as possible. Let us start by understanding why a male dog licks a fixed female dog!

Why Does My Male Dog Keep Licking My Fixed Female Dog?

Pet parents often believe that spaying their female dogs eliminates all the sexual tension between their canine and the other mature male dogs around them. While this is true in many cases, a male dog can still lick or even mount a spayed female dog, although the reason behind this is not always sexual. A male dog can lick a female dog if any uterine or ovarian remnant tissues are left behind or in case of infections or bum sac impaction. You should also see if other female dogs in the vicinity are estrous. In rare cases, the fertile male might simply be expressing their pent-up sexual frustration on the only female accessible to them.

Licking a female dog’s pee or their bodies is a widespread premating behavior among dogs, also called ‘wooing,’ where the male tries to investigate and entice the estrous female dog. Suppose the male dog hasn’t been neutered yet and the female has only been spayed recently, though, in the reduced concentration. In that case, the dog can still smell the female’s sexual hormones, thus the wooing. This behavior can annoy the female dog as she is in no mood for any hanky-panky. However, suppose the licking isn’t excessive. In that case, they’re probably trying to lovingly groom the female pooch, investigate them or be simply playful.

Suppose the licking starts months after your female pooch has been spayed. In that case, the issue might be any infections or inflammation on your female pooch’s body. Suppose the male dog is more attracted to the female’s pelvis area. In that case, it can indicate a urinary tract infection, vaginitis, or yeast infection in the female dog. Male dogs licking spayed female dogs can also be due to bum sac impaction in females as it imparts a specific order to which the male dogs can be inclined towards or curios of.

How Do I Get My Male Dog to Stop Licking My Spayed Female Dog?

Suppose the licking is harmless, occasional, and the female dog doesn’t mind it either. In that case, there is no need to be layout a strategy to prevent your dogs from expressing their playful body language. However, if the licking has started out of nowhere, become excessive, or resulted in several conflicts among your pooches, you must investigate the underlying reason for this behavior. Neutering your male dog helps in many cases; however, in case of severe licking and signs of irritation or allergy, you must have your female dog medically checked. 

Suppose both dogs acknowledge each other’s behavior, the male isn’t annoying your female pooch by licking or mounting on them every chance they get, and the female canine isn’t showing any infections or health complications. In that case, you can choose to let them be, as you shouldn’t worry about a neutered female dog reproducing anymore. If the behavior grosses you out or bothers you, get in touch with a dog behaviorist to discuss ways to train your male dog otherwise. However, if the dog seems to be licking the same area every time or if the female pooch is imparting noxious odors or showing signs of incontinence, a quick trip to the vet is imperative.

Suppose your female pooch displays signs of inflammation or other worrisome symptoms. In that case, it is better to get your dog checked by a vet as soon as possible. Your spayed pooch will probably be prescribed medication and a treatment regimen in case of vaginitis, yeast infection, or UTIs. Likewise, while bum sac expression is doable at home, experts still recommend it professionally done to avoid further infections or unforeseen complications. Also, if you own a male and a female pooch in the same house, it is better to neuter your male dog as well to maintain harmony among your pets.


If you were worried about your male dog that keeps licking spayed female dog, we hope to have shed enough light on the topic and ways you can stop your male dog from doing so. In case you didn’t know, dogs do not only lick but can even continue to mount and masturbate despite surgically rendering them infertile. So, if the licking isn’t excessive and the female pooch is perfectly fine with the behavior and is healthy, your male dog licking the spayed female should be the least of your worries. In case of any doubts, make sure you seek proper medical advice in time.


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