Is Coconut Oil Good For Dogs Paws? Here Are The Benefits!

Coconut oil is considered liquid gold. It can be used for cooking, medicinal purposes, and even healing your pet’s sore paws. So is coconut oil good for dogs paws? In this post, we listed some of the perks of this essential oil in your dog’s feet and how you can use it. You’ll be surprised by the benefits that this simple oil provides for your pet!

Is coconut oil good for dogs paws?

Coconut oil is a powerful essential oil that delivers a ton of benefits to dogs. Here are a few that your pet’s paws will enjoy.

✔️It soothes cracked paws.

is coconut oil good for dogs paws

Coconut oil has a strong moisturizing benefit. In addition, it can help soothe and soften cracked paws due to intense heat. This will also reduce itching and discomfort on the part of your pet.

Take note that itchy and cracked paws can get worse over time as your dog tries to chew and lick the irritation. This will lead to a slew of infections if not treated early on. The easy home remedy here is a small amount of plain coconut oil.

✔️It helps kill paw parasites.

Another benefit of coconut oil is killing parasites living on your dog’s paws. Ticks and fleas often hide on the crevices of your canine’s paws, which can lead to itchiness and bald patches.

Applying coconut oil on these parts will help exterminate the critters. In fact, you can also apply coconut oil all over your pet’s coat to eliminate the pests and moisturize its fur.

✔️It helps clean paw wounds.

Thanks to the antiseptic and antifungal properties of coconut oil, it makes a strong disinfectant for wounds. It will prevent infections from occurring while speeding up the healing of your pet’s paw cuts.

Aside from that, coconut oil makes a great solution for paw burns in case your dog steps on hot pavement. And if your pooch has Frito feet, coconut oil can also help clear the infection and eliminate the smell.

✔️It prevents paw infections.

Paw infections can easily occur on dogs, especially those that love playing outdoors. A small amount of coconut oil makes a great preventive solution aside from proper grooming.

The antifungal property of coconut oil helps reduce the occurrence of yeast infections. It will also help neutralize irritants that could get into your pet’s feet as it walks outdoors.

✔️It makes the paws smell better.

Another great benefit of using coconut oil on your dog’s paws is its nice smell. Coconut oil has a natural scent that will give your dog a nice whiff. And since it’s all-natural, irritations are very unlikely.

✔️It’s 100% safe.

Overall, coconut oil is 100% safe for canines. Even if your pet licks its feet, the coconut oil is very unlikely to cause stomach upset.

In fact, ingestion of coconut oil can help reduce bad breath in dogs and even aid digestion. Many pet owners intentionally add a few drops of coconut oil to their pet’s meals for these benefits.

How to use coconut oil on dogs

Applying coconut oil to your dog is fairly simple. You only need a pea-sized amount for each paw, then massage it so it gets absorbed thoroughly. If there’s excess oil, make sure to wipe it gently to prevent your dog from slipping as it walks.

If your pet has hot spots or skin irritations, you can also spot-treat it with pure coconut oil. You can also use coconut oil as an exterminating agent for the ticks or fleas you collected from your dog. If you want, you can integrate coconut oil into your pet’s bath for the best results against parasites.

Moreover, you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your adult dog’s meals. For puppies, you can add a quarter teaspoon to their food.

Overall, you should only use or give pure and virgin coconut oil to your dog. Never use coconut oil mixed with other essential oils, especially if it’s for the purpose of feeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you leave coconut oil on your dog overnight?

A: It’s safe to leave coconut oil on your dog’s paws overnight. You don’t have to worry about your dog licking its paws since pure coconut oil is safe and edible. However, you should keep your dog in an isolated room so that it won’t rub the oil all over your house.

Q: How can I moisturize my dog’s paws?

A: You can purchase a pre-formulated dog paw wax to moisturize your pet’s feet. If you don’t have one handy, you can use a small dollop of coconut oil to soothe the dry paws of your dog. Never use human lotion on your dog’s paws as it can cause more irritations and even trigger poisoning.

Q: Will coconut oil hurt dogs?

A: Coconut oil is considered safe for canines. However, you should only use pure ones and not those with added perfumes and colorings. Also, if your dog showed any signs of irritation, you should stop using coconut oil and consult the vet instead.

Q: What oil can you put on dogs?

A: Coconut oil is the safest oil you can put on your dog. Take note that many essential oils are dangerous to pets and should never be applied in any way. If you wish to leave a nice scent on your dog, you can use diluted lavender oil.

Q: Does coconut oil help with dog allergies?

A: Coconut oil is an effective solution in easing irritated canine skin due to allergies. Veterinarians recommend this safe solution if medications aren’t readily available.

Final words

Is coconut oil good for dogs paws? Absolutely! This essential oil is safe and extremely beneficial for canines. From skin irritations, stomach upset, and paw problems, a small amount of coconut oil can do wonders when used regularly. Just make sure that you use pure coconut oil without any add-ons or fillers.

Are you using coconut oil on your dog? How are the results so far? Share it with us below!


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