I Never Bathe My Dog – Do Dogs Really Need Baths?

‘I never bathe my dog; is it safe to do so?’ – if this is the query on your mind right now, you’re at the right place! If your dog is scared of water, you might be wondering if you should avoid washing them altogether? Well, let’s find out!

Bathing your pooch is a messy task, and the bath is likely the top thing your pooch doesn’t want to get into. It’s chaotic and daunting, and it is normal for pet parents to wonder “if it is okay not to wash your dog, ever.” Let us assure you that you are not the only one dealing with the dilemma, as many pet owners have pondered the same topic at least once. 

So, let us discuss if it is safe not to bathe your dog and how to tell if your pooch really needs a bath in this post. We should further discuss the ramifications of never bathing your dog. Let’s begin!

Is It Bad to Never Bathe Your Dog?

We understand your dog might be terrified at first sight of water, but it is always beneficial for your pooch to remain clean and hygienic. Routine bathing helps your pooch’s skin and keeps parasites and worms off their skin. Yes, it is bad never to bathe your dog, as it might lead to skin problems or allergies.   

Generally, dogs with short fur and no skin abnormalities don’t require a bath too often, and you can only bathe them if they start smelling. While too much bathing can also cause problems for your precious pooch, not bathing altogether is not a good idea either. Bathing your pup helps them keep off parasites living on their skin and, most importantly, keeps the living environment healthy and free of bugs.  

If there are any skin abnormalities on your pooch, consulting with your vet and deciding the bathing schedule is the way to proceed. Depending on the type of disease, your pooch may require frequent bathing or is better off without bathing for some time. Therefore, it is not okay to never bathe your dog, and if they don’t like it, you can try a few tricks to make your doggo like a bath

Do Dogs Really Need Baths?

Yes, dogs need their baths, but you don’t have to bathe them too frequently, and it is a good idea to bathe your dog every 2 to 3 months. If your dog has a skin condition or allergies, they should probably be bathed using medical shampoo as prescribed by a vet. Bathing your pooch also depends on their activity level, their skin type, their coat as well as on your comfort and hygiene.

Active and energetic dogs are more likely to get dirty as they often venture outside and bring stuff back to the house. If your precious pooch is active and often plays outside, especially on dirt, mud, or bushes, they are required to bathe more frequently. Even if they don’t get dirty or avoid swamps and bushes, they need to get bathed as active dogs are more prone to body odor.   

Pups with long and curly furs need to be bathed at least every 4-6 weeks as the long hair is highly likely to get tangled once it becomes dirty. Furthermore, breeds with hairless skins can benefit from frequent bathing, and breeds with oily skins also need to be bathed more to avoid oil buildup. Most importantly, it is also better for pet parents to bathe their pups routinely as they will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized against bacteria or parasites they might have harbored on their bodies from rolling outdoors. 

Signs Your Dog Needs a Bath

There are several indicators that imply your dog needs to bathe; if you haven’t done so in a while, for instance, they may have dandruff on their hair, or their fur might look dirty. There could be signs of infestation of pests on your dog’s coat, and you might witness them dragging their back on the floor or carpet. Moreover, the body and ears of your dog start becoming smelly, or worse; they could have signs of allergies on their skin. 

First of all, if your dog has officially been crowned as the smelly kid in the neighborhood, it is high time you should give them a nice warm bath. Notice if your pooch’s ears smell bad or the nice luster of your pooch’s hair is dulled and tangled with debris trapped inside, as these signs imply that your dog is in desperate need of a bath. Likewise, if you happen to notice any irritation on your dog’s skin and they seem to lick or reach their back constantly, they’ll probably benefit from a warm bath.

Other signs include your pooch dragging its back on the carpet or furniture to counter irritation on its body can also indicate that they need a bath. And, if you are constantly finding fleas and ticks on your pooch’s coat to the point they’re often annoyed, please bathe them at your earliest convenience. 

What Happens if You Never Bathe Your Dog?

As a pet parent, you should know having a little pooch comes with responsibilities. Not only will your pooch smell bad, but they may also be the victim of diseases and infections if you neglect their bathing and grooming for long. Your doggo will become annoyed by the irritation on its skin, and fleas and ticks will make it impossible for your precious to live comfortably. 

Although it may be quite a challenge to bathe your little pup, it is necessary for you to follow through and bathe your dog routinely. Without a healthy environment and body, your dog could succumb to various bacterial infections and skin damage in the long run. If your pooch is left as it is, then not only will their skin break and result in inflammation, but it will also be very detrimental to their overall health. 

Dogs not properly bathed and groomed will also get infected with fleas, ticks, or other pests easily. The pest will make a home in your pooch’s coat and can cause skin damage and annoy them to the point of irritation and stress. Parasites will absorb all the nutrition, making your pooch malnourished and lethargic. Worse, diseases caused by parasitic worms could also be lethal to your doggo if not treated in time. 


Every paw parent out there has their own share of problems and complaints, and bathing and grooming their little fur-balls is probably one of the most common ones. Remember that while you can skip their bathing and grooming sessions once in a while, not bathing your dog for an extremely long period is not a good idea. Not only does routinely bathing your pooch keep them fresh and clean, but it can also prevent various diseases and allergies and keep your pup healthy and sound.